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The Avengers, also known as Earth's Mightiest Heroes, is a spectacular superhero film that brings together some of the most beloved and powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Joss Whedon, this 2012 blockbuster features an all-star cast, including Robert Downey Jr. as the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark, who suits up as the invincible Iron Man, and Chris Evans as the morally upright and patriotic Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

When an unexpected enemy emerges, threatening global safety and security, Nick Fury, the director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in a race against time. The enemy, revealed to be the malevolent Loki, the Asgardian god of mischief, has his sights set on subjugating Earth and bending it to his will. To prevent this catastrophic outcome, Fury recognizes that he needs a team of exceptional individuals with unique abilities to save the world from the brink of disaster.

Thus begins a daring, worldwide recruitment effort, as Fury and his team scour the globe to assemble the perfect roster of heroes. In addition to Iron Man and Captain America, they enlist the skills of Thor, the mighty Asgardian warrior and god of thunder, played by Chris Hemsworth; Bruce Banner, the brilliant scientist with an unstable alter ego, the Hulk, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo; Natasha Romanoff, the master spy and skilled assassin known as the Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson; and Clint Barton, the exceptional archer and expert marksman, also known as Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner. Together, these heroes must learn to work as a team, set aside their differences, and harness their powers to stop Loki and his alien army from plunging the world into chaos and darkness. The Avengers is a thrilling, action-packed adventure that showcases the power of unity, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit in the face of insurmountable odds.

The Avengers is part of the The Avengers Collection, together with Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame .

Full Cast of The Avengers

Robert Downey Jr.
plays Tony Stark / Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Tony Stark / Iron Man in 'The Avengers' is nothing short of exceptional. His charisma and wit bring the character to life, making him the standout member of the ensemble cast. Downey Jr.'s ability to seamlessly switch between humor and intensity is a testament to his acting skills. His performance not only anchors the film but also provides a much-needed contrast to the more serious characters, making 'The Avengers' a truly entertaining and memorable movie. See Robert Downey Jr.'s other roles

Chris Evans
plays Steve Rogers / Captain America

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America
In 'The Avengers', Chris Evans delivers a compelling performance as Steve Rogers / Captain America, showcasing his ability to embody the character's strong moral compass and unwavering determination. Evans' portrayal of the iconic superhero is both charismatic and grounded, allowing viewers to connect with the character on a deeper level. His performance highlights the internal struggles of a man out of time, while also demonstrating the leadership and bravery that make Captain America an essential member of the Avengers team. See Chris Evans's other roles

Mark Ruffalo
plays Bruce Banner / The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of Bruce Banner and his alter ego, The Hulk, in 'The Avengers' was nothing short of exceptional. Ruffalo managed to bring a sense of vulnerability and depth to the character, making Banner's struggle with his inner monster both relatable and compelling. His performance was nuanced and subtle, seamlessly transitioning between the reserved and intelligent scientist and the raw, uncontrollable power of The Hulk. Ruffalo's interpretation of the character added a new layer of complexity to The Hulk's persona, making him a standout character in the ensemble cast. See Mark Ruffalo's other roles

Chris Hemsworth
plays Thor Odinson

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson
Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor Odinson in 'The Avengers' is nothing short of captivating. Hemsworth brings a perfect blend of charm, strength, and vulnerability to the character, making him a standout member of the ensemble cast. His comedic timing is impeccable, providing some of the film's most memorable and humorous moments. At the same time, Hemsworth's performance is grounded in emotional depth, effectively conveying Thor's struggles with his brother Loki and his newfound role among the Avengers. Overall, Hemsworth's performance as Thor in 'The Avengers' is a testament to his versatility as an actor and a significant contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. See Chris Hemsworth's other roles

