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Yasemin Derin, a famous actress in Turkey, has been living a double life for many years. Hiding behind her fame, this unexpected second life of Yasemin drags her into the middle of an adventure full of secrets.

The Actress ran for 1 season.

Main Cast of The Actress

Pınar Deniz
plays Yasemin Derin (8 episodes)

Pınar Deniz as Yasemin Derin
Yasemin Derin is a talented and charismatic actress in the Turkish show The Actress. She is known for her impeccable acting skills and her ability to portray complex emotions with ease. Yasemin is also a strong and independent woman who stands up for herself and fights for what she believes in.

Quotes from Yasemin Derin

  1. Sometimes the only way to win is to refuse to play their game.
  2. I didn't come this far to give up now.
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Uraz Kaygılaroğlu
plays Fatih (8 episodes)

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu as Fatih
Fatih is a supporting character in the show The Actress. He is a friendly and helpful neighbor to the main character, always ready to lend a hand or give advice.

Quotes from Fatih

  1. I hear the film crew is setting up down the street. Exciting stuff!
  2. Hello, neighbor!
  3. If you ever need anything, just give me a shout.
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İpek Çiçek
plays Ekin (8 episodes)

İpek Çiçek as Ekin
Ekin is a supporting character in the show 'The Actress'. He is a loyal and trustworthy friend who always has his best friend's back. He is also known for his witty humor and charismatic personality.

Quotes from Ekin

  1. 'You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.'
  2. 'I've got your back, always.'
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Şebnem Hassanisoughi
plays Güneş (8 episodes)

Şebnem Hassanisoughi as Güneş
Güneş is a talented and ambitious actress in the show The Actress. She is known for her captivating performances and strong personality.

Quotes from Güneş

  1. I don't need anyone to save me, I'm my own hero.
  2. Success is not a destination, it's a journey.
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Serhat Kılıç
plays Mazhar (8 episodes)

Serhat Kılıç as Mazhar
Mazhar is a loyal friend of the main character in The Actress. He works with her as an assistant and is always there to offer support and help in any way possible.

Quotes from Mazhar

  1. I'll do anything for you, Miss.
  2. I've got your back, always.
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Ahmet Rıfat Şungar
plays Taner (8 episodes)

Ahmet Rıfat Şungar as Taner
Taner is a supporting character in the TV show The Actress. He is a talented and dedicated production assistant who works closely with the main character as well as the other cast and crew members to ensure everything runs smoothly on set.

Quotes from Taner

  1. 'We've only got five minutes until the next scene!'
  2. 'Quiet on set!'
  3. 'Let's get this show on the road!'
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Tolga Tekin
plays Ahmet (8 episodes)

Tolga Tekin as Ahmet
Ahmet is a talented but ambitious movie director who works closely with the main character, The Actress. He struggles with balancing his strong work ethic with his personal life, and often finds himself caught up in the drama that surrounds the film industry.

Quotes from Ahmet

  1. 'Is this the best take we can get?'
  2. 'We need to move on, people!'
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Secondary Cast of The Actress

İbrahim Selim
plays Self (1 episode)

İbrahim Selim as Self
Self is the quirky and lovable best friend of The Actress. She is always there to support her friend through thick and thin, and is known for her sarcasm and quick wit.

Quotes from Self

  1. 'Listen, you're the actress, I'm the best friend. It's my job to say the things you're thinking but can't say out loud.'
  2. 'I'm a great friend and a great listener, but I can only handle so much.'
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Erdem Akakçe
plays Rafet (2 episodes)

Erdem Akakçe as Rafet
Rafet is a recurring character on the show The Actress. He is a flamboyant and eccentric fashion designer who often collaborates with the titular character in her career. He is known for his bold fashion choices and larger-than-life personality.

Quotes from Rafet

  1. 'Darling, fashion is all about taking risks.'
  2. 'I don't do average, dahling.'
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Deniz Oral
plays Bahadır (1 episode)

Deniz Oral as Bahadır
Bahadır is a charming and smooth-talking love interest for the main character in The Actress. He owns a popular nightclub and is always dressed to impress.

Quotes from Bahadır

  1. You can't trust anyone in this business, but you can trust me.
  2. I always know how to show a lady a good time.
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Ahmet Saraçoğlu
plays Çetin (1 episode)

Ahmet Saraçoğlu as Çetin
Çetin is a supporting character in the Turkish drama series The Actress. He is a humble and loyal servant of the main character, Mine. He is often seen providing emotional support and helping her with various tasks.

Quotes from Çetin

  1. Don't worry, I will take care of it.
  2. Good morning, my lady.
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İbrahim Can

Askin Kaya
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Birsen Sömek
plays Massage Parlor Personnel (1 episode)

Mert Ege Ak
plays Ateş (2 episodes)

Goncagül Sunar

Goncagül Sunar
The Actress is a recurring character on the show and is known for her theatrical personality and dramatic outbursts. She often tries to steal the spotlight and make herself the center of attention.

Quotes from

  1. All the world's a stage, and I am the star!
  2. I won't be upstaged by a no-name, no-talent, little twerp!
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Rasim Akgöz
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Yusuf Delice
plays Shadow Man (2 episodes)

Özlem Demir
plays Announcer (1 episode)

Ilayda Kocak
plays Assistant Director (1 episode)

Faruk Özerten
plays Director (1 episode)

Murat Özyaşar
plays Scriptwriter (1 episode)

Erol Babaoğlu
plays Serkan (1 episode)

Erol Babaoğlu as Serkan
Serkan is a talented and charming film director who is tasked with directing the upcoming movie starring the famous actress Yeşim. He is known for his perfectionism and attention to detail, which sometimes puts him at odds with the other members of the film crew.

Quotes from Serkan

  1. We're making a masterpiece, not just a movie.
  2. I don't want good, I want perfect.
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Sinan Sicimoğlu

Sinan Sicimoğlu
The character $ is a struggling actress who is trying to make it big in Hollywood. She is ambitious and determined, but often finds herself facing obstacles that challenge her dreams.

Quotes from

  1. I'm not just a pretty face, I'm an artist.
  2. I don't want to be a star, I want to be a legend.
  3. It's not about the fame, it's about the craft.
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Fuat Onan

Fuat Onan
The character $ in The Actress is a flamboyant and eccentric Hollywood agent who always has her client's best interests at heart.

Quotes from

  1. I don't like to be known as a woman in the business. I'm a business, and I'm a woman.
  2. Honey, I don't have a client list. I have a family tree.
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Demet Aksular
plays Dancer (1 episode)

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