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About The Blue Rose

When office temp Jane discovers that Rose, the PA she is replacing, died under mysterious circumstances, she joins forces with Rose's best friend Linda to get justice for Rose. Along the way, they find others who need their help, victims of fraud, theft and injustice, and soon Jane, Linda - and a team of unlikely co-workers - are taking on the corporate bullies, fighting for justice and using their unique powers for good.

Main Cast of The Blue Rose

Antonia Prebble
plays Jane March (13 episodes)

Siobhan Marshall
plays Linda Frame (13 episodes)

Matt Minto
plays Simon Frost (13 episodes)

Rajeev Varma
plays Ganesh Nishad (13 episodes)

Jennifer Ludlam
plays Sonya Whitwell (13 episodes)

Caren Pistorius
plays Rose Harper (7 episodes)

Luciane Buchanan
plays Aroha Nash (11 episodes)

Luciane Buchanan as Aroha Nash

Luciane Buchanan was born on July 18, 1993 and is currently 30 years old.

See Luciane Buchanan's other roles

James Trevena
plays Charlie Bryson (13 episodes)

Anna Jullienne
plays Krystle Wilkinson (13 episodes)

Anna Jullienne as Krystle Wilkinson

Anna Jullienne was born on November 7, 1982 and is currently 41 years old.

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Theresa Healey
plays Helen Irwin (12 episodes)

Stelios Yiakmis
plays Derek Peterson (13 episodes)

George Mason
plays Ben Gallagher (8 episodes)

Secondary Cast of The Blue Rose

Lisa Crawley
plays Nadia (1 episode)

Cassandra Woodhouse
plays Stacey (1 episode)

Tim Foley
plays Grant Finch (4 episodes)

Jan Fisher
plays Margie Harper (4 episodes)

Lola McLeod
plays Nina Harper (3 episodes)

Shirley Duke
plays Celebrant (1 episode)

Jay Saussey
plays Amy (4 episodes)

Seth Flynn
plays Homeless Guy / David Quilter (1 episode) , Homeless Guy (2 episodes)

Maggie Tarver
plays Jane's Mum (2 episodes)

Elizabeth McRae
plays Beryl (1 episode)

Jeremy Randerson
plays Adam Revill (3 episodes)

Rachel House
plays Tina (2 episodes)

Elliot Wrightson
plays Drunk Guy (1 episode)

Catherine Boniface
plays Claire (1 episode)

Robert Enari
plays Sammy (1 episode)

Kura Forrester
plays Sheena (2 episodes)

Kyle Pryor
plays Anton (4 episodes)

Kyle Pryor as Anton

Kyle Pryor is known for his work on Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009), Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010) and Home ...

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Mark Ferguson
plays Terry (1 episode)

Mark Ferguson as Terry

Mark Ferguson was born on February 28, 1961 and is currently 63 years old.

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Laurel Devenie
plays Philippa "Pip" Braithwaite (1 episode)

Owen Black
plays Justin Lockhart (1 episode)

Thomas Natoealofa
plays Fasi (1 episode)

Campbell Rousselle
plays Bryce Pooley (1 episode)

Bruce Phillips
plays Hilton Ford (1 episode)

Bruce Phillips as Hilton Ford

Bruce Phillips was born on September 13, 1951 and is currently 72 years old.

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Frank Brown
plays Jono (1 episode)

Carolyn Dando
plays Hayley (1 episode)

Cian Elyse White
plays Leanne (1 episode)

Kevin Keys
plays Mort (1 episode)

Nisha Madhan
plays Varsha (3 episodes)

Astra McLaren
plays Nikki Knight (1 episode)

Kayleigh Haworth
plays Monique (1 episode)

Murray Keane
plays Keith Cranston (3 episodes)

Bede Skinner
plays Brad (1 episode)

Charlie McDermott
plays Scott McMahon (1 episode)

Ayse Tezel
plays Hannah Dobson (3 episodes)

Ayse Tezel as Hannah Dobson

Ayse Tezel was born on September 19, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

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Kirstie O'Sullivan
plays Agent (1 episode)

Shelley Meecham
plays Katya (1 episode)

Vasa Tasele
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Sophia Huybens
plays Debbie (1 episode)

William Davis
plays Rawiri (1 episode)

Chris Hampson
plays Judge (1 episode)

Robyn Paterson
plays Eleanor Peterson (1 episode)

John Rawls
plays Guy with the neck tattoo (1 episode) , Karl Villiers (5 episodes)

John Rawls as Guy with the neck tattoo

John Rawls was born on May 4, 1972 and is currently 52 years old.

See John Rawls's other roles

Flynn Allan
plays Billy Dobson (2 episodes)

Josephine Davison
plays Felicity Frost (3 episodes)

Crew of The Blue Rose

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