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  • Released on July 20, 2012

Takakura Yuko (Eikura Nana) is an ordinary chemistry teacher at a famous government-run preparatory school by day. But at night, she is a super teacher who solves a variety of difficult problems rampant on the school grounds that require more than sound arguments. From bullying to illicit sexual relations, marijuana and hallucinatory herbs. Her approach is “an eye for an eye”. She is willing to break the law in order to solve issues, and demand money from the people who seek help along with the classics teacher, Uchida Sumire (Ichikawa Mikako) and the art teacher, Fujii Aya (Kobayashi Satomi) whom she get on famously with despite their different personalities and interests.

Full Cast of The Female Teacher in Black

Nana Eikura
plays Takakura Yuko (10 episodes)

Fumino Kimura
plays Aoyagi Haruka (10 episodes)

Hokuto Matsumura
plays Toda Toshio (10 episodes)

Hokuto Matsumura as Toda Toshio

Hokuto Matsumura (松村 北斗) is a member of Johnny's group SixTONES (pronounced "Stones")

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