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The Last Outlaw

About The Last Outlaw

  • Released on October 20, 1980

An unmistakable Australian icon - a smoking revolver, two piercing eyes behind a makeshift mask of armour. But beyond the armour, behind the eyes was a man both ruthless and gentle, rugged and kind - the infamous last outlaw, Ned Kelly was his name.

Both revered and reviled throughout the ages Ned Kelly was an Irish-Australian battler-cum-bushranger, fiercely independent and pushed into action by the repressive colonial authorities of the time.

The Last Outlaw examines the life of Ned Kelly, and expounds the legend from early indiscretions and the formation of his gang through to the violent killings at Stringy Bark Creek, culminating in his explosive last stand and shoot out at Glenrowan.

The Last Outlaw is a remarkable four-part miniseries presentation that deflects historical judgement and allows the legend to live on.

Full Cast of The Last Outlaw

John Jarratt
plays Ned Kelly (4 episodes)

Steve Bisley
plays Joe Byrne (4 episodes)

John Ley
plays Dan Kelly (4 episodes)

Elaine Kussack
plays Mrs. Kelly (4 episodes)

John Murphy
plays Father O'Hea (4 episodes)

John Stone
plays Supt. Nicholson (4 episodes)

Ric Herbert
plays Steve Hart (4 episodes)

Peter Hehir
plays Aaron Sherritt (4 episodes)

Debra Lawrance
plays Maggie Kelly (4 episodes)

Sigrid Thornton
plays Kate Kelly (4 episodes)

Lewis Fitz-Gerald
plays Tom Lloyd (4 episodes)

Tim Elliott
plays Sgt. Steele (4 episodes)

Paul Mason
plays George King (4 episodes)

Gerard Kennedy
plays Harry Power (4 episodes)

Jacki Kerin
plays Annie (4 episodes)

Paul Trahair
plays Jim (4 episodes)

Kaarin Fairfax
plays Grace (4 episodes)

Les Dayman
plays Jack Lloyd (4 episodes)

David Bradshaw
plays Wild Wright (4 episodes)

John Nash
plays James Whitty (4 episodes)

Adrian Wright
plays Const. Fitzpatrick (4 episodes)

Norman Kaye
plays Supt. Sadleir (4 episodes)

Celia De Burgh
plays Catherine Lloyd (4 episodes)

Jackie Kelleher
plays Mrs. Byrne (4 episodes)

Crew of The Last Outlaw

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