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Succession is a gripping drama that follows the lives of the Roy family, a media and entertainment dynasty that is facing an uncertain future now that the family's patriarch, Logan Roy, is beginning to step back from the company. The show is a masterful exploration of power, family dynamics, and loyalty, as the Roy children jockey for position and influence within the company, and with their father.

At the center of the show is Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong. Kendall is the eldest son of Logan and is considered by many to be the heir apparent to the company. However, Kendall's struggles with addiction and his father's lack of faith in his abilities have left him unsure of his place in the family business. As the show progresses, Kendall must navigate the treacherous waters of his family's ambition and betrayal, as he tries to prove himself to his father and secure his position within the company.

Another important character in the show is Marcia Roy, played by Hiam Abbass. Marcia is Logan's third wife, and she is a powerful and influential figure in her own right. She is often at odds with Logan's children, particularly Kendall, as she seeks to protect her own interests and those of her son. Marcia's character adds an interesting dynamic to the show, as she is one of the few people who is not afraid to stand up to Logan and challenge his decisions. Throughout the series, Marcia's role becomes increasingly important as she becomes more involved in the family's business and personal affairs.

Overall, Succession is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys complex and well-written dramas. The show's exploration of power, family dynamics, and loyalty is both timely and thought-provoking, and the talented cast brings the characters to life in a way that is both believable and engaging. Whether you're a fan of dramas, comedies, or anything in between, Succession is a show that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Succession ran for 4 seasons.

Main Cast of Succession

Jeremy Strong
plays Kendall Roy (39 episodes)

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy

Jeremy Strong (born December 25, 1978) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Kendall Roy in the HBO ...

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Hiam Abbass
plays Marcia Roy (26 episodes)

Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy
Marcia Roy is a high profile businesswoman and the third wife of media mogul Logan Roy. She is a fiercely intelligent and strategic thinker and plays a pivotal role in the Roy family's power struggles.

Quotes from Marcia Roy

  1. You're just a young man with so much to learn.
  2. Sometimes in the battle between good and evil, it's hard to tell which is which.
  3. I'm not an image, I'm a person.
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Kieran Culkin
plays Roman Roy (39 episodes)

Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy

Kieran Kyle Culkin (born September 30, 1982) is an American actor. The brother of actors Macaulay and Rory, he began ...

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Sarah Snook
plays Siobhan 'Shiv' Roy (39 episodes)

Sarah Snook as Siobhan 'Shiv' Roy
Shiv Roy is a character from the TV show Succession. She is the daughter of media mogul Logan Roy and is known for her intelligence and strategic thinking. She is also a political consultant.

Quotes from Siobhan 'Shiv' Roy

  1. I'm not managing this family's decline.
  2. I'm just Shiv, babe.
  3. You think I'm a good person, but I'm not.
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Brian Cox
plays Logan Roy (39 episodes)

Brian Cox as Logan Roy
Logan Roy is the founder and CEO of Waystar Royco, a global media and entertainment conglomerate in the show Succession. He is a ruthless and wealthy businessman who uses his power to manipulate those around him.

Quotes from Logan Roy

  1. I'm gonna bop you on the nose with a fuckin' spoon.
  2. Money wins. Here's to us.
  3. Fuck off!
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Matthew Macfadyen
plays Tom Wambsgans (39 episodes)

Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans

David Matthew Macfadyen (born 17 October 1974) is an English actor. Known for his performances on stage and screen, h...

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Alan Ruck
plays Connor Roy (39 episodes)

Alan Ruck as Connor Roy
Connor Roy is the youngest son of patriarch Logan Roy in the TV show Succession. He is often portrayed as eccentric, quirky and aloof. He is an aspiring playwright and deeply interested in politics.

Quotes from Connor Roy

  1. My goal at this company is not to get rich, it's to get weirder.
  2. Sure, yeah, wow.
  3. I'm serious, never underestimate a good turkey.
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J. Smith-Cameron
plays Gerri Kellman (38 episodes)

J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri Kellman

Jean Isabel Smith (born September 7, 1957), credited professionally as J. Smith-Cameron, is an American actress. She ...

