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The Delinquents

About The Delinquents

A small town in Australia, in the late 1950s: Brownie and Lola are deeply in love. But because they are under-age, their parents are against their relationship and try to separate them.

Full Cast of The Delinquents

Kylie Minogue
plays Lola Lovell

Todd Boyce
plays Lyle

Todd Boyce as Lyle

Todd Boyce was born on January 1, 1961 and is currently 63 years old.

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Charlie Schlatter
plays Brownie Hansen

Charlie Schlatter as Brownie Hansen

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles Thomas "Charlie" Schlatter (born May 1, 1966 in Englewood, New Jersey...

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Bruno Lawrence
plays Bosun

Desirée Smith
plays Mavis

Angela Punch McGregor
plays Mrs. Lovell

Rosemary Harris
plays Isobel

Melissa Jaffer
plays Aunt Westbury

Lynette Curran
plays Mrs. Hansen

Lyn Treadgold
plays Prison Matron

Duncan Wass
plays Bert

Yvonne Hooper
plays Landlady

Jonathan Hardy
plays Magistrate

Errol O'Neill
plays Theatre Manager

Rachel Szalay
plays Maxine

Russell Krause
plays Sailor

Ove Altman
plays Sailor

Sue Rider
plays Social Worker

Daryl Hukins
plays Bodgie

Robert Willox
plays Postman

Maurice Hughes
plays Bartender

Kym Lynch
plays Driver

David Gilbank
plays Policeman

Andrew Booth
plays Policeman

Udo Bartschat
plays Policeman

Malcolm Cork
plays Prison Gate Guard

Christine Long
plays Waitress

Tony Brown
plays Brownie's Neighbour

Bruce Paul Barbour
plays Railway Guard

Elizabeth McCarthy
plays Nurse

Gail Payne
plays Nurse

Betty Ross Clarke
plays Saleswoman (uncredited)

Gordon Waddell
plays Policeman (uncredited)

Bryon Williams
plays (uncredited)

Crew of The Delinquents

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