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About The Avengers

The Avengers, a British television series that graced the screens in the 1960s, was a remarkable production that captivated audiences with its unique blend of action, espionage, and science fiction. Initially, the series revolved around the dynamic duo of Dr. David Keel and his assistant John Steed. Dr. Keel, a man of science and reason, was the voice of logic and rationality, while John Steed, a suave and sophisticated secret agent, brought the charm and charisma. Together, they formed a formidable team, tackling a variety of cases that ranged from the mundane to the extraordinary.

However, the series underwent a significant transformation when Patrick Macnee's character, John Steed, became the central figure. This shift marked the beginning of a new era for The Avengers, as Steed was now partnered with a series of intelligent, stylish, and assertive female assistants. The first of these was Cathy Gale, played by Honor Blackman, who brought a new level of sophistication and femininity to the series. She was followed by the iconic Emma Peel, portrayed by Diana Rigg, who became a symbol of female empowerment and remains one of the most beloved characters in the series. The final assistant was Tara King, played by Linda Thorson, who brought a youthful energy and enthusiasm to the show.

As the series progressed, it began to incorporate more elements of science fiction and fantasy, adding a layer of parody and British eccentricity that made it truly unique. The Avengers became known for its tongue-in-cheek humor, clever dialogue, and imaginative storylines. It was a series that was not afraid to push the boundaries and explore new genres, making it a standout production in the world of television. The Avengers was more than just a television series; it was a cultural phenomenon that left a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.

Main Cast of The Avengers

Patrick Macnee
plays John Steed (161 episodes)

Secondary Cast of The Avengers

Ian Hendry
plays Dr. David Keel (26 episodes)

Honor Blackman
plays Catherine Gale (52 episodes)

Linda Thorson
plays Tara King (33 episodes)

Diana Rigg
plays Emma Peel (51 episodes)

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg DBE (20 July 1938 - 10 September 2020) was an English actress. She played Emma Peel in...

See Diana Rigg's other roles

Ray Barrett

Tommy Godfrey

Athene Seyler

Warren Mitchell
plays Brodney (2 episodes)

Bruce Boa

Royston Tickner

Harold Kasket
plays Dr. Meitner (2 episodes)

Keith Pyott

John Standing

John Standing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sir John Ronald Leon, 4th Baronet (born 16 August 1934) is an English actor a...

See John Standing's other roles

Eric Pohlmann

Guy Doleman

Frank Thornton

Gerald Harper
plays Colonel Corf (3 episodes)

Moira Redmond

John Stratton

Tenniel Evans
plays Dr. Hurst (3 episodes)

John Le Mesurier

Ron Moody
plays Jordan (2 episodes)

Arthur Hewlett

Toke Townley

Richard Vernon

John Comer
plays Groom (1 episode)

Barry Warren
plays Melville (2 episodes)

Denis Shaw
plays Murray (1 episode)

Peter Jones
plays Doyle (2 episodes)

Robert Urquhart
plays Maxwell (2 episodes)

Geoffrey Whitehead
plays Carter (2 episodes)

Jimmy Jewel
plays Maxie Martin (1 episode)

John Savident
plays Winthrop (1 episode)

Dudley Sutton
plays Dexter (1 episode)

Joyce Carey
plays Harriet (1 episode)

David Lodge
plays Policeman (1 episode)

Guy Rolfe
plays Travers (1 episode)

Warren Clarke
plays Trump (1 episode)

Glynn Edwards
plays Blackie (1 episode)

Grant Taylor
plays Merridon (1 episode)

Robert Gillespie
plays Lift Attendant (1 episode)

Peter Dennis
plays Private (1 episode)

Peter Dennis as Private

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Peter John Dennis (25 October 1933 – 18 April 2009) was a Screen Actors Guild ...

See Peter Dennis's other roles

Robert Flemyng
plays Lord Maxted (1 episode)

Noel Howlett
plays Prof. Rushton (1 episode)

Cecil Parker
plays Glover (1 episode)

Conrad Phillips

Delphi Lawrence

Brian Wilde
plays Raven (1 episode)

Donald Sutherland
plays Jessel (1 episode)

Donald Sutherland as Jessel

Donald McNichol Sutherland (born 17 July 1935) is a Canadian actor whose film career spans over 6 decades. He has bee...

See Donald Sutherland's other roles

Patricia Haines
plays Lola / Emma Peel (3 episodes)

Mandy Miller

Eunice Gayson
plays Lucille Banks (1 episode)

Duncan Macrae

Albert Lieven

Alister Williamson
plays Tom (3 episodes)

Diana King

Morris Perry

Imogen Hassall
plays Anjali (1 episode)

David Andrews

David Andrews

David Andrews (born January 1, 1952) is an American actor, best known for his role as General Robert Brewster in Term...

See David Andrews's other roles

Gordon Rollings

Arthur Howard
plays Mr. Groves (1 episode)

Arthur Lowe
plays Benstead (1 episode)

Moray Watson

Leslie Sands

Sarah Lawson

Ian MacNaughton

Jack Gwillim
plays Sir David Harper (1 episode)

T. P. McKenna
plays Grant (3 episodes)

Margaret Whiting

James Villiers
plays Simon Trent (1 episode)

Patrick Magee

Kenneth Colley

Kenneth Colley

Kenneth Colley (born 7 December 1937) is an English actor. A long-time character actor, he came to wider prominence t...

