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Sugarfoot is an American western television series that aired on ABC from 1957 to 1961. The series stars Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster, an Easterner who comes to the Oklahoma Territory to become a lawyer. Jack Elam is cast in occasional episodes as sidekick Toothy Thompson. Brewster was a correspondence-school student whose apparent lack of cowboy skills earned him the nickname "Sugarfoot", a designation even below that of a tenderfoot.

Main Cast of Sugarfoot

Will Hutchins
plays Tom Brewster, The Canary Kid (69 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Sugarfoot

Abby Dalton
plays Elizabeth Bingham (1 episode)

Roscoe Ates
plays Barber (1 episode)

Iron Eyes Cody
plays Joe White Cloud (1 episode)

Max Baer Jr.
plays Frank (1 episode)

Richard Rust
plays Kirby Conway (1 episode)

Charles Arnt
plays Judge Lawson (1 episode)

Rex Reason
plays Simon March (1 episode)

Linda Dangcil
plays Maria (1 episode)

Frances Bavier
plays Nancy Thomas (1 episode)

Grady Sutton
plays Charles (1 episode)

John Marley
plays John Brice (1 episode)

John Marley as John Brice

John Marley (October 17, 1907 – May 22, 1984) was an American actor who was known for his role as Phil Cavalleri in L...

See John Marley's other roles

James Philbrook
plays Smokey (1 episode)

Richard Coogan
plays Judd Mallory (1 episode)

Robert Gothie
plays Frankie Wicks (1 episode)

Troy Donahue
plays Ken Savage (1 episode)

James Hong
plays Hatchetman (1 episode)

James Hong as Hatchetman

James Hong (born February 22, 1929) is a Chinese American actor and former president of the Association of Asian/Paci...

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Nico Minardos
plays Fernando (1 episode)

Joe Sawyer
plays Fighting Sam Brown (1 episode)

Malcolm Atterbury
plays Abel Crotty (1 episode)

John Russell
plays Jeff Seward (1 episode)

Robin Hughes
plays Dougal MacBrewster (1 episode)

Robert Bray
plays Gil (1 episode)

Ahna Capri
plays Willie Ann Miles (1 episode)

George D. Wallace
plays John Crain (1 episode)

Alan Baxter
plays Vance O'Connel (1 episode)

Kent Taylor
plays Hank Farragut (1 episode)

Harry Shannon
plays Henry Shipman (1 episode)

Arthur Hunnicutt
plays Pop Purty (1 episode)

Rhodes Reason
plays Burr Fulton (1 episode)

Fay Spain
plays Susie Tatum (1 episode)

Herbert Heyes
plays Calvin Williams (1 episode)

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams
plays Moose McKlintock (1 episode)

Helmut Dantine
plays Maj. Horst von Hoffstadt (1 episode)

Jean Carson
plays Lilly Rutherford (1 episode)

Roger Smith
plays Gene Blair (1 episode)

Allen Case
plays Bud Wilkins (1 episode)

Henry Rowland
plays Big Swede (1 episode)

Sue Randall
plays Kathy O'Hara (1 episode)

Tol Avery
plays Jim Case (1 episode)

Faith Domergue
plays Isabel Starkey (1 episode)

Stephen Talbot
plays Ab Martin (1 episode)

Rodolfo Acosta
plays Rafael (1 episode)

William Fawcett
plays Juf Wilkes (1 episode)

Jack Kruschen
plays Sam Bolt (1 episode)

Ross Elliott
plays Jeff Hackett (1 episode)

Cathy O'Donnell
plays Angel (1 episode)

Willis Bouchey
plays Ira Fenwick (1 episode)

Madlyn Rhue
plays Nora Sutton (1 episode)

Regis Toomey
plays John Peel (1 episode)

Glenn Strange
plays Red Wing (1 episode)

Joe De Santis
plays Gen. Carlos Jose Perez (1 episode)

Bob Steele
plays Sam Shoulders (1 episode)

Lori Nelson
plays Ellen Conway (1 episode)

Harry Bellaver
plays Corky McCoy (1 episode)

Ken Clark
plays Boncecia Boy Heenan (1 episode)

Kasey Rogers
plays Myra Crain (1 episode)

