Cast and Crew of The Jayne Mansfield Story

Cast of
The Jayne Mansfield Story

About The Jayne Mansfield Story

The story of the 1950s platinum-blonde sex symbol whose search for stardom and meteoric (if brief) career ended in an automobile accident when she was 36.

Full Cast of The Jayne Mansfield Story

Loni Anderson
plays Jayne Mansfield

Arnold Schwarzenegger
plays Mickey Hargitay

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mickey Hargitay

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American actor, film producer, businessman, former bo...

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Ray Buktenica
plays Bob Garrett

Kathleen Lloyd
plays Carol Sue Peters

G. D. Spradlin
plays Gerald Conway

Dave Shelley
plays Barry Charles

Laura Jacoby
plays Jayne Marie (at 6)

Whitney Rydbeck
plays Photographer

John Medici
plays Bud Leland

Lewis Arquette
plays Publicity Man

James Jeter
plays Middle-Aged Man

Janice Kent
plays Young Woman Writer

Lynn Philip Seibel
plays Casting Director

Gwen Van Dam
plays Vivian

Joan Welles
plays Sheila

Buck Young
plays City Editor

David Hunt Stafford
plays Driver

Kathy Beaudine
plays Secretary (Casting Office)

Nora Boland
plays Fan

Cynthia Szigeti
plays Girl at Movie Popcorn Stand

Lawrence Bame
plays Reporter #1

Charles Parks
plays Reporter #2

Len Lawson
plays Reporter #1 (Hospital)

J.P. Bumstead
plays Reporter #2 (Hospital)

Elizabeth Gardner
plays Fan in Alley

Frank Holmgren
plays Photographer

Robb Madrid
plays Gate Guard

William Ward
plays Photographer

Crew of The Jayne Mansfield Story

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