See Kenneth Colley's other roles

Dyson Lovell
plays Warren (1 episode)

John Gorrie
plays Tay-Ling (1 episode)

Roger Hammond
plays Dr. Russell (1 episode)

Gwendolyn Watts

Sheila Fearn
plays Jenny (1 episode)

Liz Fraser
plays Georgie Price-Jones (1 episode)

John Bluthal

Joe Robinson

Godfrey Quigley

André Morell

Vivian Pickles

Tom Adams
plays Grenville (3 episodes)

Francis de Wolff

Gillian McCutcheon

David Bauer

Alex Scott
plays Averman (3 episodes)

Reginald Marsh

Edward de Souza
plays Flanders (2 episodes)

Edward Kelsey

Anneke Wills
plays Judy (2 episodes)

Burt Kwouk

Angela Scoular
plays Myra (1 episode)

Donald Tandy

Caroline Blakiston
plays Cynthia Wentworth-Howe (2 episodes)

Alec Mango

Roger Delgado
plays Kreer (2 episodes)

Patrick Allen

Peter Arne

Alan Lake
plays Karl (1 episode)

Dinsdale Landen
plays Watney (1 episode)

Tracy Reed
plays Janice (1 episode)

Henry McGee
plays Maidwell (1 episode)

Peter Vaughan
plays Jaeger (1 episode)

Peter Vaughan as Jaeger

Peter Vaughan (born Peter Ewart Ohm; 4 April 1923 – 6 December 2016) was an English character actor known for many su...

See Peter Vaughan's other roles

Joss Ackland
plays Brigadier Hansing (1 episode)

Richard Hurndall
plays Farrer (1 episode)

John Paul
plays Wells (1 episode)

Ray Brooks
plays Farrington (1 episode)

Elizabeth Sellars
plays Laura (1 episode)

John Cleese
plays Marcus Rugman (1 episode)

John Cleese as Marcus Rugman

John Marwood Cleese (born 27 October 1939) is an English actor, comedian, writer and film producer. He achieved succe...

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Lucy Fleming
plays Emily (1 episode)

Russell Waters
plays Pike (2 episodes)

Peter Stephens
plays Mr. Bellchamber (1 episode)

Angela Douglas
plays Miranda (2 episodes)

Norman Jones
plays Zerson (1 episode)

Valerie Leon
plays Betty (1 episode)

John Crocker
plays Fothers (1 episode) , (2 episodes)

William Job
plays Lord Edgefield (2 episodes)

Stratford Johns
plays Sidney (2 episodes)

John Wood
plays Twitter (1 episode)

Isa Miranda
plays Damita Syn (1 episode)

Ray Austin

John Barron

Arnold Ridley
plays Elderly Gent (1 episode)

John Woodnutt

Philip Stone

Martin Friend

Tim Barrett
plays Salt (1 episode)

Barry Letts

Michael Goodliffe

Barrie Ingham
plays Unwin (1 episode)

Harold Goodwin

Fabia Drake

Michael Gough
plays Nutski (1 episode)

Charlotte Rampling
plays Hana (1 episode)

Charlotte Rampling as Hana

Tessa Charlotte Rampling OBE (born 5 February 1946) is an English actress, model and singer, known for her work in Eu...

See Charlotte Rampling's other roles

Trevor Bannister
plays Gordon (1 episode)

Aubrey Morris

Aubrey Morris

Aubrey Morris was born on June 1, 1926 and passed away 8 years ago at the age of 89 on July 15, 2015.

See Aubrey Morris's other roles

Howard Goorney

Nosher Powell
plays Henrik (1 episode)

Jack May

Jan Holden

George Pastell

William Fox
plays Simon Roberts (1 episode)

Aimi MacDonald
plays Rosie (1 episode)

Freddie Jones
plays Basil / John Steed (1 episode)

George Pravda

Lee Patterson

Jerome Willis
plays George (3 episodes)

Julia Arnall

Peter Blythe
plays Mankin (2 episodes)

Michael Mellinger

John Ringham

Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Ronald Radd
plays Shaffer (1 episode) , (2 episodes)

Gary Watson
plays Kendrick (3 episodes)

Richard Thorp

Alfred Burke

Charles Tingwell
plays Dr. Neville (2 episodes)

Edwin Richfield
plays Barlow (1 episode) , Alex (5 episodes)

Philip Locke
plays Primble (2 episodes)

William Gaunt

Philip Gilbert

Francis Matthews
plays Chivers (2 episodes)

Steve Plytas
plays Kartovski (1 episode) , (1 episode)

George Roderick

Bernard Kay

Donal Donnelly

John Carlisle
plays Peters (1 episode)

Sheila Burrell
plays Mrs. Jupp (1 episode)

Bernard Archard
plays Dr. Constantine (2 episodes)

Dennis Price
plays Jason (1 episode)

Nicola Pagett
plays Adriana (1 episode)

Patrick Barr
plays Stonehouse (1 episode)

Michael Gwynn
plays Bill (1 episode)

Gertan Klauber
plays Kruger (1 episode)

Patsy Rowlands
plays Thelma (1 episode)

Kathleen Byron
plays Miss Faversham (1 episode)

Aubrey Richards
plays Professor Witney (1 episode)

Kate O'Mara
plays Lisa (1 episode)

John Woodvine
plays Seagrave (2 episodes)

Roy Kinnear
plays Quilby (1 episode) , Happychap (2 episodes)

Ewan Roberts
plays Travers (2 episodes)

Iain Cuthbertson
plays Kruger (1 episode)

Patsy Smart
plays Mrs. Golightly (1 episode)

Tony Selby
plays Stanley (1 episode)

Yootha Joyce
plays Miss Lister (1 episode)

Richard Bebb

Carole Gray

David Langton
plays Sir James Arnall (3 episodes)

Norman Bowler
plays Mike (1 episode)

Valentino Musetti

Douglas Wilmer

Douglas Wilmer

Douglas Wilmer was born on January 8, 1920 and passed away 8 years ago at the age of 96 on March 31, 2016.

