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The Boy and the Beast

About The Boy and the Beast

Kyuta, a boy living in Shibuya, and Kumatetsu, a lonesome beast from Jutengai, an imaginary world. One day, Kyuta forays into the imaginary world and, as he's looking for his way back, meets Kumatetsu who becomes his spirit guide. That encounter leads them to many adventures.

Full Cast of The Boy and the Beast

Koji Yakusho
plays Kumatetsu (voice)

Koji Yakusho as Kumatetsu (voice)

Koji Yakusho was born on January 1, 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

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Aoi Miyazaki
plays Young Kyuta (voice)

Shota Sometani
plays Teenage Kyuta (voice)

Shota Sometani as Teenage Kyuta (voice)

Shota Sometani (染谷 将太 Sometani Shōta, born 3 September 1992) is a Japanese actor from Koto, Tokyo. He is known for hi...

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Suzu Hirose
plays Kaede (voice)

Lily Franky
plays Hyakushūbō (voice)

Yo Oizumi
plays Tatara (voice)

Kazuhiro Yamaji
plays Iozen (voice)

Kazuhiro Yamaji as Iozen (voice)

Kazuhiro Yamaji is a Japanese actor and voice actor from Mie Prefecture affiliated with the Seinenza Theater Company.

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Mamoru Miyano
plays Teenage Ichirohiko (voice)

Mamoru Miyano as Teenage Ichirohiko (voice)

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has also appeared as Prince Ismir in the stage production "Cre...

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Kappei Yamaguchi
plays Teenage Jiromaru (voice)

Kappei Yamaguchi as Teenage Jiromaru (voice)

Mitsuo Yamaguchi (山口 光雄, Yamaguchi Mitsuo), better known by his stage name of Kappei Yamaguchi (山口 勝平, Yamaguchi Kapp...

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Haru Kuroki
plays Young Ichirohiko (voice)

Momoka Ohno
plays Young Jiromaru (voice)

Sumire Morohoshi
plays Chico (voice)

Sumire Morohoshi as Chico (voice)

Sumire Morohoshi is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Himawari Theatre Group.

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Keishi Nagatsuka
plays Kyuta's Father (voice)

Kumiko Aso
plays Kyuta's Mother (voice)

Masahiko Tsugawa
plays Lord (voice)

Crew of The Boy and the Beast

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