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Nicholas Braun
plays Greg Hirsch (39 episodes)

Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch
Greg Hirsch is a quirky and naive but cunning young executive in the show Succession. He starts off as a lowly employee, but rises through the ranks and becomes a key player in the power struggles of the Roy family.

Quotes from Greg Hirsch

  1. I don't know you very well, but it seems like you have a lot of emotional walls and they're all quite high.
  2. I'm a coffee boy. Brian is CEO of ATN. It's not a promotion. It's the same job with a more absurd title.
  3. I'm not a very good liar. I mean, I failed an audition for a car commercial because they said I seemed insincere.
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Arian Moayed
plays Stewy Hosseini (22 episodes)

Arian Moayed as Stewy Hosseini
Stewy Hosseini is a cunning and ambitious businessman who is not afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of his own success. He is always calculating his next move to stay ahead of his competitors.

Quotes from Stewy Hosseini

  1. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make money.
  2. I don't care about the optics, I care about the outcome.
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Dagmara Domińczyk
plays Karolina Novotney (35 episodes)

Dagmara Domińczyk as Karolina Novotney

Dagmara Domińczyk (born July 17, 1976) is a Polish-American actress and author. She has appeared in the films Rock St...

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Peter Friedman
plays Frank Vernon (39 episodes)

Peter Friedman as Frank Vernon
Frank Vernon is a powerful businessman and CEO of Waystar Royco in the show Succession. He is highly ambitious and skilled in corporate maneuvering, playing a key role in the Roy family's power struggles and business dealings.

Quotes from Frank Vernon

  1. 'I'm ambitious, I'm ruthless, and I love winning'
  2. 'The revolution may take longer than you think'
  3. 'This isn't strategy, this is a surrender'
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Justine Lupe
plays Willa Ferreyra (32 episodes)

Justine Lupe as Willa Ferreyra
Willa Ferreyra is a recurring character on the show Succession. She is an actress and girlfriend of Connor Roy, one of the Roy siblings. Willa is also a playwright, and often uses her relationship with Connor to further her career.

Quotes from Willa Ferreyra

  1. I don't know anything about politics, but I do know how to use it to get what I want.
  2. I'm going to crucify you in my next play.
  3. I am an artist, not an inmate.
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David Rasche
plays Karl Muller (31 episodes)

David Rasche as Karl Muller

David Rasche (born August 7, 1944) is an American theater, film, and television actor who is best known for his portr...

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Fisher Stevens
plays Hugo Baker (24 episodes)

Fisher Stevens as Hugo Baker
Hugo Baker is a board member of Waystar Royco and serves as the company's general counsel. He is always meticulously dressed and comes across as very professional and polished.

Quotes from Hugo Baker

  1. I'm sorry, have we met before? I'm not sure I'm familiar with your work.
  2. I am aghast at the level of mendacity and duplicity on display here.
  3. Gentleman, may we please focus on the fact that we still do not have a CEO?
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Rob Yang
plays Lawrence Yee (20 episodes)

Rob Yang as Lawrence Yee
Lawrence Yee is a recurring character in the television show Succession. He is an entertainment journalist and a well-known name in Hollywood. He is portrayed as a witty and confident person who is not afraid to speak his mind.

Quotes from Lawrence Yee

  1. I think it's safe to say you're becoming my favorite CEO.
  2. I'm Lawrence Yee, and this is my breaking news.
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Scott Nicholson
plays Colin (33 episodes)

Juliana Canfield
plays Jess Jordan (24 episodes)

Juliana Canfield as Jess Jordan

Juliana Canfield (born February 18, 1992) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Jess Jordan on t...

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Secondary Cast of Succession

Natalie Gold
plays Rava Roy (15 episodes)

Natalie Gold as Rava Roy

Natalie Gold is an American actress who has appeared in film, television, and stage productions, including on Broadwa...

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Christopher Convery
plays Kid #1 (1 episode)

Christopher Convery as Kid #1

From a young age, Christopher Convery showed a clear love for acting and music. He began taking singing and piano les...

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Francesca Ruscio
plays Featured Party Goer (1 episode)

Francesca Ruscio as Featured Party Goer

Francesca Ruscio is an actress. She was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Mirella DiFulvio-Ruscio was ...