See Douglas Wilmer's other roles

Patrick Cargill
plays Pemberton (1 episode)

Zia Mohyeddin

Edric Connor

Denis Quilley

Murray Melvin

Harry Landis

Norman Bird

Frank Maher
plays Nicholls (4 episodes)

Sue Lloyd

James Hayter
plays Ticket Collector (1 episode)

Ronald Adam

Basil Dignam

Lloyd Lamble

Brian Blessed
plays Sergeant Hearn (1 episode) , Mark Dayton (1 episode)

Brian Blessed as Sergeant Hearn

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brian Blessed (born 9 October 1936) is an English actor. He is known for his ...

See Brian Blessed's other roles

Peter Jeffrey
plays Bristow (1 episode) , Prendergast (2 episodes)

Brian Murphy
plays Haslam (1 episode)

John Phillips
plays Nesbitt (1 episode)

George Benson

Tony Caunter
plays Miller (1 episode)

Lally Bowers

George A. Cooper
plays Burgess (2 episodes)

Sandra Dorne

Philip Latham

Robert Rietti

Jack Watson
plays Hopper (2 episodes)

Doris Hare

Nyree Dawn Porter

Patrick Holt

Sandor Elès
plays Maurice Jubert (2 episodes)

George Murcell
plays Needle (2 episodes)

Griffith Jones
plays Baines (1 episode)

Tony Steedman
plays Sir Joseph (2 episodes)

Willoughby Goddard
plays Truman (1 episode)

Louise Pajo
plays Miss Craven (1 episode)

Desmond Walter-Ellis
plays Manager (1 episode)

Bryan Mosley
plays Armshith (2 episodes)

Liane Aukin
plays Miss Tiddiman (1 episode)

Philip Bond
plays Caspar (1 episode)

Michael Bilton
plays Dr. Winter (1 episode)

Nigel Davenport
plays Lord Barnes (2 episodes)

Heron Carvic

Ruth Dunning

Donald Hewlett

Jacqueline Pearce

James Maxwell
plays Jason Wade (1 episode)

Ronald Hines
plays Dr. Haymes (1 episode)

James Copeland

Roland Curram

Gabrielle Drake
plays Angora (1 episode)

Richard Leech
plays Col. Drew (3 episodes)

Virginia Stride

John Sharp
plays Jupp (1 episode) , Prewitt (3 episodes)

Ronnie Stevens

Robert Morris

Jon Pertwee
plays Brigadier Whitehead (1 episode)

Isla Blair
plays Bride (1 episode)

Marne Maitland
plays Becker (1 episode)

John Carson

John Frawley

Nigel Stock

Geoffrey Bayldon
plays Clapham (2 episodes)

Peter Copley
plays Sparshott (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Edward Underdown
plays Rupert (2 episodes)

Edward Jewesbury

Constance Chapman

Ferdy Mayne
plays Baron Von Orlak (1 episode)

Christopher Benjamin
plays Swindin (1 episode) , Whittle (2 episodes)

Christopher Benjamin as Swindin

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christopher Benjamin is a British actor, born 27 December 1934 in Trowbridge,...

See Christopher Benjamin's other roles

Frank Windsor
plays Tobin (1 episode)

Allan Cuthbertson
plays Webster (1 episode) , Lord Melford (3 episodes)

Talfryn Thomas
plays Fiery Frederick (2 episodes)

Duncan Lamont
plays Wilks (1 episode)

Michael Robbins
plays Cavell (1 episode) , Henry Farrow (3 episodes)

Michael Culver
plays Price (1 episode)

William Franklyn
plays Brinstead (2 episodes)

Anthony Ainley
plays Sunley (1 episode)

Geoffrey Russell
plays Dexter (1 episode)

Nicholas Smith
plays Lather (1 episode) , Parker (1 episode)

Basil Hoskins

Ronald Lacey
plays Humbert (1 episode) , Strange Young Man (1 episode)

Ronald Lacey as Humbert

Ronald Lacey (28 September 1935 – 15 May 1991) was an English actor. He made numerous television and film appearances...

See Ronald Lacey's other roles

Wanda Ventham

Wanda Ventham

Wanda Ventham (born 5 August 1935) is an English actress.

See Wanda Ventham's other roles

Timothy Bateson
plays Merryweather (1 episode) , Spencer (1 episode)

Leon Greene
plays Freddy Richards (1 episode)

Declan Mulholland
plays Saunders (1 episode)

Ray McAnally
plays Creswell (1 episode) , Arcos (1 episode)

Peter Cushing
plays Paul Beresford (1 episode)

Peter Cushing as Paul Beresford

Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE  (26 May 1913 – 11 August 1994) was an English actor, known for his many appearances in Ham...

See Peter Cushing's other roles

Bruno Barnabe
plays Farrar (3 episodes)

Sylvia Coleridge

Corin Redgrave

John Hollis
plays Zoltan (1 episode) , Kanwitch (3 episodes)

Colin Jeavons
plays Stanton (2 episodes)

Clive Dunn
plays Martin (1 episode)

Eric Flynn
plays Croft (1 episode)

Jane Merrow
plays Susan (1 episode)

Victor Maddern

Hamilton Dyce
plays Camrose (3 episodes)

Paul Eddington
plays Beaumont (2 episodes)

Katherine Woodville

William Kendall
plays Lord Dessington (1 episode)

Charles Lloyd Pack
plays Dr. Fawcett (2 episodes)

Tony Wright
plays Keller (1 episode)

John Stone
plays Victor Forsythe (1 episode) , Major George Fancy (2 episodes)

John Cazabon
plays Mr. Maple (1 episode)

Tutte Lemkow
plays Gorky (1 episode)

Tutte Lemkow as Gorky

Tutte Lemkow was born on August 28, 1918 in Oslo, Norway. He is known for his work on Les aventuriers de l'arche perd...

