Cast and Crew of The Dallas Connection

Cast of
The Dallas Connection

About The Dallas Connection

  • Released on October 02, 1994
  • Action

Assassins led by Black Widow are out to kill Antonio Morales to prevent him from handing a computer chip over to IWAR headquarters. It's up to secret agents Chris Cannon, Mark Austin, and Samantha Maxx to stop them

Full Cast of The Dallas Connection

Bruce Penhall
plays Chris Cannon

Mark Barriere
plays Mark Austin

Julie Strain
plays Black Widow

Rodrigo Obregón
plays Antonio Morales

Samantha Phillips
plays Samantha Maxx

Julie K. Smith
plays Cobra

Wendy Hamilton
plays Scorpion

Gerald Okamura
plays Fu

Roland Marcus
plays Nicholas Lang

Cassidy Phillips
plays Platter Puss

Ron Browning
plays Ron

Tom Abbott
plays Tom

Kym Malin
plays Cowboy's Hostess

Alan Krier
plays Jean Pierre

William Fain
plays Peter Vandermeer

Betty Jo LeBrun
plays Mrs. Vandermeer

Don Primrose Jr.
plays Hans

Jeff Hu
plays Golf Pro

Phil Wang
plays Dr. Sun Hee Wang

Jimmy Joe
plays Dr. Joe

David E. White
plays Airport Policeman

Sherrie Nelson
plays IWAR Secretary

Kym Malyk
plays Dancer #1

T.J. Myers
plays Dancer #2

Larry Schafer Jr.
plays Maitre D'

Victor Brooks
plays Charlie

Allen Bates
plays IWAR Policeman

Larry Hicks
plays Coroner #1

Ken Meeks
plays Coroner #2

Crew of The Dallas Connection

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