Cast and Crew of Tapeheads

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About Tapeheads

The story of Ivan and Josh, two dim witted ex-security guards who love music videos. Out of work, with no job prospects, they form a music video production company. They soon learn the in's and out's of the business in LA and with some help from Mo Fuzz, they soon become hot property. But not all goes smoothly when they try to resurrect the career of their favorite R&B duo, the Swanky Modes.

Full Cast of Tapeheads

Mary Crosby
plays Samantha Gregory

Clu Gulager
plays Norman Mart

Katy Boyer
plays Belinda Mart

Sam Moore
plays Billy Diamond

Junior Walker
plays Lester Diamond

Susan Tyrrell
plays Nikki Morton

Doug McClure
plays Sid Tager

Connie Stevens
plays June Tager

Don Cornelius
plays Mo Fuzz

Lyle Alzado
plays You'll Never Make It In Show Biz guy

Brian James
plays The Blender Children

Jello Biafra
plays FBI Man , FBI Man #1

Stiv Bators
plays Dick Slammer

Danny Epper
plays Pimply Guard

Rocky Giordani
plays Hitman #1

John Durbin
plays Hitman #3

Milton Selzer
plays Merlin Hinkle

Zander Schloss
plays Heavy Metal Fan

Jo Harvey Allen
plays Madame Olga

Sy Richardson
plays Bartender

Coati Mundi
plays Bald Executive

Patrick O'Neill
plays Student Journalist

Martha Quinn
plays RVTV-VJ

John Fleck
plays Critic #1

Bob McLean
plays FBI Man #2

Tiiu Leek
plays News Anchor

Scott St. James
plays News Reporter

Doug E. Fresh
plays Record Executive

Michael Nesmith
plays Water Man

Ed Pansullo
plays Video Protector

Steve McCambridge
plays Window Washer

Jennifer Balgobin
plays Calypso Dancer

Michael Franco
plays T-Shirt Vendor

John Lykes
plays Body Buddy

Jeannine Bisignano
plays Foxy Extra

David Anthony Higgins
plays Visual Aplomb

Steve Higgins
plays Visual Aplomb

Peter McCarthy
plays Menudo Fan

Joe Cosentino
plays Stu Beaumont

Dan Blom
plays Cube Squared

Billy Ferrick
plays Cube Squared

Thomas Persson
plays Cube Squared

Angelo Moore
plays Ranchbone

Crew of Tapeheads