See Tutte Lemkow's other roles

Jennie Linden

Gerald Sim
plays Budge (1 episode) , Kenneth (1 episode) , (3 episodes)

Noel Purcell

Ricardo Montez
plays Josino (1 episode)

Patrick Mower

Frederick Jaeger
plays Benson (3 episodes)

Nigel Lambert
plays Doctor (1 episode)

John Cater
plays Olliphant (3 episodes)

Vernon Dobtcheff
plays Stenson (1 episode) , Spencer (2 episodes)

Vernon Dobtcheff as Stenson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dobtcheff was born in Nîmes, [[France] to a British mother (Vernon) and a fath...

See Vernon Dobtcheff's other roles

Clifford Evans
plays Pelley (1 episode) , Boyd (1 episode)

Kevin Stoney
plays Sir Gerald Bancroft (1 episode)

Nicholas Courtney
plays Gifford (2 episodes)

Richard Young
plays Sir Jeremy Broadfoot (1 episode)

Patrick Westwood
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Ingrid Hafner

George Merritt
plays James (1 episode)

Judy Parfitt
plays Loris (1 episode) , Vesta (3 episodes)

Paul Whitsun-Jones
plays Sanders (3 episodes)

Kynaston Reeves
plays Dickens (1 episode)

Lyndon Brook
plays Dr. Manx (1 episode) , Lyall (1 episode)

Peter Swanwick
plays Oppenheimer (1 episode)

Charles Farrell
plays Straker (1 episode)

Margo Andrew
plays Caroline Evans (1 episode)

Robert Russell
plays Lubin (1 episode)

Donald Morley
plays One-Ten (1 episode) , Neame (1 episode)

William Devlin

Mark Burns
plays Spence (1 episode)

Caron Gardner
plays Bikini Girl (1 episode)

Jack Lambert
plays McNab (1 episode)

Carol Cleveland

William Lucas
plays Stapley (1 episode) , Brett (1 episode)

Alan Browning

Jimmy Gardner
plays Little Man (1 episode)

Alf Joint

Howard Marion-Crawford
plays Collins (1 episode) , Geoffrey (2 episodes)

Grace Arnold

Marie Devereux
plays Dora Radosevick (1 episode)

Peter Bowles
plays Ezdorf (1 episode) , Thyssen (3 episodes)

Patricia Denys
plays Cecile Dragna (1 episode)

Michael Coles
plays Verret (1 episode)

Douglas Sheldon
plays Brad (1 episode)

Richard Caldicot
plays Mellor (1 episode) , Admiral (1 episode)

Moira Lister
plays Elena (1 episode)

Harvey Hall
plays Ulrich (1 episode)

John Lee
plays Dr. Soames (1 episode) , Mark Pearson (1 episode)

John Nettleton
plays Sir Andrew Ford (1 episode) , Palmer (1 episode)

Christian Roberts
plays Huxton (1 episode)

Geoffrey Palmer
plays Paul Manning (1 episode) , (2 episodes)

John Ronane
plays Captain Tim (1 episode) , Hubert (1 episode)

Ronnie Barker
plays Cheshire (1 episode)

Anna Quayle
plays Olga (1 episode)

Christopher Chittell
plays Bassin (1 episode)

Douglas Muir
plays One-Ten (1 episode) , One Ten (1 episode)

Jon Rollason
plays Dr. Martin King (3 episodes)

Julie Stevens
plays Venus Smith (6 episodes)

Paul Danquah
plays Razafi (1 episode)

Joy Webster
plays Stella Creighton (1 episode)

Paul Gillard
plays Cosgrove (1 episode)

Julian Glover
plays Rupert (1 episode) , Masgard (1 episode) , Peter Rooke (2 episodes)

Michael Lynch
plays Hadley (1 episode)

Jeremy Lloyd
plays Teddy (1 episode) , Bertram Smith (1 episode)

Kenneth Benda
plays Mansford (1 episode)

Annette Carell
plays Dr. Voss (1 episode)

Ruth Trouncer
plays Dr. Hill (1 episode)

Peter Wyngarde

Phillip Ross
plays Hospital Attendant (1 episode)

Edward Caddick
plays Sweeney (1 episode)

Roger Booth
plays Tubby Vincent (1 episode)

Rocky Taylor
plays Mitchell (1 episode)

Rocky Taylor as Mitchell

Rocky Taylor was born on February 28, 1945 and is currently 79 years old.