Horace McMahon
plays Cornelius Cameron (1 episode)

Dolores Donlon
plays Vera (1 episode)

John Qualen
plays Jens Jensen (1 episode)

Robert Armstrong
plays Big Bill Carmody (1 episode)

Diane McBain
plays Joan Guild (1 episode)

Veda Ann Borg
plays Flo McGuire (1 episode)

Don C. Harvey
plays Doc (1 episode)

Mala Powers
plays Roberta Shipman (1 episode)

Syd Saylor
plays Johnson (1 episode)

Gloria Talbott
plays Linda Brazwell (1 episode)

Stacy Keach, Sr.
plays Jed Hammer (1 episode)

Paul Birch
plays Emmett Clark (1 episode)

Walter Barnes
plays Hefferman (1 episode)

Richard Crane
plays Sheriff Andy Horton (1 episode)

William Schallert
plays Cole (1 episode)

Joi Lansing
plays Peaches (1 episode)

Val Dufour
plays Dr. Johnny Jansen (1 episode)

Morgan Woodward
plays Yates (1 episode)

Luana Anders
plays Princess (1 episode)

Edd Byrnes
plays Borden (1 episode)

Jay North
plays Bobby (1 episode)

Jay North as Bobby

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jay Waverly North (born August 3, 1951) is an American actor. Beginning a care...

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Anthony Caruso
plays Vic Latour (1 episode)

Brian G. Hutton
plays The Kid (1 episode)

John Carradine
plays Mathew McDavitt (1 episode)

Don Devlin
plays Dixon White Eagle (1 episode)

Philip Ober
plays General Humphrey (1 episode)

Pernell Roberts
plays Deuce Braden (1 episode) , Salt River Smith (1 episode)

Robert Warwick
plays Colonel Cyrus Craig (1 episode)

Ty Hardin
plays Bronco Layne (2 episodes)

Ed Kemmer
plays Sheriff Mike Collins (1 episode) , Joe Wilkes (1 episode)

Anthony George
plays Padre John (1 episode)

John Milford
plays Jed Carter (1 episode)

Michael Pate
plays Ross Garrett (1 episode)

Dayton Lummis
plays Silas Rigsby (1 episode)

Don Dubbins
plays Sid Garnin (1 episode) , Vic Bradley (1 episode)

Tris Coffin
plays Fenell (1 episode)

Dorothy Provine
plays Miss Bonnie (1 episode) , Ada (1 episode)

Mari Blanchard
plays Adah Isaacs Menken (1 episode)

Alan Caillou
plays Wee Rabbie MacBrewster (1 episode)

Chubby Johnson
plays Wally Higgins (1 episode)

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
plays Kerrigan the Great (1 episode)

Bing Russell
plays Hank Gibson (1 episode) , Sergeant McKinnock (1 episode)

Jeanne Cooper
plays Rachel Barnes (1 episode)

Douglas Kennedy
plays Sheriff Williams (1 episode)

Louise Fletcher
plays Julie Frazer (1 episode)

Hanley Stafford
plays Judge Horatio Lodge (1 episode)

Francis McDonald
plays Pete Stone (1 episode) , Jericho Dooley (1 episode)

Eugene Iglesias
plays Johnny July (1 episode)

Paul Picerni
plays Gian-Paolo Fregoso (1 episode)

Ruta Lee
plays Lucy Barron (1 episode)

Gil Perkins
plays Pete (1 episode)

Dan White
plays Kennedy (1 episode)

Tommy Rettig
plays Steve Carter (1 episode) , Jimmy Benbow (1 episode)

Nestor Paiva
plays Senor Contreras (1 episode)

Raymond Hatton
plays John Tucker (1 episode)

John Vivyan
plays Victor Valla (1 episode)

Jerry Paris
plays Cully Abbott (1 episode)

Earle Hodgins
plays The Old Man (1 episode)

Richard Long
plays Capt. Clayton Raymond (1 episode)

Jay Novello
plays Pepe Valdez (1 episode)

Vito Scotti
plays Ramon Acquistapace (1 episode)

Vito Scotti as Ramon Acquistapace

Vito Giusto Scozzari (January 26, 1918 – June 5, 1996), also known as Vito Scotti, was an American character actor wh...

