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The Last Great Snail Chase

About The Last Great Snail Chase

  • Released on April 16, 2007
  • Drama

Alice is in her 20s, a graduate with a shitty job. She's saving to head overseas, but family problems are holding her back. While she's waiting to leave, Alice acts as our guide as we travel into the lives of her flatmates, her boyfriend's band, her family, and a few complete strangers who have nothing to do with anything (probably). Julian sells his soul to the devil's cousin. Zoe is attempting to overthrow corporate capitalism through counter-propaganda, while Greg is building a bomb. Josie's just been sacked. Petulia, a 14-year old goth, has befriended Julian's disembodied shadow... kind of. Meanwhile the sky is cracking apart, whales walk the earth, and a colossal tidal wave threatens to destroy the planet. People are dating and drinking coffee. Some are looking for better jobs, others are skating and smoking pot. And a bumble bee's life hangs in the balance.

Full Cast of The Last Great Snail Chase

Jocelyn Christian
plays Alice

Abby Marment
plays Zoe

Timothy Bartlett
plays Miles

Brad McCormick
plays Greg

Sally Martin
plays Josie

Holly Shanahan
plays Katie

Caleb Ross
plays Rob

Michael Wesley-Smith
plays Daniel

Vivien Bell
plays Aunt Vanessa

Peter Dixon
plays Mr. Brook

Crew of The Last Great Snail Chase

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