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  • Released on April 14, 1933

Daniel Pardway, starting with almost nothing after the great Chicago fire, builds the biggest department store in town. He wants to pass on the business to his three sons and daughter, but has to deal with their lack of interest or aptitude.

Full Cast of Sweepings

Lionel Barrymore
plays Daniel Pardway

Eric Linden
plays Freddie Pardway

William Gargan
plays Gene Pardway

Gloria Stuart
plays Phoebe

Gloria Stuart as Phoebe

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Alan Dinehart
plays Thane Pardway

Gregory Ratoff
plays Abe Ullman

Helen Mack
plays Mamie Donahue

Lucien Littlefield
plays Grimson

George Meeker
plays Bert Pardway

Ninetta Sunderland
plays Abigail Pardway

Esther Muir
plays Violet

Chick Chandler
plays Gene's Friend (Uncredited)

Harry Cording
plays Customer (Uncredited)

Mary Gordon
plays Mrs. Patrick O'Leary (Uncredited)

Esther Howard
plays Violet's Madame (Uncredited)

Ivan Lebedeff
plays Prince Niko Gilitziv (Uncredited)

Franklin Pangborn
plays Photographer (Uncredited)

Carl Stockdale
plays Doctor (Uncredited)

Jim Thorpe
plays Indian (Uncredited)

Crew of Sweepings

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