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Ingvar E. Sigurðsson
plays Magnusson (1 episode)

Ingvar E. Sigurðsson as Magnusson
Magnusson is a wealthy and cunning businessman who uses his power and influence to manipulate those around him on the hit TV show Succession.

Quotes from Magnusson

  1. I love the smell of money
  2. I'm not a farmer. I'm a predator.
  3. Succession is just a game, and I play to win.
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Jördis Richter
plays Spa Worker (1 episode)

Jördis Richter as Spa Worker

Jördis Richter was born on January 1, 1986 and is currently 38 years old.

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Gunnar Ingi Halldorsson
plays Driver (1 episode)

Karl Melberg
plays Iceland Studio Tech (1 episode)

Eva Sólveig
plays Iceland Make-up Artist (1 episode)

Eva Sólveig as Iceland Make-up Artist

Eva Sólveig was born on December 12, 1991 and is currently 32 years old.

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Marina Kondo
plays Translator (1 episode)

Yoshiro Kono
plays Japanese Exec / Waystar Exec (1 episode)

Stacey Scotte
plays Housekeeper (1 episode)

Stacey Scotte as Housekeeper
The housekeeper in the show Succession is a diligent and loyal employee of the Roy family. She is responsible for keeping their home immaculate and organizing their personal belongings.

Quotes from Housekeeper

  1. Mr. Roy likes his coffee hot and strong.
  2. I have everything under control.
  3. I'll take care of that right away, sir.
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Roya Shanks
plays Sarah Kilmartin (1 episode)

Roya Shanks is an actress.

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Alexander Sokovikov
plays Anton (1 episode)

Sathya Sridharan
plays Gavin (1 episode)

Sathya Sridharan as Gavin
Gavin is a tech billionaire and CEO of a major news conglomerate in Succession. He is known for his cunning business tactics and his tendency to play both sides of a deal. Despite his cutthroat attitude, he can also be charming and is often seen as a essential figure in the world of media.

Quotes from Gavin

  1. 'I'd like to think of myself as a man who's both charming and intimidating. It's a rare combination.'
  2. 'Money wins. That's just math.'
  3. 'We don't send dogs to do anything. Dogs are for cuddling and making me feel good.'
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Talia Thiesfield
plays Sacha (1 episode)

Becky Baumwoll
plays Head of Guest Relations (1 episode)

James Beaman
plays Roman's Advisor (1 episode)

Madeline Grey DeFreece
plays Laurie (1 episode)

Madeline Grey DeFreece as Laurie

Madeline Grey DeFreece is an American actress based in New York City.

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Griffin Dunne
plays Alon (1 episode)

Griffin Dunne as Alon

Thomas Griffin Dunne (born June 8, 1955) is an American actor, producer, and film director. He is known for portrayin...

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Cherry Jones
plays Nan Pierce (3 episodes)

Cherry Jones as Nan Pierce
Nan Pierce is a billionaire media mogul and the founder of Pierce Media. She is known for her shrewd business acumen and often plays hardball in negotiations.

Quotes from Nan Pierce

  1. Money wins. Always.
  2. I don't enjoy the game. I enjoy winning the game.
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Sydney Lemmon
plays Jennifer (2 episodes)

Sydney Lemmon as Jennifer
Jennifer is a character from the TV show Succession. She is the daughter of the media mogul Logan Roy and the CFO of his company. She is intelligent, ambitious, and constantly strives to prove herself in her father's business.

Quotes from Jennifer

  1. I'm not a politician, I'm a token
  2. Do you see me as a serious person?
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Saamer Usmani
plays Chris (2 episodes)

Bryan Burton
plays Sound Tech (1 episode)

Andrew Byatt
plays Hotel Manager (1 episode)

Andrew Byatt was born on March 14, 1954 and is currently 70 years old.

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Valerie Edmond
plays Organizer (1 episode)

Valerie Edmond as Organizer

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Valerie Edmond (born 1971) is a Scottish actress. Her first notable role ...

