Cast of
The Burning Season

About The Burning Season

Based on the true story of a Brazilian rubber tapper who leads his people in protest against government and developers, who want to cut down their part of the rainforest for a new road and ranch land. The rich and the powerful will stop at nothing, and frequently resort to murder

Full Cast of The Burning Season

Raúl Juliá
plays Chico Mendes

Carmen Argenziano
plays Alfredo Sezero

Sônia Braga
plays Regina de Carvalho

Kamala Lopez
plays Ilzamar

Nigel Havers
plays Steven Kaye

Tomas Milian
plays Darli Alves

Marco Rodríguez
plays Tavora

Jonathan Carrasco
plays Genesio

Jeffrey Licon
plays Young Chico Mendes

Tony Perez
plays Francisco Mendes

Briana Romero
plays Elenia Mendes

Jorge Viteri
plays Father Ceppi

Valentin Santana
plays Oloci Alves

Loló Navarro
plays Dona

Gerardo Albarrán
plays Darci Alves

Carlos Romero
plays Partenza

Enrique Novi
plays Nilu Sergio

Mario Arévalo
plays Gunman

Angel Casman
plays Union Man

René Pereyra
plays Disk Jockey

Roger Cudney
plays Reporter

Carl Mergenthaler
plays German Banker

Gabriel Eduardo Castanon
plays Young Boy

José Antonio Estrada
plays Condemed Tapper

Julian Bucio
plays Military Lieutenant

Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco'
plays Forest Worker

Javier Lambert
plays Platoon Commander

Gustavo Campos
plays Cutter

Ricky Damazio
plays Hitman (uncredited)

Muriel Minot
plays Funeral Soloist (uncredited)

Josefina Echánove
plays Town Woman

Crew of The Burning Season