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Cast of
The Jane Wyman Show

About The Jane Wyman Show

  • Released on August 30, 1955
  • Drama

The Jane Wyman Show is an American anthology drama series that ran on NBC from 1955 to 1958.

Full Cast of The Jane Wyman Show

Jane Wyman
plays Host (93 episodes)

Aidan Quinn
plays Nick Barron

Aidan Quinn as Nick Barron

Aidan Quinn is an Irish-American actor. He made his film debut in 1984 in Reckless. His films include Desperately See...

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Julianna Margulies
plays Bernadette Beattie

Stephen Rea
plays Michael Beattie

John Lynch
plays Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe

Alan Bates
plays Thomas Connolly

Niall Beagan
plays Dermot Doyle

Hugh McDonagh
plays Maurice Doyle

Mairead Devlin
plays Charlotte Doyle

Frank Kelly
plays Henry Doyle

Clare Mullen
plays Mrs. Daisley

Garrett Keogh
plays District Judge

Daithi O'Suilleabhain
plays Brother Eustace

Andrea Irvine
plays Sister Brigid

Marian Quinn
plays Sister Theresa

Karen Ardiff
plays Sister Felicity

Bosco Hogan
plays Father O'Malley

Sorcha Herlihy
plays Mary

Lauren Carpenter
plays Annette Farrell

Lauren O'Connell
plays Lauren

Hugh Grogan
plays Pub Musician

Peter Fowl
plays Pub Musician

Gail Fitzpatrick
plays Miss Gilhooly

Pat McGrath
plays Gamekeeper

Mark Lambert
plays Minister of Education

Conor Evans
plays Justice Ferris

Eamon Rohan
plays Justice Hall

Alan Barry
plays Justice McLaughlin

Brian McGrath
plays Hugh Canning

Mick Nolan
plays Honest Joe O'Leary

Luke Hayden
plays Irish Times Reporter

Don Foley
plays Justice Lynch

Bill Golding
plays Justice Daley

plays Slippery Sam

Frank Cady

Joanne Dru
plays Kittura (1 episode)

Tom Tryon
plays Ben (1 episode)

Carleton Young
plays Perkins (1 episode)

Lisa Montell
plays Carmelita (1 episode)

Mimi Gibson
plays Kathleen (1 episode)

Crew of The Jane Wyman Show

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