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Tyler Fauntleroy
plays Waystar PR Flack (1 episode)

Selina Boyack
plays Theresa Dodds (1 episode)

Christopher Chan
plays Kenneth Chan (1 episode)

Chris Fulton
plays Max (1 episode)

Chris Fulton as Max
Max is one of the key players at Waystar Royco, as well as a confidant and loyalist to the Roy family. He is an intelligent and shrewd businessman, and is known for his strong work ethic and unwavering loyalty.

Quotes from Max

  1. I'm not a person. I'm an avatar of a calm, reasonable, financially responsible future.
  2. The world of business is ruthless and unforgiving. You gotta be cunning to succeed.
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Diomargy Nuñez
plays Octavia (1 episode)

Babak Tafti
plays Eduard Asgarov (2 episodes)

Babak Tafti as Eduard Asgarov

Babak Tafti is an actor, known for Succession (2018), Ramy (2019) and Legacies (2018).

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Jill Dalton
plays Diner (1 episode)

Nore Davis
plays Zell Simmons (1 episode)

Nore Davis as Zell Simmons

Nore Davis was born on April 10, 1984 and is currently 40 years old.

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Cheryse Dyllan
plays Organizer (1 episode)

Cheryse Dyllan as Organizer

Cheryse Dyllan was born on January 18, 1986 and is currently 38 years old.

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Kate Levy
plays Sally-Anne Cordell (1 episode)

Jeremy Shamos
plays Mark Pierce (1 episode)

Jeremy Shamos as Mark Pierce
Mark Pierce is a tech mogul and a major player in the media industry in the show Succession. He's known for being highly intelligent, ambitious, and smooth-talking.

Quotes from Mark Pierce

  1. I think we're going to change history, and I think we're going to do it with a smile on our faces.
  2. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to put all his eggs in one basket.
  3. I'm not a big fan of bureaucracy. I find it very frustrating.
See Jeremy Shamos's other roles

Max Gordon Moore
plays Peter Pierce (1 episode)

Christina Rouner
plays Marnie Pierce (1 episode)

Christina Rouner as Marnie Pierce
Marnie Pierce is a PR executive and a close confidant of the Roy family in the show Succession. She is a highly ambitious and ruthless strategist who will go to great lengths to protect her clients.

Quotes from Marnie Pierce

  1. You have no fucking idea what I've just done for you.
  2. It's not personal, it's just business.
  3. I want a clean kill. Get the bitch taken care of.
See Christina Rouner's other roles

Jessica Hecht
plays Michelle Pantsil (2 episodes)

Jessica Hecht as Michelle Pantsil
Michelle Pantsil is a recurring character on the TV show Succession. She is a high-ranking executive at Waystar Royco, the media conglomerate owned by the Roy family.

Quotes from Michelle Pantsil

  1. This is a bloodbath. It's like something out of a fucking horror movie.
  2. Oh, fuck me. This is a disaster.
  3. Waystar Royco's really only interested in one thing, and that's the bottom line. So, whatever helps us get there, we'll do.
See Jessica Hecht's other roles

Zach Cherry
plays Brian (1 episode)

Zach Cherry as Brian
Brian is a key player in Succession, serving as the CEO of Waystar Royco. He is known for his intelligence, sharp wit, and strategic thinking. He is often at the center of company drama and power struggles.

Quotes from Brian

  1. I'm going to take his fucking head off.
  2. I'm actually an adult, so you don't have to talk to me like I'm a fucking infant.
  3. I'm not a hugger, sorry.
See Zach Cherry's other roles

Cate Bottiglione
plays Mom (1 episode)

Hunter Emery
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Hunter Emery as Security Guard

Hunter Emery was born on February 12, 1986 as Hunter Wells Emery. He is an actor.

See Hunter Emery's other roles

Ken Perlstein
plays Dad (1 episode)

Nadia Quinn
plays Paula Conroy (1 episode)

Amos VanderPoel
plays Jonah (1 episode)

Max Woertendyke
plays Corey (1 episode)

Alison Chace
plays Newscaster (1 episode)

Asher Grodman
plays Sam (1 episode)

Asher Grodman as Sam

Asher Grodman (born on July 28, 1987) is an American actor and producer, known for CBS' Ghosts (2021), Succession (20...