See Rocky Taylor's other roles

Norman Chappell
plays Forbes (1 episode) , (1 episode) , Fowler (1 episode)

Ilona Rodgers
plays Samantha Slade (1 episode)

Clive Colin Bowler
plays Robin (1 episode)

Jack MacGowran
plays Professor Poole (1 episode)

Roy Patrick
plays Julian (1 episode)

Simon Oates
plays Skelton (1 episode) , Maskin (1 episode)

Penelope Keith
plays Audrey Long (1 episode) , Nanny Brown (credit only) (2 episodes)

A. J. Brown
plays Dawson (1 episode)

Hilary Wontner
plays Dumayn (1 episode)

Ann Sidney
plays Gerda (1 episode)

Philip Madoc
plays Slater (1 episode) , Ivan (4 episodes)

Pamela Ann Davy
plays Mandy (1 episode)

Jack Woolgar
plays Kermit (1 episode)

Michael Forrest
plays Peters (1 episode)

Stanley Meadows
plays Erskine (1 episode)

Frederick Treves
plays Dawson (1 episode)

Brian Haines
plays Samuel Jones (1 episode)

Reg Pritchard
plays Bellamy (1 episode)

Graham Armitage
plays Algy (1 episode)

John Bailey
plays Fernand (1 episode) , Ralph Bleech (3 episodes)

Neil McCarthy
plays Rasker (1 episode) , Carl (3 episodes)

Edwin Apps
plays Winters (1 episode)

John Laurie
plays Juniper (1 episode) , Crewe (3 episodes)

Patricia English
plays Dr. James (1 episode)

David Kernan
plays Eccles (1 episode)

Geoffrey Reed
plays Carter (1 episode)

Bernard Horsfall
plays Captain Smythe (1 episode) , Fox (2 episodes)

Alan Chuntz
plays Selby (1 episode)

Geoffrey Chater
plays Seaton (1 episode) , Jarvis (1 episode)

John Bennett
plays Marson (1 episode) , Sykes (3 episodes)

Karen Ford
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Jeremy Young
plays George Burton (1 episode) , Dr. Penrose (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Kenneth J. Warren
plays Z.Z. von Schnerk (1 episode)

Anthony Dawes
plays Actor (1 episode)

Anthony Valentine
plays Calvin (1 episode) , Cunliffe (1 episode)

Clifford Earl
plays Paxton (1 episode) , Jarret (1 episode)

Gary Hope
plays Joe Smith (1 episode)

Terence Plummer
plays Toy Sung (1 episode)

Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins

​Bernard Cribbins (29 December 1928 - 27 July 2022) was an English character actor, voice-over artist and musical com...

See Bernard Cribbins's other roles

Margaret Neale
plays Stewardess (1 episode)

Brian Oulton

Garfield Morgan
plays Sexton (1 episode) , Manservant (1 episode) , Gilbert (2 episodes)

Drewe Henley
plays Groom (1 episode)

Drewe Henley as Groom

Drewe Henley (born Gordon Henley; 1940 – 14 February 2016) was an English actor. He retired from acting due to bipola...

See Drewe Henley's other roles

Cardew Robinson
plays Mr. Puffin (1 episode) , Minister (1 episode)

Paul Hardwick
plays Webster (1 episode)

Geoffrey Sumner
plays General Wilmot (1 episode)

Enid Lorimer
plays Nanny Roberts (1 episode)

Louie Ramsay
plays Nanny Smith (1 episode)

Arnold Diamond
plays Haller (1 episode) , Krelmar (1 episode)

Andrew Keir
plays Col. James (1 episode) , Crawley (1 episode)

Dennis Chinnery
plays Dobson (1 episode)

Nigel Green
plays The President (1 episode) , Sir Lexius Cray (1 episode)

Campbell Singer
plays Major 'B' (1 episode)

Mark Eden
plays Nicholson (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Peter Reynolds
plays Tulip (1 episode)

Philip Levene
plays Daffodil (1 episode)

Malcolm Taylor
plays Hooper (1 episode)

Noel Coleman
plays Conroy (1 episode)

Redmond Phillips
plays Hunt (1 episode)

Barbara Shelley
plays Venus (1 episode) , Susan Summers (1 episode)

Terry Richards
plays Cybernaut (1 episode)

Terry Richards was born on November 2, 1932 in London, England as David Terence Richards. He is known for his work on...

See Terry Richards's other roles

Paul Dawkins
plays Dr. Evans (1 episode)

Michel Faure
plays Pavret (1 episode)

Peter Barkworth
plays Percy (1 episode) , Merlin (1 episode)

Terry Yorke
plays Haynes (1 episode)

Terence Maidment
plays Jepson (1 episode)

Yolande Turner
plays Miss Pegram (1 episode)

Hugh Manning
plays Major Star (1 episode) , Max Hardy (2 episodes)

Pauline Delaney
plays Mrs. Rhodes (1 episode)

Richard Curnock
plays Rhodes (1 episode)

Robert James
plays Ronnie Vance (1 episode) , Jenkins (1 episode) , Merlin (3 episodes)

Yole Marinelli
plays Jerezina (1 episode)

Adrian Ropes
plays Jennings (1 episode) , Baines (1 episode)

Christopher Greatorex
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Jon Laurimore
plays Security Man (1 episode)

Arthur Cox
plays Clarke (1 episode) , Anaesthetist (1 episode)

Arthur Cox as Clarke

Arthur Cox was born on April 7, 1934 and passed away 3 years ago at the age of 87 on April 9, 2021.

See Arthur Cox's other roles

Michael Rothwell
plays Kennel Man (1 episode)

Eric Woofe
plays Assistant (1 episode)

Philippe Monnet
plays Assistant (1 episode)

Valerie Van Ost
plays Penny (1 episode)

Penny Bird
plays Miss Peabody (1 episode)

Gerry Crampton
plays Guest (1 episode)

Gerry Crampton was born on April 28, 1930 and passed away 15 years ago at the age of 78 on January 24, 2009.

