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The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

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It’s 1922, and free-spirited archaeologist Danny Freemont is infamous for his outlandish theories. Freemont is certain that if found, the Emerald Tablet, rumored to be buried in King Tut’s tomb, would hold the power to control the world. Unfortunately, the only one who believes Freemont is nefarious archaeologist Morgan Sinclair, a member of the diabolical secret cabal known as the Hellfire Council.

Full Cast of The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

Casper Van Dien
plays Danny Freemont (2 episodes)

Leonor Varela
plays Dr. Azelia Barakat (2 episodes)

Malcolm McDowell
plays Nathan Cairns (2 episodes)

Malcolm McDowell as Nathan Cairns

Malcolm McDowell is an English actor with a career spanning over forty years. McDowell is principally known for his r...

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Jonathan Hyde
plays Morgan Sinclair (2 episodes)

Jonathan Hyde as Morgan Sinclair

Jonathan Hyde (born 21 May 1948) is an Australian-born English actor, well known for his roles as J. Bruce Ismay, the...

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Steven Waddington
plays Jason McGreevy (2 episodes)

Niko Nicotera
plays Andrew Walker (2 episodes)

Niko Nicotera as Andrew Walker

Niko Nicotera is an actor.

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Simon Callow
plays George Russell (2 episodes)

Simon Callow as George Russell

Simon Phillip Hugh Callow CBE (born 15 June 1949) is an English actor, writer, theatre and opera director. Descripti...

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