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The Last Crop

About The Last Crop

  • Released on August 07, 1991
  • Drama

Ann (Kerry Walker) cleans for a living. She confronts problems like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt from the carpet. She shares everything she has with her two moody children (Noah Taylor, Sarah Hooper) and her equally erratic neighbours. She also shares everything her rich and constantly out-of-town employers have. While Ann vacuums her clients’ penthouses, her friends enjoy the million dollar views, luxury appointments, home gyms, cocktails by the pool - the things they have always wanted, but could never in their wildest dreams afford.

Full Cast of The Last Crop

Kerry Walker
plays Ann Sweeney

Noah Taylor
plays Craig Sweeney

Noah Taylor as Craig Sweeney

Born to Australian parents in London, Noah Taylor migrated to Australia at age five. He left school at 16, and began ...

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Sarah Hooper
plays Gaby Sweeney

Les Foxcroft
plays Grandpa

William McInnes
plays Real Estate Agent

Lucky Grills
plays Mr. Collins

Neil Moora
plays Wendle

John Derum
plays Carter

Helen Kambos
plays Mrs. Angelides

Peter Corbett
plays Mining Company Man

Deborah Galanos
plays Suzanne Angelides

Leanne Bundy
plays Joanna

Ron Shand
plays Mr. Thompson

Elizabeth Gentle
plays Delphine

Mary Acres
plays Mrs. Kennedy

Michael Butcher
plays Cop 1

Allan McFadden
plays Cop 2

Dennis Williams
plays Security Guard

John Pantelis
plays Kenny Angelides

Michael Garifalakis
plays Mr. Angelides

Nick Griveas
plays Michael Angelides

Anthi Liavas
plays Michael's Bride

James Kay
plays Man in Pool

Crew of The Last Crop

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