See Gerry Crampton's other roles

Derek Newark
plays Vickers (1 episode) , Crawford (1 episode)

Leslie French
plays Rathbone (1 episode)

Clifford Cox
plays Chalmers (1 episode)

John G. Heller
plays Hinnell (1 episode) , Groski (1 episode)

Leslie Crawford
plays Morgan (1 episode)

Michael Latimer
plays Haworth (1 episode)

Joanne Dainton
plays Miss Clarke (1 episode)

Bill Wallis
plays Charles Grey (1 episode)

Ann Hamilton
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Colin Blakely
plays Mickle (1 episode)

Donald Pickering
plays Freddie Cartwright (1 episode) , Peter Roberts (1 episode)

Robert Cawdron
plays Banks (1 episode)

Marijke Mann
plays Miss Avril (1 episode)

Joanna Vogel
plays Pandora (1 episode) , Hilda (1 episode)

Irene Bradshaw
plays Maggie (1 episode)

David Glover
plays Carson (1 episode) , Wilton (1 episode)

Joseph Greig
plays Higgins (1 episode)

Geoffrey Colville
plays Jeremy Purser (1 episode)

Langton Jones
plays Chapman (1 episode)

Ivor Dean
plays Ferret (1 episode) , Bates (1 episode)

John Chandos
plays Morgan (1 episode)

Stefan Gryff
plays Josef (1 episode)

Peter J. Elliott
plays Guest (1 episode) , Brad (1 episode) , Williams (1 episode) , Attendant (1 episode)

Peter Clay
plays Sergeant (1 episode)

Edward Fox
plays Chilcott (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Nigel Rideout
plays Corp. Johnson (1 episode)

Cynthia Bizeray
plays Blonde (1 episode)

Dinny Powell
plays Karl (1 episode)

Patrick Kavanagh
plays Sean Mortimer (1 episode)

Michael Nightingale
plays Lucas (1 episode) , Real Colonel (1 episode)

Richard Owens
plays Perowne (1 episode) , Mechanic (1 episode)

Beth Owen
plays Sally (1 episode)

Tony Thawnton
plays Jenkins (1 episode)

Jonathan Elsom
plays Ackroyd (1 episode) , Chattell (1 episode)

Anthony Dutton
plays Seligman (1 episode) , Dr. Garnett (1 episode)

Edward Higgins
plays The Gardener (1 episode)

Leon Lissek
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Peter Thomas
plays Kettridge (1 episode) , Saunders (1 episode)

Anthony Newlands
plays Brigadier Wishforth-Brown (1 episode)

Achillies Georgiou
plays Student (1 episode)

Rio Fanning
plays Danvers (1 episode) , Lane (1 episode)

Brian Badcoe
plays Cooty Gibson (1 episode)

Andrew Laurence
plays Herrick (1 episode) , Williams (1 episode)

Fulton Mackay
plays Professor Chadwick (1 episode) , Master (1 episode) , Glover (1 episode)

Christopher Lee
plays Professor Stone (1 episode) , Colonel Mannering (1 episode)

Christopher Lee as Professor Stone

Christopher Lee was an English actor and musician. Lee initially portrayed villains and became famous for his role as...

See Christopher Lee's other roles

Donald Gee
plays Vickers (1 episode)

Anthony Blackshaw
plays Davis (1 episode)

David Quilter
plays Wilson (1 episode)

David Quilter was born on June 11, 1942 and is currently 82 years old.

See David Quilter's other roles

Alec Ross
plays Guard (1 episode)

Roland Culver
plays Col. Timothy (1 episode)

Kenneth Cope
plays Tom Savage (1 episode) , Gardiner (1 episode)

Valentine Dyall
plays Butler (1 episode)

Sylvia Kay
plays Matron (1 episode)

Bette Bourne
plays Preece (1 episode)

Fiona Hartford
plays Janice (1 episode)

Jennifer Clulow
plays Georgina (1 episode)

Emma Cochrane
plays Melanie (1 episode)

Peter Madden
plays Lasindall (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Willoughby Gray
plays Padley (1 episode)

Douglas Blackwell
plays Postman (1 episode)

Noel Davis
plays Secretary (1 episode) , Carter (1 episode)

Jayne Sofiano
plays Petra (1 episode)

Steven Scott
plays Kartovski (1 episode)

Maurice Good
plays Harry Mercer (1 episode)

Iain Anders
plays Frank Compton (1 episode)

John Kidd
plays The Butler (1 episode)

Terence Alexander
plays Bromfield (1 episode) , 'Piggy' Warren (1 episode) , Ponsonby (1 episode)

Anthony Nicholls
plays Ardmore (1 episode)

Dudley Foster
plays Mr. Goat (1 episode) , Parker (1 episode)

John Porter-Davison
plays Jacobs (1 episode)

Patrick Newell
plays Smallwood (1 episode) , Sir George Collins (1 episode) , Mother (20 episodes)

John Junkin
plays Sheriff (1 episode) , Sergeant (1 episode)

Jacky Allouis
plays Jill (1 episode)

Dan Meaden
plays Sloman (1 episode)

Michael Lees
plays Plummer (1 episode)

Simon Lack
plays Nesbitt (1 episode)

Arthur Pentelow
plays Dr. Grant (1 episode)

Peter Jesson
plays Penman (1 episode)

John Atkinson
plays Brayshaw (1 episode)

Larry Burns
plays Gould (1 episode)

Terry Eliot
plays Amanda (1 episode)

Jeremy Burnham
plays Simon Filson (1 episode) , Vicar (1 episode) , Gordon White (1 episode)

Edward Burnham
plays Brett (1 episode) , Meadows (1 episode)

Michael Trubshawe
plays Col. Withers (1 episode)

Nora Nicholson
plays Miss Emily (1 episode)

Robert Sidaway
plays Real Barlow (1 episode)

Desmond Jordan
plays Guthrie (1 episode)

