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  • Released on November 16, 2015
  • Soap

Suidooster is a captivating South African television soap opera that has captured the hearts of many viewers. Produced by Suidooster Films, this series focuses on the life of a strong and resilient matriarch and the people in her life. The show is set in Suidooster, a small shopping and business center located in the fictional Cape Town suburb of Ruiterbosch. The vibrant and diverse community found in Suidooster provides a rich backdrop for the series, allowing viewers to explore the intricacies of life in this unique and fascinating part of the world.

At the heart of the show is the matriarch, a woman of strength and determination who serves as the glue that holds her family and community together. Surrounding her are a cast of memorable characters, each with their own unique personalities, struggles, and triumphs. From her children and grandchildren to her friends and neighbors, the matriarch's world is filled with a diverse and fascinating group of people who add depth and richness to the series. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of life in Suidooster, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in their quest to build a better future for themselves and those they love.

One of the things that makes Suidooster so special is its ability to tackle important social issues in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Whether it's exploring the complexities of family dynamics, delving into the challenges faced by small business owners, or shining a light on the struggles of those living in poverty, the show never shies away from tackling the tough topics. Through it all, the characters remain relatable and authentic, making it easy for viewers to connect with their stories and root for their success. With its compelling storylines, memorable characters, and beautiful setting, Suidooster is a must-watch for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting new soap opera to enjoy.

Main Cast of Suidooster

Theresa Sedras
plays Sharleen (Mrs J) Jacobs (2289 episodes)

Portia Joel
plays Lee-Ann Jacobs (2289 episodes)

Denise Newman
plays Bridgette October (2289 episodes)

Cedwyn Joel
plays AB Samsodien (1769 episodes)

Jill Levenberg
plays Mymoena Samsodien (2289 episodes)

Simone Biscombe
plays Bianca Fourie (2027 episodes)

Irshaad Ally
plays Rhafiek Samsodien (2289 episodes)

Marcel Van Heerden
plays Chris du Plooy (1769 episodes)

Marco Spaumer
plays Tim du Plooy (2029 episodes)

Gideon Lombard
plays Stefan Gerber (1245 episodes)

Greta Pietersen
plays Michelle Gerber (1245 episodes)

Eden Classens
plays Justin Potgieter (2034 episodes)

Gantane Gwane Kusch
plays Siya Thuli (2034 episodes)

Vashti Prins
plays Danielle Hendricks (1774 episodes)

Lauren Joseph
plays Zoë October (1826 episodes)

Maurice Paige
plays Tyron Daniels (1826 episodes)

Jawaahier Petersen
plays Kaashifa Mansour (1306 episodes)

Annelisa Weiland
plays Katharina Vosloo (1306 episodes)

Irvine van der Merwe
plays Nazeem Samsodien (1306 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Suidooster

Abduragman Adams
plays Ian October (983 episodes)

Gerwen Simon
plays Nicole October (255 episodes)

Danny Ross
plays Jerome October (255 episodes)

Johan Botha
plays Oom Fasie (255 episodes)

Desiré Gardner
plays Carmen Samsodien (990 episodes)

Dean Smith
plays Wade Ferreira (782 episodes) , Wade Daniels (1044 episodes)

Monique Rockman
plays Joy Benjamin (262 episodes)

Esther von Waltsleben
plays Elana Naudé (782 episodes)

Natasha van der Merwe
plays Susan Naudé (782 episodes)

Theodore Jantjies
plays Aiden Booysen (520 episodes)

Char Carrie
plays Angelina Jantjies (520 episodes)