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Brian Hotaling
plays Mark (6 episodes)

Ivica Marc
plays Guide (1 episode)

Tim Berrington
plays Dennis (1 episode)

Tim Berrington as Dennis
Dennis is a loyal and cunning employee of Waystar Royco, serving as the company's Chief Operating Officer.

Quotes from Dennis

  1. 'I'm not a coat-check attendant, I'm COO.'
  2. 'Shiv, you don't know what you're talking about.'
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Cambridge Jones
plays Photographer (1 episode)

Caitlin FitzGerald
plays Tabitha Hayes (8 episodes)

Caitlin FitzGerald as Tabitha Hayes

Caitlin FitzGerald (born August 25, 1983) is an American actress and filmmaker. She is best known for her role as Lib...

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Anna Crilly
plays Barmaid (1 episode)

Anna Crilly as Barmaid

Anna Crilly was born on January 1, 1975 and is currently 49 years old.

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Kristin Griffith
plays Mrs. Wambsgans (2 episodes)

Kristin Griffith as Mrs. Wambsgans

Kristin Griffith was born on September 7, 1953 and is currently 70 years old.

See Kristin Griffith's other roles

Tom Morley
plays Doddy (2 episodes)

Jack Gilpin
plays Mr. Wambsgans (2 episodes)

Jack Gilpin as Mr. Wambsgans
Mr. Wambsgans is a supporting character in the TV show Succession. He works as an attorney at Waystar Royco and is often seen advising the company's CEO and high-ranking executives.

Quotes from Mr. Wambsgans

  1. It's like walking on eggshells with a guy who had ostrich egg omelets for breakfast.
  2. I have to say, this is one of the wildest fucks I've ever seen in my life.
See Jack Gilpin's other roles

Anna Wilson-Jones
plays Charlotte (2 episodes)

Anna Wilson-Jones as Charlotte
Charlotte is a supporting character in the TV series Succession. She is the daughter of Caroline Collingwood, and the stepdaughter of Logan Roy. She is known for her sharp tongue and her ambition to succeed in the family business.

Quotes from Charlotte

  1. I demand satisfaction.
  2. I don't do coffee, but I could use a martini.
  3. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove in court.
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Richard Huw
plays Vicar (1 episode)

Lauren Patten
plays Angela (1 episode)

Nick Mills
plays Matt (3 episodes)

Michael Izquierdo
plays Jonas (3 episodes)

Michael Izquierdo as Jonas

Michael Izquierdo is an American actor and producer, known for "Succession" (2018), "The Wolf of Wall Street" (2013) ...

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Christine Spang
plays Lucy (5 episodes)

Christine Spang as Lucy
Lucy is a dynamic and ambitious character in the show Succession. She is a strategic thinker with a knack for manipulating situations to her advantage. She is confident, charming, and unapologetic, making her a formidable opponent in any situation.

Quotes from Lucy

  1. I know what I want, and I know how to get it.
  2. I'm not interested in playing nice. I'm interested in winning.
  3. When you have power, people will always try to take it from you, but if you're smart, you'll find a way to keep it.
See Christine Spang's other roles

Nick Choksi
plays Ilhan (1 episode)

Michelle Duffy
plays Sharon Peters (1 episode)

Michelle Duffy was born on June 4, 1966 and is currently 57 years old.

See Michelle Duffy's other roles

Joel Hatch
plays Bob Galpin (1 episode)

Joel Hatch as Bob Galpin
Bob Galpin is a senior executive at Waystar Royco in the TV show Succession. He is a skilled strategist and has a close relationship with Logan Roy, the CEO of the company. Bob is known for his confidence and ambition in the cutthroat business world.

Quotes from Bob Galpin

  1. Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
  2. We're in the winners' circle, my friend.
  3. If you're not first, you're last.
See Joel Hatch's other roles

Ryan Begay
plays Leon (1 episode)

Ryan Begay as Leon
Leon is a senior executive at Waystar Royco and one of Logan Roy's closest and most trusted advisors. He is known for his laidback attitude, sharp wit, and ability to navigate complex corporate politics.