David Grey
plays Williams (1 episode)

Peter Elliott
plays Arkin (1 episode)

John Bown
plays Roger (1 episode)

John Moore
plays Williams (1 episode) , Greer (1 episode)

Leon Thau
plays Ho Lung (1 episode)

Vic Wise
plays Slattery (1 episode)

Teddy Kiss Atom
plays Winkler (1 episode)

William Lyon Brown
plays Blind Man (1 episode) , Dalby (1 episode)

Peter Bromilow
plays Kafka (1 episode)

Peter Halliday
plays Perrier (1 episode)

John Glyn-Jones
plays Hyde (1 episode)

Neil Hallett
plays Paul Ryder (1 episode) , Arnie Packer (1 episode)

Lawrence James
plays Cornwall (1 episode)

Alfred Maron
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Julian Chagrin
plays Jennings (1 episode)

Garry Marsh
plays Brigadier Wiltshire (1 episode)

Gaby Vargas
plays Miss Charles (1 episode)

Bill Shine
plays Cleghorn (1 episode)

Jay Denyer
plays Tenor (1 episode)

Johnny Vyvyan
plays Escapologist (1 episode)

Johnny Sekka
plays Col. Nsonga (1 episode)

Jonathan Burn
plays Conrad (1 episode)

Michael Turner
plays Crayford (1 episode)

Roy Stewart
plays Giles (1 episode)

Ian Ogilvy
plays Baron Von Curt (1 episode)

William Ellis
plays Bruno (1 episode)

Hal Galili
plays David Nadine (1 episode)

Nicole Shelby
plays Helga (1 episode)

Rosemary Donnelly
plays Miranda (1 episode)

Gloria Connell
plays Maid (1 episode)

Michael Corcoran
plays Perova (1 episode)

Ross Hutchinson
plays Chairman (1 episode)

Reg Whitehead
plays Etola (1 episode)

Anthony Sheppard
plays Georgio (1 episode)

Sally Nesbitt
plays Helen (1 episode) , Ola (1 episode)

Angharad Rees
plays Redhead (1 episode)

George Ghent
plays Mintoff (1 episode)

John Baker
plays Vicar (1 episode) , Hallam (1 episode)

David Sumner
plays Minnow (1 episode)

Neil Stacy
plays Mullard (1 episode)

Neil Wilson
plays Norton (1 episode)

Cecil Cheng
plays Captain Soo (1 episode)

Mark Elwes
plays Naval Officer (1 episode)

David Richards
plays RAF Officer (1 episode)

Anne Rutter
plays Control Room Operative (1 episode) , Betty (1 episode)

Eric Barker
plays Pym (1 episode)

Frank Middlemass
plays Mervyn Sawbow (1 episode)

Dervis Ward
plays Sandford (1 episode)

Harold Innocent
plays Parbury (1 episode)

Toni Gilpin
plays Sonia (1 episode)

Amy Dalby
plays Mrs. Forsythe (1 episode)

Charles Morgan
plays Wainwright (1 episode)

John Scott
plays Sir James Pendred (1 episode)

Harry Hutchinson
plays Pendred's Servant (1 episode)

Wendy Allnutt
plays Sarah (1 episode)

George Roubicek
plays Grant (1 episode)

George Roubicek was born on May 25, 1935 and is currently 89 years old.

See George Roubicek's other roles

Jennifer Croxton
plays Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney (1 episode)

Richard Wattis
plays Clarke (1 episode)

Michael Ward
plays Freddie (1 episode)

Harry Towb
plays Paxton (1 episode)

James Bree
plays Arthur Wilkington (1 episode)

Michael McStay
plays Trancer (1 episode)

Charles Houston
plays Gillars (1 episode)

Clive Graham
plays Lawson (1 episode)

Oliver MacGreevy
plays Barman (1 episode)

Penelope Horner
plays Jenny (1 episode)

Donald Douglas
plays Major Parsons (1 episode)

Philip Dunbar
plays Yates (1 episode)

Anthony Bate
plays Earle (1 episode)

Reginald Jessup
plays Dawson (1 episode)

Liam Redmond
plays Charles Merrydale (1 episode)

Brook Williams
plays Basil (1 episode)

Sandra Tallent
plays Girl (1 episode)

Veronica Strong
plays Martha Roberts (1 episode)

Robert Harris
plays Sir Rodney (1 episode)

Frank Gatliff
plays George Fryer (1 episode)

Ann Rye
plays Policewoman Grimshaw (1 episode)

Zulema Dene
plays Athene (1 episode)

Norman Pitt
plays Basil Roxby (1 episode)

David Baron
plays Metcalfe (1 episode)

Larry Taylor
plays Freeman (1 episode)

Robin Tolhurst
plays Tait's Secretary (1 episode)

John Cobner
plays Guard (1 episode)

Gary Bond
plays Proctor (1 episode)

Denise Buckley
plays Sally Unstrutter (1 episode)

Henry Stamper
plays Major Glasgow (1 episode)

Hugh Cross
plays Captain Andrews (1 episode)

Elizabeth Robillard
plays Sally Graham (1 episode)

Michael Hawkins
plays Shepherd (1 episode)

Sheila Hammond
plays Ministry Doctor (1 episode)

Bryan Kendrick
plays Phillipson (1 episode)

Raymond Adamson
plays Condon (1 episode)

Matthew Long
plays Holland (1 episode)

Cliff Diggins
plays Howard Trent (1 episode)

Wilfred Boyle
plays Vicar (1 episode)

Terence Brady
plays Carstairs (1 episode)

David Bird
plays Charles H. Osgood (1 episode)

