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The Antidote

About The Antidote

  • Released on March 30, 2005

JAM (Christian Clavier), a French "master of the universe" is on the brink of a major takeover when he starts suffering from anxiety attacks. His doctor (Lhermite) thinks it is to do with childhood experiences and suggests he searches back in his mind to something that could be the trigger and will prove to be the antidote.

Full Cast of The Antidote

Jacques Villeret
plays André Morin

Agnès Soral
plays Nadine Marty

Christian Clavier
plays Andre Morin

Annie Grégorio
plays Andrée

François Levantal
plays Pierre Verneuil

Alexandra Lamy
plays Elisabeth Fréoli

François Morel
plays M. Lebrochet

Pierre Vernier
plays le "senior"

Jacques Dynam
plays le chef de la fabrique de jouets , Le propriétaire de l'usine de jouets

Éric Prat
plays Marc-André de Noyenville

Judith Magre
plays Mme Marty mère

Thierry Lhermitte
plays Le docteur Morny

Daniel Russo
plays Guillaume Marty

Bernard Dhéran
plays Salanches de Foiry

Ken Samuels
plays Steven Brickman

Dominic Gould
plays Andrew

Gérard Chaillou
plays Le professeur Carlier

Philippe Lelièvre
plays Le chauffeur

Michel Drucker
plays Self

Catherine Gautier

Sabine Crossen
plays Emma (uncredited)

Sabine Crossen as Emma (uncredited)

Sabine Crossen is an American-born bilingual actress (French mother, American father) who was born in the United Stat...

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Jean-Yves Freyburger
plays Un photographe (uncredited)

Victor Loukianenko
plays Un actionaire (uncredited)

Christine Musset
plays Employee (uncredited)

Crew of The Antidote

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