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Sammy Jackson
plays Bailiff (uncredited) (1 episode) , Leonard Ryan (1 episode)

Ray Danton
plays Blacky Rude (1 episode) , Duke McGann (1 episode)

Myron Healey
plays Ben Cadigan (1 episode) , Claude Miles (1 episode)

Michael Dante
plays Mike Wilson (1 episode) , Walt Lane (1 episode) , Ken Brazwell (1 episode)

House Peters Jr.
plays Turner (1 episode)

Merry Anders
plays Katie Brannigan (1 episode) , Sally Ormand (1 episode)

Suzanne Storrs
plays Rhonda Rigsby (1 episode)

H.M. Wynant
plays Grey Hawk (1 episode) , Szaba (1 episode)

Frank Cady
plays Jay Hollis (1 episode)

Mort Mills
plays Sheriff Len Gogarty (1 episode) , Smiley (1 episode)

Ann Robinson
plays Marie McTavish (1 episode)

Gregg Palmer
plays Captain McHenry (1 episode)

Rafael Campos
plays Pablo (1 episode)

Lisa Gaye
plays Patricia 'Brimstone' Hoyt (1 episode)

Dennis Moore
plays Corporal Pelham (1 episode)

Tom Brown
plays Sheriff Pete Rayle (1 episode)

Tudor Owen
plays Angus MacBrewster (1 episode)

Gary Vinson
plays Jack Guild (1 episode) , Joey Grogan (1 episode)

Donald May
plays Luke Condon (1 episode)

Don Gordon
plays Willie Barnes (1 episode) , Ed Rowland (1 episode)

Wright King
plays Wolf Wilkes (1 episode)

Ric Roman
plays Rufus Buck (1 episode)

Dennis Hopper
plays Billy the Kid (1 episode)

Tyler McVey
plays Slim Jackson (1 episode)

Steve Brodie
plays Curly Day (1 episode)

Gregory Walcott
plays Duke McKlintock (1 episode)

Jack Lambert
plays Hank Bremer (1 episode)

Betty Lynn
plays Sarah Sears (1 episode) , Alice Fenton (1 episode)

Gordon Jones
plays Sheriff (1 episode) , Wasco Wolters (1 episode)

Dennis Patrick
plays Cal Sears (1 episode)

Connie Stevens
plays Jenny Markham (1 episode) , Patience Preston (1 episode)

Frank Ferguson
plays Otto Jardine (1 episode) , Doc Spooner (1 episode) , Judge Bean (1 episode)

Albert Carrier
plays Count Raoul Beauchamp (1 episode)

John Hubbard
plays Prosecutor Lee (1 episode)

Lane Bradford
plays Farley (1 episode) , Chris Andrews (1 episode)

Paul Fix
plays Jim Bradshaw (1 episode)

Gerald Mohr
plays Jasper Monday (1 episode) , The Baron (1 episode)

James Garner
plays Bret Maverick (uncredited) (1 episode)

James Garner as Bret Maverick (uncredited)

James Garner (born James Scott Bumgarner; April 7, 1928 – July 19, 2014) was an American actor, producer, and voice a...

See James Garner's other roles

Martín Garralaga
plays Pedro (1 episode)

Chris Alcaide
plays Clay Horton (1 episode)

Charles Bronson
plays Cliff Raven (1 episode) , Sandy Randall (1 episode)

Patrick McVey
plays Sheriff Dunbar (1 episode)

Rita Lynn
plays Lottie (1 episode)

Lane Chandler
plays Marshal (1 episode) , Sheriff Jim Harkness (1 episode)

Will Wright
plays John Chamberlain (1 episode) , Job Turner (1 episode) , Charlie Cade (1 episode)

Harry Antrim
plays Mr. Logan (1 episode)

R. G. Armstrong
plays Lou Stoner (1 episode) , Clay Calhoun (1 episode)

Mickey Simpson
plays Ramsey (1 episode) , Jake Sloane (1 episode) , Marblehead (1 episode)

Sheb Wooley
plays Pete Martin (1 episode)

John Litel
plays Hank Tatum (1 episode) , Archie Crenshaw (1 episode)

Terry Frost
plays Lonesome (1 episode)

