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About The Clearing

  • Released on May 24, 2023
  • Drama

A woman is forced to confront the nightmares of her past in order to stop a secret cult intent on gathering children to fulfil its master plan.

The Clearing ran for 1 season.

Main Cast of The Clearing

Teresa Palmer
plays Freya Heywood (8 episodes)

Teresa Palmer as Freya Heywood
Freya Heywood is a strong, independent woman who is the protagonist of the show The Clearing. She is a loving wife and mother, and she will stop at nothing to protect her family. Freya is a skilled detective who uses her intuition and intelligence to solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice.

Quotes from Freya Heywood

  1. I won't rest until I find the truth.
  2. Justice will be served, no matter what.
  3. My family is my everything, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.
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Miranda Otto
plays Adrienne Beaufort (8 episodes)

Miranda Otto as Adrienne Beaufort
Adrienne Beaufort is a main character in the show The Clearing. She is a tough and resourceful woman who will stop at nothing to protect herself and others from the dangers of the wilderness.

Quotes from Adrienne Beaufort

  1. I'm not afraid of anything or anyone out here.
  2. Survival is about making difficult choices.
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Guy Pearce
plays Dr. Bryce Latham (8 episodes)

Guy Pearce as Dr. Bryce Latham
Dr. Bryce Latham is a psychiatrist who specializes in treating patients with PTSD. He is a compassionate and dedicated doctor who has helped many people overcome their traumatic experiences.

Quotes from Dr. Bryce Latham

  1. Sometimes the only way out is through.
  2. It's okay to not be okay. That's the first step towards healing.
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Secondary Cast of The Clearing

Anna Lise Phillips
plays Hannah Wilczek (2 episodes)

Anna Lise Phillips as Hannah Wilczek
Hannah Wilczek is a main character in the show The Clearing. She is a no-nonsense investigative journalist with a sharp wit and a laser focus on uncovering the truth.

Quotes from Hannah Wilczek

  1. I can't change the past, but I can expose it.
  2. The truth will always come out, one way or another.
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Kate Mulvany
plays Tamsin Latham (2 episodes)

Kate Mulvany as Tamsin Latham
Tamsin Latham is a detective in the small town of The Clearing. She is known for her sharp mind and no-nonsense attitude.

Quotes from Tamsin Latham

  1. Lets get to work.
  2. I dont have time for your excuses.
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Erroll Shand
plays Henrik Wilczek (2 episodes)

Erroll Shand as Henrik Wilczek
Henrik Wilczek is a secondary character in the show The Clearing. He is a forester who works in the area where the main character Arielle is trekking.

Quotes from Henrik Wilczek

  1. The forest provides, and the forest takes away
  2. Nature doesn't play favourites
  3. I know these woods like the back of my hand
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Hazem Shammas
plays Yusuf 'Joe' Saad (2 episodes)

Hazem Shammas as Yusuf 'Joe' Saad
Yusuf 'Joe' Saad is a main character in the show The Clearing. He is a former soldier turned private investigator who is haunted by his past and struggles with PTSD. He is a skilled investigator and mentor to other characters on the show.

Quotes from Yusuf 'Joe' Saad

  1. 'Onward and upward'
  2. 'Life is just a ride'
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Maria Angelico
plays Jenny Serafina (2 episodes)

Maria Angelico as Jenny Serafina
Jenny Serafina is a main character in the show The Clearing. She is a tough and determined FBI agent who is assigned to investigate a string of disappearances in a small town.

Quotes from Jenny Serafina

  1. I'm not backing down until I get some answers.
  2. Something's not right here.
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Doris Younane
plays Christine (2 episodes)

Doris Younane as Christine
Christine is a supporting character on the show The Clearing. She is a gentle and nurturing person who works at the local library. She often helps the main character in her research on the mysterious disappearances in the town.

Quotes from Christine

  1. I can help you find what you're looking for
  2. There's something strange going on around here
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Julia Savage
plays Amy Beaufort (2 episodes)

Julia Savage as Amy Beaufort
Amy Beaufort is a main character in the TV show The Clearing. She is a tough and resourceful woman, fiercely protective of her family and friends. Amy is a skilled hunter and survivalist, making her an invaluable member of her group.

Quotes from Amy Beaufort

  1. Survival isn't just about having the skills to stay alive, it's about the will to keep going when everything seems to be against you.
  2. Family is everything to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
  3. I didn't choose this life, but I damn sure won't let anyone take it away from me.
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Jeremy Blewitt
plays Anton (2 episodes)

Mimi Kwa
plays Newsreader (1 episode)

Paityn Batchelor
plays Alisha (2 episodes)

Nick Mitchell
plays Senior Sergeant Ian Fort (1 episode)

Nick Mitchell as Senior Sergeant Ian Fort
Senior Sergeant Ian Fort is a hard-nosed law enforcement officer in The Clearing. He leads the investigation into a mysterious disappearance that takes place in a small Australian town.

