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Johnny Bolt recruits a group of ragtag supervillains for one last heist. Their target: A ruthless super-powered crime boss. What can go wrong?

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Kenjiro Tsuda
plays Johnny Bolt (voice) (13 episodes)

Kenjiro Tsuda as Johnny Bolt (voice)

Kenjiro Tsuda (津田 健次郎, Tsuda Kenjirō) is a Japanese voice actor, stage actor, and narrator affiliated with Amuleto an...

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Maaya Sakamoto
plays Kasey (voice) (13 episodes)

Maaya Sakamoto as Kasey (voice)

Maaya Sakamoto is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She made her debut as a voice actress in 1992 as the voice of ...

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Yasushi Kimura
plays Carmine (voice) (13 episodes)

Hiroshi Yanaka
plays Christopher Matts (voice) (13 episodes)

Hiroshi Yanaka as Christopher Matts (voice)

Hiroshi Yanaka (家中 宏, Yanaka Hiroshi) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator. Born in Tokyo, he is affiliated...

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Pierre Taki
plays The Gladiator (voice) (13 episodes)

Junichi Suwabe
plays Josh (voice) (13 episodes)

Junichi Suwabe as Josh (voice)

Junichi Suwabe is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

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Hisao Egawa
plays The Salamander (voice) (13 episodes)

Hisao Egawa as The Salamander (voice)

Hisao Egawa (江川 央生, Egawa Hisao, September 13, 1962) is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and narrator. He is from Tokyo...

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Eiji Takemoto
plays TK McCabe (voice) (13 episodes)

Eiji Takemoto as TK McCabe (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史, Takemoto Eiji, born March 7, 1973 in Yamaguchi Prefectur...

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Subaru Kimura
plays Sammy Diesel (voice) (13 episodes)

Subaru Kimura as Sammy Diesel (voice)

Subaru Kimura was born June 29, 1990 in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany as Subaru Samuel Bartsch (昴・サミュエル・バーチュ). He is an ac...

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Tetsu Inada
plays Roddy Diesel (voice) (13 episodes)

Tetsu Inada as Roddy Diesel (voice)

Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu) is a Japanese voice actor (seiyuu) who currently works for Aoni Production.

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Wataru Hatano
plays the Praetorian (voice) (13 episodes)

Wataru Hatano as the Praetorian (voice)

Wataru Hatano is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with 81 Produce. At the 2nd Seiyu Awards in 2008, Hatan...

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plays Forecast (voice) (13 episodes)

KENN as Forecast (voice)

Kenichirō Ōhashi (大橋 賢一郎 Ōhashi Kenichirō, born March 24, 1982), better known by the stage name KENN, is a Japanese a...

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