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  • Released on January 01, 1986
  • Drama

New Zealand chronicle of the life of noted writer and teacher, Sylvia Ashton-Warner. An interesting look at the unusual teaching methods she used while working with the children from the indigenous Maon.

Full Cast of Sylvia

Eleanor David
plays Sylvia

Nigel Terry
plays Aden

Nigel Terry as Aden

Nigel Terry (1945 -2015) was an English stage and film actor probably best known for his portrayal of King Arthur in ...

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Tom Wilkinson
plays Keith

Mary Regan
plays Opal

Martyn Sanderson
plays Inspector Gulland

Martyn Sanderson as Inspector Gulland

Martyn Sanderson was born on February 24, 1938 and passed away 14 years ago at the age of 71 on October 14, 2009.

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Terence Cooper
plays Inspector Bletcher

David Letch
plays Inspector Scragg

Sarah Peirce
plays Vivian Wallop

Crew of Sylvia

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