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The Empty Beach

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  • Released on September 12, 1985
  • Thriller

Before shady businessman John Singer disappeared off Bondi Beach, his name meant money--big and small, clean and dirty--a man absorbed in a world of greed and dishonesty. Singer's widow, Marlon, believes he's still alive and she employs the investigative skills of the tough, no-nonsense private eye, Cliff Hardy (Bryan Brown) to find him. Battered and bruised, Hardy battles through the filth of corruption and the stench of political blackmail. He comes face to face with the crime bosses, who feed off human misery and eliminate their rivals without thinking twice. From the high life and low life of Sydney, to the seediness and splendour of Bondi Beach, Cliff Hardy uncovers the ultimate truth.

Full Cast of The Empty Beach

Bryan Brown
plays Cliff Hardy

Anna Maria Monticelli
plays Anne Winter

Ray Barrett
plays MacLeary

John Wood
plays Parker

Belinda Giblin
plays Marion Singer

Peter Collingwood
plays Fred Ward

Kerry Mack
plays Hildegard

Joss McWilliam
plays Tal

Sally Cooper
plays Sandy Modesto

Nick Tate
plays Brian Henneberry

Nick Tate as Brian Henneberry

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nicholas John Tate (born June 18, 1942) is an Australian actor best known for ...

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Rhys McConnochie
plays Garth Green

Steve Rackman
plays Rex

Deborah Kennedy
plays Newspaper Librarian

Crew of The Empty Beach

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