Scarlett Johansson
plays Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, in 'The Avengers' is nothing short of captivating. Her performance is a perfect blend of strength and vulnerability, showcasing the character's complex past and her struggle to find redemption. Johansson's physical prowess is on full display in the action sequences, where she moves with a fluidity and grace that is truly mesmerizing. However, it's her ability to convey Black Widow's emotional depth that truly sets her performance apart. Her scenes with the other Avengers are filled with a subtle, understated chemistry that adds layers of complexity to the character and the team dynamic. Overall, Johansson's performance as Black Widow is a standout in 'The Avengers', and a testament to her skills as an actress. See Scarlett Johansson's other roles

Jeremy Renner
plays Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Clint Barton / Hawkeye in 'The Avengers' is a standout performance. Renner brings a quiet intensity to the character, making him a formidable presence despite his lack of superpowers. His precision with a bow and arrow is awe-inspiring, and his loyalty to his team is unwavering. Renner's performance adds a human element to the team of superheroes, reminding us that heroes can be ordinary people with extraordinary skills. See Jeremy Renner's other roles

Tom Hiddleston
plays Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Thomas William Hiddleston (born 9 February 1981) is an English actor. He gained international fame portraying Loki in...

See Tom Hiddleston's other roles

Samuel L. Jackson
plays Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Samuel Leroy Jackson (born December 21, 1948) is an American actor and producer. One of the most widely recognized ac...

See Samuel L. Jackson's other roles

Cobie Smulders
plays Maria Hill

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

Jacoba Francisca Maria "Cobie" Smulders (born April 3, 1982) is a Canadian-American actress. She is best known for he...

See Cobie Smulders's other roles

Clark Gregg
plays Phil Coulson

Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson

Robert Clark Gregg (born April 2, 1962) is an American actor, director, and screenwriter. He is best known for playin...

See Clark Gregg's other roles

Stellan Skarsgård
plays Erik Selvig

Stellan Skarsgård as Erik Selvig

Stellan Skarsgård is a Swedish actor, known internationally for his film roles in Angels & Demons, Breaking the Waves...

See Stellan Skarsgård's other roles

Gwyneth Paltrow
plays Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Gwyneth Kate Paltrow Falchuk (born September 27, 1972) is an American actress and businesswoman. She is the recipient...

See Gwyneth Paltrow's other roles

Paul Bettany
plays J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)

Paul Bettany as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)

Paul Bettany (born 27 May 1971) is a British-American actor. He is known for his role as J.A.R.V.I.S. and Vision in t...

See Paul Bettany's other roles

Alexis Denisof
plays The Other

Alexis Denisof as The Other

Alexis Denisof was born on February 25, 1966. He is an actor.

See Alexis Denisof's other roles

Tina Benko
plays NASA Scientist

Jerzy Skolimowski
plays Georgi Luchkov

Jerzy Skolimowski as Georgi Luchkov

Jerzy Skolimowski is a Polish film director, screenwriter, dramatist and actor. He’s a graduate of the prestigious Na...

See Jerzy Skolimowski's other roles

Kirill Nikiforov
plays Weaselly Thug

Kirill Nikiforov as Weaselly Thug

Kirill Nikiforov was born on July 9, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Kirill Nikiforov's other roles

Jeff Wolfe
plays Tall Thug

Jeff Wolfe as Tall Thug

Jeff Wolfe is an actor and a stunt performer.

See Jeff Wolfe's other roles

M'laah Kaur Singh
plays Young Girl

M'laah Kaur Singh as Young Girl

M'laah Kaur Singh was born on December 22, 2002 and is currently 21 years old.

See M'laah Kaur Singh's other roles

Rashmi Rustagi
plays Calcutta Woman

Powers Boothe
plays World Security Council

Powers Boothe as World Security Council

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Powers Allen Boothe (June 1, 1948 – May 14, 2017) was an American television ...

See Powers Boothe's other roles

Jenny Agutter
plays World Security Council

Jenny Agutter as World Security Council

Jennifer Ann "Jenny" Agutter (born 20 December 1952) is an English film and television actress. She began her career ...

See Jenny Agutter's other roles

Arthur Darbinyan
plays World Security Council

Arthur Darbinyan as World Security Council

Arthur Darbinyan is an actor.