Quotes from Leon

  1. I'm a philosopher king, and I don't just mean the deep web stuff.
  2. I'm like a Roomba, I just glide through.
  3. That's a fuckin' move right there.
See Ryan Begay's other roles

Kimberly Bigsby
plays Janelle (1 episode)

Kimberly Bigsby as Janelle
Janelle is a recurring character on the TV show Succession. She is a loyal and hardworking personal assistant to Tom Wambsgans, the chief operating officer of Waystar Royco.

Quotes from Janelle

  1. I'll take care of it, Tom.
  2. It's for you, Tom.
  3. Yes, Tom?
See Kimberly Bigsby's other roles

Joseph Brooks
plays Tanner (1 episode)

Vic Browder
plays Randall Pierce (1 episode)

Vic Browder as Randall Pierce
Randall Pierce is a successful businessman in the entertainment industry and a significant player in the political circle. He is known for being cunning, shrewd, and calculated in his decisions and strategies.

Quotes from Randall Pierce

  1. Do you know who my father is?
  2. I'm not a hugger
  3. Money Wins
See Vic Browder's other roles

Ryan Jason Cook
plays Hertz Guy (1 episode)

Ryan Jason Cook as Hertz Guy
Hertz is a high-level executive at Waystar Royco, a media conglomerate in the show Succession. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to business and is often seen as one of the more competent and reliable members of the company's leadership team.

Quotes from Hertz Guy

  1. Watch the sand, buddy.
  2. You're telling me that after all this, we're gonna get screwed by a tart and a Nazi?
  3. I just think we're better off without him.
See Ryan Jason Cook's other roles

Tony DeMil
plays Chang (1 episode)

Tony DeMil as Chang
Chang is a mysterious and elusive billionaire who becomes a major player in the media industry. He is portrayed as a powerful and wealthy man who is feared and respected by many.

Quotes from Chang

  1. Money is a very comforting thing to have when you have it and a terrifying thing to not have when you don't.
  2. My interest in people is not anthropological. It's purely business.
See Tony DeMil's other roles

Jeffrey Omura
plays Rob (1 episode)

Deborah Chavez
plays Tara (1 episode)

Deborah Chavez as Tara
Tara is an executive in the media company Waystar Royco and works closely with the Roy family. She is known for her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude.

Quotes from Tara

  1. I always get what I want, one way or another.
  2. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
  3. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make deals.
See Deborah Chavez's other roles

Jason Selvig
plays Street Guy (1 episode)

Jason Selvig as Street Guy

Jason Selvig is a comedian, writer, and performer best known for his work with Davram Stiefler as the political comed...

See Jason Selvig's other roles

David Patrick Kelly
plays Paul Chambers (2 episodes)

David Patrick Kelly as Paul Chambers
Paul Chambers is a senior executive at Waystar Royco and a trusted ally of Logan Roy in the television show Succession. He is portrayed as a calculating and shrewd businessman with a penchant for corporate maneuvering.

Quotes from Paul Chambers

  1. I only speak for Logan, not against him.
  2. If you're looking for a backdoor, you might try some different technique than kicking down the front door with a battering ram.
See David Patrick Kelly's other roles

Jacqueline Antaramian
plays Ilona Shenoy (1 episode)

Jacqueline Antaramian as Ilona Shenoy
Ilona Shenoy is a high-profile tech entrepreneur and investor in the TV show Succession. She is known for her sharp wit, ambitious nature, and determination to succeed in the tech industry.

Quotes from Ilona Shenoy

  1. Never let them see you sweat
  2. If you want to make a big splash, sometimes you have to go against the tide
  3. I may look like a lamb, but I've got teeth
See Jacqueline Antaramian's other roles

Mihran Slougian
plays Datu (1 episode)

Bisserat Tseggai
plays Asha (1 episode)

Darius Homayoun
plays Amir (2 episodes)

Aaron Albano
plays Young Executive #1 (1 episode)

Michael Braun
plays Chris (1 episode)

Michael Braun as Chris
Chris is a supporting character in the TV show Succession. He is a loyal assistant to Roman Roy, one of the main characters in the show. Chris is often seen helping Roman with his duties and providing him with emotional support.

