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Cast of
The Honeymoon

About The Honeymoon

  • Released on December 16, 2022
  • Comedy

Englishman Adam and his American bride Sarah are about to embark on the romantic honeymoon of a lifetime in Venice, Italy. But when the newlyweds’ trip is gatecrashed by Adam’s excessively needy best friend, Ed, it inadvertently turns their perfect lovers’ holiday into a complete disaster.

Full Cast of The Honeymoon

Pico Alexander
plays Adam

Maria Bakalova
plays Sarah

Maria Bakalova as Sarah

Maria Valcheva Bakalova (born 4 June 1996) is a Bulgarian actress. She is best known for her role as Tutar Sagdiyev i...

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Asim Chaudhry
plays Bav

Asim Chaudhry as Bav

Asim Chaudhry was born on November 24, 1987 and is currently 36 years old.

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Lucas Bravo
plays Giorgio

Flynn Allen
plays Adam 18 y.o.

Kai Portman
plays Lucas

Orsetta De Rossi
plays Sarah's Mother

Marco Valerio Montesano
plays Rico

Michele Enrico Montesano
plays Luigi

Roberto Alinghieri
plays Police Officer

Ami Chorlton
plays Adam's Mother

Ramsay Gilderdale
plays Elderly Priest

Lucia Guzzardi
plays Lady

Maria Maurigi
plays Women

Sergio Valastro
plays Ivan

plays Myha'la

Myha'la as Myha'la

Myha'la Herrold (/maɪˈhɑːlə/; born 1996) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Harper Stern in the Bri...

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Crew of The Honeymoon

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