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1975: A 200-ton blue whale gets washed up on a local beach and the kids think it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in Australia. Behind closed doors, the Mums and Dads of a quiet suburban street are going to celebrate in their own special way, by joining the sexual revolution and throwing a wife-swapping key party. And like the rotting whale, it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong.

Full Cast of Swinging Safari

Guy Pearce
plays Keith Hall

Guy Pearce as Keith Hall

Guy Edward Pearce (born 5 October 1967) is an Australian actor. Born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and raised in Geelong, h...

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Kylie Minogue
plays Kaye Hall

Radha Mitchell
plays Jo Jones

Radha Mitchell as Jo Jones

Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell is an Australian actress. She started her career acting in various Australian...

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Julian McMahon
plays Rick Jones

Julian McMahon as Rick Jones

Julian Dana William McMahon (born July 27, 1968) is an Australian actor, former model, and the son of a former Prime ...

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Asher Keddie
plays Gale Marsh

Jack Thompson
plays Mayor

Jacob Elordi
plays Rooster

Jacob Elordi as Rooster

Jacob Elordi (born 26 June 1997) is an Australian actor. He is known for his roles in the Netflix teen film franchise...

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Jeremy Sims
plays Bob Marsh

Atticus Robb
plays Jeff Marsh

Darcey Wilson
plays Melly

Richard Roxburgh
plays Narrator - Adult Jeff Marsh (voice)

Chelsea Glaw
plays Bec Marsh

Crew of Swinging Safari

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