See Arthur Darbinyan's other roles

Donald Li
plays World Security Council

Donald Li as World Security Council

Donald Li (born 1961) is a Chinese actor. He is best known for Big Trouble in Little China and The Avengers. He playe...

See Donald Li's other roles

Warren Kole
plays Carrier Bridge Techs

Warren Kole as Carrier Bridge Techs

Warren Kole was born on September 23, 1977 in San Antonio, Texas, USA as Warren David Blosjo Jr. He is an actor.

See Warren Kole's other roles

Alicia Sixtos
plays Carrier Bridge Techs

Alicia Sixtos as Carrier Bridge Techs

Alicia Marie Sixtos is an American actress. Sixtos is best known for her role as Maya Martinez in the Hulu series Eas...

See Alicia Sixtos's other roles

Maximiliano Hernández
plays Jasper Sitwell

Maximiliano Hernández as Jasper Sitwell

Maximiliano Hernández (born September 12, 1973) is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Agent Jasper Si...

See Maximiliano Hernández's other roles

Dieter Riesle
plays Gala Scientist

Dieter Riesle as Gala Scientist

Dieter Riesle is an actor born in Wiesbaden, Germany. He immigrated to the United States in 1985. He holds a B.A. in...

See Dieter Riesle's other roles

Kenneth Tigar
plays German Old Man

Kenneth Tigar as German Old Man

Kenneth Tigar (born September 24, 1942) is an American actor, primarily on American television, and translator.

See Kenneth Tigar's other roles

Walter Perez
plays Shield Pilot

Walter Perez as Shield Pilot

Walter Perez (born July 12, 1982) is a Mexican-American film actor, television actor and musician. He is best known f...

See Walter Perez's other roles

Harry Dean Stanton
plays Security Guard

Harry Dean Stanton as Security Guard

Harry Dean Stanton (July 14, 1926 - September 15, 2017) was an American actor, musician, and singer. Stanton's career...

See Harry Dean Stanton's other roles

Josh Cowdery
plays Maintenance Guy

Josh Cowdery as Maintenance Guy

Josh Cowdery (born December 23, 1978) is an American actor. He is known in film for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fin...

See Josh Cowdery's other roles

Ashley Johnson
plays Waitress

Ashley Johnson as Waitress

Ashley Suzanne Johnson (born August 9, 1983) is an American actress, best known for her two-season role as Chrissy Se...

See Ashley Johnson's other roles

Katsumi Komatsu
plays Japanese Family

Yumiko Komatsu
plays Japanese Family

Robert Clohessy
plays Police Sergeant

Robert Clohessy as Police Sergeant

Robert Clohessy (born June 10, 1958) is an American actor, known for playing Correctional Officer Sean Murphy on the ...

See Robert Clohessy's other roles

Enver Gjokaj
plays Police Officer

Enver Gjokaj as Police Officer

Enver Gjokaj (born February 12, 1980) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles as Victor i...

See Enver Gjokaj's other roles

Fernanda Toker
plays Office Woman

Andrea Vecchio
plays News Reporter

Andrea Vecchio as News Reporter

An American actress who started her career working in television and presenting programs. She participated in the mov...

See Andrea Vecchio's other roles

Robin Swoboda
plays News Reporter

Robin Swoboda as News Reporter

Robin Swoboda (born December 30, 1958) is an American television news anchor, talk show host, and actress in Clevelan...

See Robin Swoboda's other roles

Brent McGee
plays Faceless Pilot

Jamie McShane
plays Celebration Montage Interviewee

Jamie McShane as Celebration Montage Interviewee

Jamie McShane is an American actor best known for his roles on Sons of Anarchy, Southland, and Bloodline, and as Agen...

See Jamie McShane's other roles

Michael Zhang
plays Celebration Montage Interviewee

William-Christopher Stephens
plays Celebration Montage Interviewee

William-Christopher Stephens as Celebration Montage Interviewee

William Christopher Stephens (born in Dayton, Ohio, United States) is an American actor.

