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The Footstep Man

About The Footstep Man

  • Released on June 20, 1992
  • Drama

Sam is a sound technician, who must literally walk in the footsteps of the characters on the screen. A "film within a film" that connects the world of modern film-making to the Paris of painter Toulouse-Lautrec and his model/lover Mireille.

Full Cast of The Footstep Man

Jennifer Ward-Lealand
plays Mireille

Michael Hurst
plays Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec/Barman

Michael Hurst as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec/Barman

Michael Eric Hurst, ONZM (born 20 September 1957) is a New Zealand actor, director and writer, mostly on stage and te...

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Steven Grives
plays Sam

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
plays Marcelle

Rosey Jones
plays Vida

Jorge Quevedo
plays Ricardo

Peter Dennett
plays Jake

Harry Sinclair
plays Sescau

Harry Sinclair as Sescau

Harry Sinclair is a film director, writer, and actor. In his early career he was an actor and member of The Front Law...

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Geoff Snell
plays Maurice

Grant McFarland
plays Terry

Peta Rutter
plays Lucie

Maggie Tarver
plays Prostitute

Crew of The Footstep Man

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