John Garrie
plays Wellbeloved (1 episode)

Frederick Peisley
plays Rowley (1 episode)

John Barrard
plays Grunner (1 episode)

Frank Sieman
plays Concierge (1 episode)

Bernard Severn
plays Knife Grinder (1 episode)

Stan Jay
plays Organ Grinder (1 episode)

Virginia Clay
plays Salesgirl (1 episode)

William Marlowe
plays Fairfax (1 episode)

Ralph Michael
plays General Hesketh (1 episode)

Alan Wheatley
plays Dangerfield (1 episode)

Bryan Marshall
plays Aubrey Phillipson (1 episode)

Aimée Delamain
plays Miss Gladys Culpepper (1 episode)

Nita Lorraine
plays Kate (1 episode)

Ralph Ball
plays Hamilton (1 episode)

Ken Barker
plays Powell (1 episode)

Neville Marten
plays Pye (1 episode)

Mary Merrall
plays Georgina (1 episode)

Keith Baxter
plays Dunbar (1 episode)

Edward Brayshaw
plays Fuller (1 episode)

Mark London
plays Jackson (1 episode)

Kristopher Kum
plays Osaka (1 episode)

Bari Jonson
plays African Delegate (1 episode)

Graham Ashley
plays Markin (1 episode) , Pub Landlord (uncredited) (1 episode) , Gendarme (1 episode)

Graham Ashley as Markin

Graham Ashley was born on April 26, 1927 and passed away 44 years ago at the age of 52 on October 30, 1979.

See Graham Ashley's other roles

Stephen Hubay
plays Dubois (1 episode)

Kevork Malikyan
plays Rossi (1 episode)

John Rapley
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Dora Reisser
plays Inge (1 episode)

John Horsley
plays Dr. Grant (1 episode)

Michael McKevitt
plays Phillips (1 episode)

Neville Hughes
plays Williams (1 episode)

Harry Shacklock
plays Bill (1 episode)

Derek Godfrey
plays Tobias (1 episode)

Susan Travers
plays Nurse Owen (1 episode)

Michael David
plays Reece (1 episode)

Iris Russell
plays Sheila Dowson (1 episode) , Father (1 episode)

Murray Hayne
plays Gibbons (1 episode)

David Garth
plays Dr. Farrow (1 episode) , Brevitt (1 episode)

Tom Kempinski
plays Dyson (1 episode)

Hugh Moxey
plays Peregrine (1 episode)

John Cairney
plays Firth (1 episode)

Terence Sewards
plays Rista (1 episode)

Alan MacNaughtan
plays Brandon (as Alan MacNaughton) (1 episode) , Gilpin (1 episode)

Mike Lewin
plays Barrett (1 episode)

Katya Wyeth
plays Jill (1 episode)

Harvey Ashby
plays Bobby (1 episode)

Hilary Pritchard
plays Circe (1 episode)

Keith Buckley
plays Lomax (1 episode)

Anthony Sagar
plays Clifford (1 episode)

James Cossins
plays Henry (1 episode)

Anthony Roye
plays Pettigrew (1 episode)

Peter Bayliss
plays Dodge (1 episode)

Reginald Barratt
plays Xavier Smith (1 episode)

Raymond Burke
plays Young Gregory (1 episode)

Terence Longdon
plays George Neville (1 episode)

William Wilde
plays Baxter (1 episode)

Michael Elwyn
plays Lt. Edwards (1 episode)

Michael Elwyn as Lt. Edwards

Welsh character actor of stage and screen. Since 1995, Elwyn has been the partner of the actress Alison Steadman.

See Michael Elwyn's other roles

John Hussey
plays Peters (1 episode)

Barry Linehan
plays Magnus (1 episode)

Vincent Harding
plays Rostov (1 episode)

James Belchamber
plays Bryant (1 episode)

James Kerry
plays Cordell (1 episode)

George Innes
plays Shaw (1 episode)

Michael Balfour
plays Tom (1 episode)

Patrick Connor
plays Bob (1 episode)

Ron Pember
plays Charley (1 episode)

Jack Stewart
plays Thorne (1 episode)

Robert Lee

Philip Anthony
plays Sharp (1 episode) , Cummings (1 episode)

Robert Brown
plays Saul (1 episode)

Juliet Harmer
plays Jill Manson (1 episode)

Walter Horsbrugh
plays School Inspector (1 episode)

Lucinda Curtis
plays Ann Meadows (1 episode)

Janet Hargreaves
plays Sister Isobel (1 episode)

Sarah Maxwell
plays Cafe Girl (1 episode)

Rick Jones
plays Thug (1 episode)

Justine Lord
plays Jeanette (1 episode)

John Tate
plays Colonel Wesker (1 episode) , Willie (1 episode)

Michael Collins
plays Detective Sgt (1 episode) , Technician (1 episode)

Alan Curtis
plays Brand (1 episode)

Angela Thorne
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Keith Barron
plays Technician (1 episode)

Mervyn Johns
plays Brandon Storey (1 episode)

Anthony Booth
plays Dr. Kearns (1 episode)

Walter Hudd
plays Dr. Clemens (1 episode)

Allan McClelland
plays Broster (1 episode)

Penelope Lee
plays Clarissa (1 episode)

Marina Martin
plays Janet (1 episode)

Ray Browne
plays Blakelock (1 episode)

Clive Baxter
plays Nino (1 episode)

Harry Fielder
plays Agent / Guard (uncredited) (1 episode)

Harry Fielder as Agent / Guard (uncredited)

Prolific British background actor.

See Harry Fielder's other roles

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