See William-Christopher Stephens's other roles

Kelley Robins Hicks
plays Celebration Montage Interviewee

Kelley Robins Hicks as Celebration Montage Interviewee

Kelley Robins Hicks was born on September 7, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Kelley Robins Hicks's other roles

Romy Rosemont
plays Shawna Lynde

Romy Rosemont as Shawna Lynde

Romy Rosemont (born October 28, 1964) is an American actress, who has appeared in multiple television series, includi...

See Romy Rosemont's other roles

James Eckhouse
plays Senator Boynton

James Eckhouse as Senator Boynton

James Hays Eckhouse (born February 14, 1955) is an American actor, best known for playing Jim Walsh on Beverly Hills,...

See James Eckhouse's other roles

Stan Lee
plays Himself

Stan Lee as Himself

Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018) was an American comic book writer, edito...

See Stan Lee's other roles

Thomas Roberts
plays Himself

Thomas Roberts as Himself

Thomas Albert Roberts (born October 5, 1972) is an American television journalist who served as a news anchor for MSN...

See Thomas Roberts's other roles

Pat Kiernan
plays Himself

Pat Kiernan as Himself

Patrick Kiernan (born November 20, 1968) is a Canadian-American television host, appearing as the morning news anchor...

See Pat Kiernan's other roles

Damion Poitier
plays Thanos (uncredited)

Damion Poitier as Thanos (uncredited)

Damion Poitier (/ˈpwɑːtieɪ/; born June 4, 1976) is an American actor and stuntman, best known for his role as Chains ...

See Damion Poitier's other roles

Lou Ferrigno
plays Hulk (voice - uncredited)

Lou Ferrigno as Hulk (voice - uncredited)

Louis Jude "Lou" Ferrigno (born November 9, 1951 ) is an American actor, fitness trainer/consultant, and retired prof...

See Lou Ferrigno's other roles

Jesse Garcia
plays Carrier Bridge Techs

Jesse Garcia as Carrier Bridge Techs

Jesse Garcia is an American stage, film and television actor, best known for playing the lead role of Carlos in the f...

See Jesse Garcia's other roles

Momoko Komatsu
plays Japanese Family

Jillian Morgese
plays Woman in Restaurant (uncredited)

Jillian Morgese as Woman in Restaurant (uncredited)

Jillian Morgese (born September 25, 1989) is an actress notable for her performance in the role of Hero in Joss Whedo...

See Jillian Morgese's other roles

Catherine Anderson
plays German Pedestrian (uncredited)

Ricardo Andres
plays Lentil Merchant (uncredited)

Ricardo Andres as Lentil Merchant (uncredited)

Ricardo Andres (October 6, 1950 - November 1, 2015) portrayed Lentil Merchant in The Avengers.

See Ricardo Andres's other roles

Logan Bennett
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Mayank Bhatter
plays Celebration Montage Man Shaving Beard (uncredited)

Mayank Bhatter as Celebration Montage Man Shaving Beard (uncredited)

Mayank Bhatter is an American stage, film and television actor and casting assistant. He holds a degree in Theater, E...

See Mayank Bhatter's other roles

Sharita Bone
plays Gala Guest (uncredited)

Jason Botsford
plays Museum Gala Patron (uncredited)

Mary Kate Campbell
plays Stuttgart Biergarten patron (uncredited)

Gene N. Chavez
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Guard (uncredited)

Layla Cushman
plays Gala Guest (uncredited)

Robert Dean
plays Soldier (uncredited)

Rick Dremann
plays Museum Gala Guest (uncredited)

Rod Fielder
plays Pedestrian (uncredited)

Eric Frank
plays Stuttgart Citizen (uncredited)

Eric Frank was born on March 5, 1977 and is currently 47 years old.

See Eric Frank's other roles

Israel Hall
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Carmen Dee Harris
plays Museum Gala Patron (uncredited)

Alexander Christopher Jones
plays Mercenary (uncredited)

Mike Karban
plays Pedestrian (uncredited)

Demoine Kinney
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Demoine Kinney was born on October 20, 1985 and is currently 38 years old.

