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About The Last Cop

  • Released on June 19, 2015

In 1985, when detective Kyogoku Kosuke (Karasawa Toshiaki) was hunting down some criminals, he suddenly found himself in the center of an explosion and ended up falling into a coma. In 2015, after 30 years Kosuke wakes up and has a lot to catch up, new values, technology, family, work, everything he has missed. Back to the Criminal Division, Kosuke and his new partner Ryota (Kubota Masataka) are entrusted with classified security data that aims to a terrorist group Schiesser.

Main Cast of The Last Cop

Toshiaki Karasawa
plays Kosuke Kyogoku (17 episodes)

Masataka Kubota
plays Ryota Mochizuki (17 episodes)

Nozomi Sasaki
plays Yui Suzuki (10 episodes)

Secondary Cast of The Last Cop

Nozomi Sasaki

Tomoka Kurokawa

Satoru Matsuo

Hinako Sakurai
plays Nanako Mishima (7 episodes)

plays Moonlight Kiyomi (7 episodes)

Sairi Ito
plays Yamase Shiori (7 episodes)

Sairi Ito as Yamase Shiori

Sairi Ito is a Japanese actress who is represented by the talent agency Alpha Agency.

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Shirō Sano
plays Endo Yuji (7 episodes)

Ryosei Tayama
plays Kujira (7 episodes)

Ichirôta Miyakawa
plays Suzuki Makoto (7 episodes)

Emi Wakui
plays Suzuki Kanako (7 episodes)

Crew of The Last Cop

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