Quotes from Senior Sergeant Ian Fort

  1. 'We're not here to make friends, we're here to solve a crime.'
  2. 'You can either be a witness or a suspect, it's up to you.'
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Bodhi Palmer
plays Harry (2 episodes)

Harry Tjives
plays Manny (1 episode)

Ras-Samuel Welda'abzgi
plays Mo (2 episodes)

Audrey O'Sullivan
plays Annabelle (2 episodes)

Susannah Farrugia
plays Abigail (2 episodes)

Sebastian Holahan
plays Alistair (2 episodes)

Theo Settle
plays Adam (2 episodes)

Cassie Robb
plays Angela (2 episodes)

Cassie Robb as Angela
Angela is a main character in the TV series The Clearing. She is a young and ambitious journalist who strives to uncover the truth about the mysterious disappearances in the forest. Angela is determined and brave, willing to take risks to get to the bottom of the story.

Quotes from Angela

  1. The truth is out there, and I'm going to find it.
  2. I may be scared, but I won't let that stop me from doing what I know is right.
  3. I won't stop until I find out what's really going on here.
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Chase Smith-Wood
plays Andrew (2 episodes)

Flynn Wandin
plays Billy Heywood (2 episodes)

Lily LaTorre
plays Sara / Asha (2 episodes)

Lily LaTorre as Sara / Asha
Sara is a determined and resourceful journalist who becomes the main character's love interest in The Clearing. Later on, she adopts the identity of Asha, a member of a rebel group fighting against the government

Quotes from Sara / Asha

  1. We have to fight for what's right, even if it's unpopular
  2. I'll do whatever it takes to get the story
  3. I'm not afraid to speak truth to power
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Mark Coles Smith
plays Wayne Dhurrkay (1 episode)

Mark Coles Smith as Wayne Dhurrkay
Wayne Dhurrkay is a key character in the show The Clearing. He is an Aboriginal tracker who partners with a police detective to solve a series of murders in the Australian Outback. Wayne is a skilled tracker, familiar with the land and its wildlife, and possesses a deep understanding of his culture and the spirits that reside in the land.

Quotes from Wayne Dhurrkay

  1. 'The land is speaking to me'
  2. 'This is our country'
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Xavier Samuel
plays Colin Garrison (1 episode)

Xavier Samuel as Colin Garrison
Colin Garrison is the lead detective investigating the disappearance of a young girl in the show The Clearing. He is highly skilled and deeply committed to solving the case, willing to go to great lengths to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Quotes from Colin Garrison

  1. 'I'll do whatever it takes to find her.'
  2. 'We're not giving up on her, not yet.'
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Miah Madden
plays Max Dhurrkay (1 episode)

Miah Madden as Max Dhurrkay
Max Dhurrkay is a wise and respected elder of the Gumbaynggirr people in the show The Clearing. He is known for his sharp wit, gentle demeanor, and endless knowledge of the land and its spirits.

Quotes from Max Dhurrkay

  1. 'The land will always provide for those who respect it.'
  2. 'Everything in the world has a spirit, even the rocks and trees.'
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Bruce Hunt-Hughes
plays Cohen (1 episode)

Kristof Kaczmarek
plays Ari Herzog (1 episode)

Kristof Kaczmarek as Ari Herzog
Ari Herzog is a high-powered Hollywood agent in the TV series The Clearing. He is portrayed as ruthless and unapologetic, always putting his clients' needs before anyone else's. Ari is known for his quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

Quotes from Ari Herzog

  1. 'Let's hug it out, bitch.'
  2. 'What happened? Did your plane crash? Did your train derail? Did your bus explode?'
  3. 'I don't pay you to be lucky. I pay you to win.'
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Sebastian Sero
plays Aaron (2 episodes)

Terry Carter
plays Tavi (1 episode)

Terry Carter as Tavi
Tavi is a young girl who is the daughter of a man accused of murder in the TV show 'The Clearing'. She is intelligent, inquisitive, and determined to clear her father's name.

Quotes from Tavi

  1. 'I'm going to find the real killer and prove my dad's innocence.'
  2. 'My dad didn't do it, I just know he didn't.'
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Alicia Gardiner
plays Judith (1 episode)

Judith is a main character in the TV show The Clearing. She is a strong and independent woman who is determined to protect her family, despite the dangers that surround them.

Quotes from Judith

  1. We need to stick together.
  2. There's always a way out. You just need to be smart.
  3. I won't let anything happen to my family.
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Jillian Nguyen
plays Sylvie Le (1 episode)

Jillian Nguyen as Sylvie Le
Sylvie Le is a strong-willed and intelligent detective who is tasked with solving the disappearance of a group of girls in the thriller series The Clearing.

Quotes from Sylvie Le

  1. I swear to god, if I find anything out of the ordinary, I'm dragging your ass to prison with me.
  2. I see through you. And I've got your number.
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Sebastian Carr
plays Constable Troy (1 episode)

Jack Bonser
plays Court Lobby Extra (uncredited) (1 episode)