See Demoine Kinney's other roles

Andrew Knode
plays Stuttgart Citizen (uncredited)

Annette Lawless
plays Hostage (uncredited)

Kimberly J. Mahoney
plays Limo Driver (uncredited)

Todd Manes
plays Helicarrier Medical Team Leader (uncredited)

Todd Manes was born on March 25, 1975 and is currently 49 years old.

See Todd Manes's other roles

Jorge Mardel
plays Stuttgart Driver (uncredited)

Michael McMillan
plays Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Sean Meehan
plays Guard (uncredited)

Sean Meehan as Guard (uncredited)

Sean Meehan is an actor.

See Sean Meehan's other roles

Holly Neelie
plays Gala Museum Patron (uncredited)

Caleb Daniel Noal
plays Extra (uncredited)

Jeremy Orr
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Nate Paige
plays New York Pedestrian (uncredited)

Martin Palmer
plays Shiel Employee (uncredited)

Martin Palmer as Shiel Employee (uncredited)

Martin Palmer was born on November 4, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

See Martin Palmer's other roles

Maria Perossa
plays Museum Gala Guest (uncredited)

Caleb Pieplow
plays Extra (uncredited)

Alexander Daniel Pimentel
plays Helicarrier Shield Agent (uncredited)

Frank Powers
plays S.H.I.EL.D Agent - Loki Escort (uncredited)

Frank Powers was born on July 16, 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

See Frank Powers's other roles

Jaime Powers
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Brent Reichert
plays Stuttgart Gala Patron (uncredited)

Brent Reichert was born on May 9, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Brent Reichert's other roles

Kelly Ruble
plays S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Gina Sarno
plays Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Gina Sarno was born on May 24, 1989 and is currently 34 years old.

See Gina Sarno's other roles

Robert B. Schneider IV
plays New York City Police Officer (uncredited)

Jeff Seich
plays New York Police Officer in Firefight (uncredited)

Christina Shaffer
plays Stuttgart Beer Garden Patron (uncredited)

Douglas Slygh
plays Museum Gala Patron (uncredited)

Colin Strause
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent #4 (uncredited)

Colin Strause as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent #4 (uncredited)

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Brothers Greg and Colin Strause (self-titled as Brothers Strause) are a di...

See Colin Strause's other roles

Robert P. Thitoff
plays Gala Patron (uncredited)

George Thomas
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Shane Thompson
plays Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jerry Lee Tucker
plays Mercenary (uncredited)

Tai Urban
plays Child on News #1 (uncredited)

Chris Vaina
plays Running Pedestrian (uncredited)

Sandra Weston
plays Sweeper (uncredited)

Seth Zielicke
plays Barbershop (uncredited)

Alex DeCourville
plays Tourist (uncredited)

Alex DeCourville as Tourist (uncredited)

Alex DeCourville was born on January 1, 1988 and is currently 36 years old.

See Alex DeCourville's other roles

Andrea-Nichole Olivas
plays S.H.I.E.L.D agent (uncredited)

Andrea-Nichole Olivas as S.H.I.E.L.D agent (uncredited)

Andrea-Nichole was born in Phoenix, Arizona to Mother Darlene Olivas. At a young age Andrea-Nichole and her mother mo...

See Andrea-Nichole Olivas's other roles

Tina Grimm
plays NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)

Tina Grimm as NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)

Tina Grimm was born on February 19, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Tina Grimm's other roles

Evan Kole
plays Principal (uncredited)

Evan Kole as Principal (uncredited)

Evan became interested in acting at a very young age. He has been involved with Film, TV, Commercial, Theater, and Vo...

See Evan Kole's other roles

Hank Amos
plays S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Hank Amos as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (uncredited)

Hank Amos is an actor and a stunt performer.

See Hank Amos's other roles

Joti Nagra
plays Waitress (uncredited)

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