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After returning from abroad after a break-up with his long-term partner, Justin plans to connect with his teenage daughter he gave up for adoption. His plans to make new memories with his daughter at the family cottage go awry when he discovers his parents left it to his picture-perfect step-sister, Maisy-May.

The Lake ran for 2 seasons.

Full Cast of The Lake

Jordan Gavaris
plays Justin Lovejoy (8 episodes)

Julia Stiles
plays Maisy-May Lin (8 episodes)

Julia Stiles as Maisy-May Lin

Julia O'Hara Stiles (born March 28, 1981) is an American actress. After beginning her career in small parts in a New...

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Madison Shamoun
plays Billie Barnes (8 episodes)

Jon Dore
plays Wayne Moore (16 episodes)

Travis Nelson
plays Riley Rosseau (16 episodes)

Carolyn Scott
plays Ulrika Nilsson (16 episodes)

Declan Whaley
plays Opal Lin (16 episodes)

Natalie Lisinska
plays Jayne Moore (16 episodes)

Terry Chen
plays Victor Lin (16 episodes)

Terry Chen as Victor Lin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Terry Chen (born February 3, 1975) is a Canadian movie and television actor. ...

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Brielle Robillard
plays Teri Moore (16 episodes)

Kaitlyn Bernard
plays Keri Moore (16 episodes)

Crew of The Lake

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