Quotes from Chris

  1. 'I'll do whatever you want, Roman.'
  2. 'I'm sorry, I can't give you that information.'
See Michael Braun's other roles

Taylor Ortega
plays Greta (1 episode)

Taylor Ortega as Greta

Taylor Ortega is a writer, comedian, and actor based in New York City. Most recently, she played Shego in the live-ac...

See Taylor Ortega's other roles

Molly Griggs
plays Grace Roy (3 episodes)

Molly Griggs as Grace Roy
Grace Roy is a young and ambitious woman who enters the Roy family through her marriage to Kendall Roy. She is intelligent and cunning, and quickly establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with within the family and the business. Grace is known for her sharp wit and fearless attitude towards her husband's powerful and sometimes cruel father, Logan Roy.

Quotes from Grace Roy

  1. You know what's impressive about him? How much you think he's impressive.
  2. There's a very thin line between a magic trick and a fucking lie.
  3. I love you, you're my best friend, but I will bury you if I have to.
See Molly Griggs's other roles

Annika Boras
plays Anna Newman (1 episode)

Annika Boras as Anna Newman

Annika Boras is an actress.

See Annika Boras's other roles

Zoe Chao

Zoe Chao

Zoe Chao is an actress and writer, known for Where'd You Go, Bernadette (2018), Strangers (2017) and The Comeback (2005).

See Zoe Chao's other roles

Peggy J. Scott
plays Jeane (4 episodes)

Jeane is a talented and ambitious young lawyer who works for Waystar Royco, the family-owned media conglomerate featured in Succession. She is often tasked with navigating tricky legal situations and negotiating deals for the company.

Quotes from Jeane

  1. I'll make some calls and see what we can do.
  2. I'm sorry, I can't help you with that.
See Peggy J. Scott's other roles

Susan Blackwell
plays Stephanie (1 episode)

Susan Blackwell as Stephanie

Susan Blackwell was born on October 29, 1969 and is currently 54 years old.

See Susan Blackwell's other roles

Eisa Davis
plays Joyce Miller (2 episodes)

Eisa Davis as Joyce Miller
Joyce Miller is a tough and savvy businesswoman who serves as the CEO of a major media conglomerate in the TV show Succession.

Quotes from Joyce Miller

  1. I don't tolerate incompetence.
  2. I'm the CEO, not the babysitter.
  3. You don't get to where I am by being nice.
See Eisa Davis's other roles

Brock Yurich
plays Brex (2 episodes)

Brock Yurich as Brex

Brock Yurich was born on May 1, 1989 in New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA as Brock Taylor Yurich. He is an actor and produc...

See Brock Yurich's other roles

Helen Coxe
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Helen Coxe as Receptionist

Helen Coxe was born on October 19, 1967 and is currently 56 years old.

See Helen Coxe's other roles

Greta Quispe
plays Malaya (1 episode)

Greta Quispe as Malaya
Malaya is a key member of the Roy family's inner circle and works closely with Logan Roy. She is smart, ambitious, and always looking for ways to advance her career.

Quotes from Malaya

  1. I want to be the youngest Black female CEO in American history.
  2. I'm not giving anything away for free. I'm not Oprah.
  3. I'm sorry, I just have to stop you. This whole thing sounds like super bullshit.
See Greta Quispe's other roles

Mandy Siegfried
plays Lisa (1 episode)

Lisa is a smart and ambitious lawyer who works for the Roy family in the show Succession. She is a no-nonsense attorney who always puts the interests of her clients first.

Quotes from Lisa

  1. 'We're not hosed, we're just at the bottom of a steep, steep mountain.'
  2. 'I'm always happy to explore alternatives, but I'm pretty sure this is the one that works.'
  3. 'I have to say no to things ten times a day. I don't think I'm going to struggle with this.'
See Mandy Siegfried's other roles

Jake Choi
plays Tatsuya (2 episodes)

Jake Choi as Tatsuya

Jake Choi is an American actor born and raised in Elmhurst, Queens, New York. Choi received his training at The Lee S...

