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The Cooler

About The Cooler

Bernie works at a Las Vegas casino, where he uses his innate ability to bring about misfortune in those around him to jinx gamblers into losing. His imposing boss, Shelly Kaplow, is happy with the arrangement. But Bernie finds unexpected happiness when he begins dating attractive waitress Natalie Belisario.

Full Cast of The Cooler

Paul Sorvino
plays Buddy Stafford

Estella Warren
plays Charlene

Arthur J. Nascarella
plays Nicky Fingers Bonnatto

Richard Israel
plays Marty Goldfarb

Timothy Landfield
plays The Player

T.J. Gioia
plays Bulldog

Gordon Michaels
plays Mr. Pinkerton

Doc Watson
plays Morrie

Dan Lemieux
plays Suburbanite

Larry Elliott
plays Floor Manager

Joe Conti
plays Pit Boss

Chris Platt
plays Dealer

Norbert Ganska
plays Stickman #1

Mitch Samboceti
plays Player

Andrew Simbeck
plays Stickman #2

Danny Grossen
plays Stickman #3

Jeff Hill
plays Stickman #4

Monet Beaman
plays Stickman #5

Charlie Carr
plays Boxman

Kanie Kastroll
plays Croupier

Bryon Baker
plays Stickman #6

John Kozeluh
plays Man

Cherilyn Hayres
plays Woman

Jim McCarthy
plays Televangelist

Frank Hannah
plays Dealer #2

Heather McHenry
plays Johnny Capella's Girl

Mónika Balla
plays Johnny Capella's Girl (as Monica White)

Crew of The Cooler

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