Percy Helton
plays John McTavish (1 episode)

Slim Pickens
plays Shorty (1 episode) , Harry (1 episode)

Louis Jean Heydt
plays Paul Evans (1 episode)

Jack Elam
plays Toothy Thompson (2 episodes)

Harlan Warde
plays Dan Colt (1 episode)

John Pickard
plays Windy Creel (1 episode)

Barbara Stuart
plays Muriel (1 episode)

George O'Hanlon
plays Yamp Dooley (1 episode) , Dick (1 episode)

Jon Lormer
plays Doc Basher (1 episode) , Sam McClain (1 episode)

Karl Swenson
plays Bill Manning (1 episode) , Alexi Sharlokov (1 episode) , Dennis O'Hara (1 episode) , Andy Burke (1 episode)

Sandra Edwards
plays Prudence (2 episodes)

Peter Breck
plays Theodore Roosevelt (1 episode) , Lt. John Stickney (1 episode)

Robert Colbert
plays Clark Henderson (1 episode) , Ben Crain (1 episode)

Venetia Stevenson
plays Dodie Logan (1 episode) , Trudy Young (1 episode) , Kathy Larsen (1 episode)

Richard Reeves
plays Pete (1 episode) , Mort (1 episode) , Blackie Stevens (1 episode)

J. Edward McKinley
plays Van Houten (1 episode) , President Grant (1 episode)

Kenneth MacDonald
plays Mayor (1 episode)

Sue George
plays Cynthia Comstock (1 episode)

Wayde Preston
plays Capt. Christopher Colt (1 episode) , Christopher Colt (2 episodes)

Virginia Gregg
plays Jane Lansing (1 episode) , Belle Kellogg (1 episode)

Peter Brown
plays Davey Reeder (1 episode) , Deputy Johnny McKay (1 episode)

Bruce Gordon
plays Jack Ellis (1 episode) , Elias Stone (1 episode)

Adam West
plays Frederick Pulaski (1 episode) , Doc Holliday (1 episode)

Adam West as Frederick Pulaski

Adam West (September 19, 1928 - June 9, 2017) was an American actor best known for his lead role in the Batman (1966–...

See Adam West's other roles

Don Haggerty
plays Vance Stanton (1 episode) , James Reilly (1 episode) , Simon Getty (1 episode) , Sam Booker (1 episode)

Frank Albertson
plays Amos Markham (1 episode) , Sheriff Crabtree (1 episode) , Judge Mortimer Hall (1 episode) , Sheriff Billy Boyce (1 episode)

Don 'Red' Barry
plays Tanner (1 episode) , Arkansas Ferguson (1 episode) , Arkansas (3 episodes)

Erin O'Brien
plays Charity Lloyd (1 episode)

Charles Cooper
plays Wesley Jerome Lloyd (1 episode)

Emory Parnell
plays Simpson (1 episode)

Keith Richards
plays Pinkerton Man (1 episode)

Harry Harvey
plays 1st Station Agent (1 episode) , Post Master (1 episode) , Sheriff Dawson McGinty (1 episode)

Janet De Gore
plays Mrs. Mary Kirk (1 episode)

Suzanne Lloyd
plays White Fawn (1 episode)

Tom Kennedy
plays Reception Guest (uncredited) (1 episode)

Fred Essler
plays Amos Lampton (1 episode)

Frank Hagney
plays Townsman (uncredited) (1 episode)

Russell Thorson
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Fred Sherman
plays Ed Link (1 episode)

Fred Graham
plays Red (1 episode)

Fred Stromsoe
plays Gang member (uncredited) (1 episode) , Townsman (uncredited) (1 episode)

Dan Blocker
plays Bosch (1 episode)

Emerson Treacy
plays Withers (1 episode)

Louis Quinn
plays Sam (uncredited) (1 episode)

Lisa Montell
plays Kenoee (1 episode)

Alan Marshal
plays Col. Lucius Starkey (1 episode)

Roy Engel
plays Sgt. Jacey (1 episode)

Sol Gorss
plays Dingo (1 episode)

Dick Rich
plays Seven Blankets (1 episode) , Sgt. Haglund (1 episode)

Crew of Sugarfoot

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