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The Girl on the Front Page

About The Girl on the Front Page

  • Released on September 26, 1936

The heiress to a powerful newspaper owner gets a job at the paper under an assumed name and helps break up a blackmail racket.

Full Cast of The Girl on the Front Page

Edmund Lowe
plays Hank Gilman

Gloria Stuart
plays Joan Langford

Gloria Stuart as Joan Langford

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Reginald Owen
plays Archie Biddle

Spring Byington
plays Mrs. Langford

Gilbert Emery
plays Thorne

David Oliver
plays Flash

Robert Gleckler
plays Bill

Phillip Trent
plays Edward

Maxine Reiner
plays Annette

Sylvia Andrew
plays Cook

Ralph Brooks
plays Nightclub Patron

Earl Eby
plays Young Man

Jack Egan
plays Reporter

Edythe Elliott
plays Mrs. Stokes

Desmond Gallagher
plays Reporter

Jack Gardner
plays Reporter

Frances Gregg
plays Cook

Leyland Hodgson
plays Elevator-Rider

Frank Holliday
plays Telegraph Editor

J. Anthony Hughes
plays Nelson

Nolan Leary
plays Mack

James Macklin
plays Mike

Larry McGrath
plays Makeup Editor

Tom Moore
plays Brace

Horace Murphy
plays Cop

Forbes Murray
plays Politician

David Newell
plays Young Man

Joseph North
plays Butler

Mrs. Wilfrid North
plays Dowager

Dave O'Brien
plays Nightclub Patron

Lee Prather
plays Press Room Foreman

Archie Robbins
plays Steve

Don Roberts
plays Reporter

Buddy Roosevelt
plays William

Marla Shelton
plays Secretary

George Sorel
plays Headwaiter

Ted Thompson
plays Reporter

Fred 'Snowflake' Toones

Laura Treadwell
plays Mrs. Abernathy

Monte Vandergrift
plays Politician

Russell Wade
plays Elevator Operator

Max Wagner
plays Fireman

Lillian West
plays Nurse

Crew of The Girl on the Front Page

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