See Jake Choi's other roles

Kelly Nash
plays Cathleen Carmichael (1 episode) , ATN Newscaster (1 episode)

Judy Reyes
plays Eva (3 episodes)

Judy Reyes as Eva
Eva is a supporting character in the TV series, Succession. She works as a legal counsel for the Roy family and is known for her sharp wit and unwavering loyalty to her employer. Despite being surrounded by power-hungry individuals, Eva maintains her composure and professionalism at all times.

Quotes from Eva

  1. Do you understand what is at stake here?
  2. I'm the lawyer. Maybe call me Counselor?
  3. I look forward to hearing from you.
See Judy Reyes's other roles

Jorge Chapa
plays Doorman (2 episodes)

Jorge Chapa as Doorman

Jorge Chapa was born on January 11, 1983 and is currently 41 years old.

See Jorge Chapa's other roles

John Rue
plays Dr. Judith (3 episodes)

John Rue as Dr. Judith

John Rue is an actor.

See John Rue's other roles

Austin Durant
plays Dr. Ashbury (1 episode)

Nick Fondulis
plays Puking Guy (1 episode)

Jon Norman Schneider
plays Dr. Montgomery (1 episode)

Gameela Wright
plays Dr. Johnson (1 episode)

Gameela Wright as Dr. Johnson
Dr. Johnson is a medical doctor who serves as a physician for the powerful Roy family in the show Succession. He is often called upon to treat the family members' various ailments and injuries, and he keeps their medical histories private.

Quotes from Dr. Johnson

  1. How's the old blood pressure holding up?
  2. I'm afraid Mrs. Roy can't come to the phone right now.
  3. Take the pills, Shiv.
See Gameela Wright's other roles

Parker Sawyers
plays Alessandro (1 episode)

Parker Sawyers as Alessandro
Alessandro is an Italian playboy and the fiancé of Shiv Roy in the TV show Succession. He is charming and handsome, but his lack of ambition and work ethic often frustrates Shiv's family.

Quotes from Alessandro

  1. Ciao, bella! How's my favorite future wife doing today?
  2. I'll love you until the end of time, Shiv, just as long as you promise not to make me do anything too strenuous.
  3. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you a lot of other things. And, let's be honest, those things are pretty fun.
See Parker Sawyers's other roles

David Anzuelo
plays Pablo (1 episode)

Drew Gehling
plays Business Alchemist (1 episode)

Drew Gehling as Business Alchemist
The Business Alchemist in Succession is a ruthless and cunning businessman who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He has a sharp mind and is always looking for ways to outmaneuver his competitors to gain an advantage in the business world.

Quotes from Business Alchemist

  1. Logistics win wars.
  2. Money wins. Finds its way into the hands that are least deserving.
  3. I'm gonna blame Dad for every goddamn thing that goes right from now on.
See Drew Gehling's other roles

Raymond J. Lee
plays Theme Park Attendant (1 episode)

Julia K. Murney
plays Trainer (1 episode)

Julia K. Murney as Trainer

Julia K. Murney was born on January 14, 1969 and is currently 55 years old.

See Julia K. Murney's other roles

Joseph J. Parks
plays Photographer #2 (1 episode)

Joseph J. Parks as Photographer #2

Joseph J. Parks is an actor.

See Joseph J. Parks's other roles

Ron Simons
plays Photographer #1 (1 episode)

Ron Simons as Photographer #1

Ron Simons is an actor and producer.

See Ron Simons's other roles

Philip Smreck
plays Kendall's Lawyer (1 episode)

Marcus Ho
plays Dr. Lewis (1 episode)

Marcus Ho as Dr. Lewis
Dr. Lewis is a character on the TV show Succession. He is a therapist who is hired by the wealthy Roy family to help them navigate their complex family dynamics and personal issues.

Quotes from Dr. Lewis

  1. I'm not here to blame anyone, I'm here to help.
  2. Do you think you could give me a quick rundown on who's who in terms of the players in this current scenario?
  3. The secret to an intervention is just to make it about the other person, not about yourself.
See Marcus Ho's other roles

Albert Welling
plays Paul Dodds (1 episode)

Albert Welling as Paul Dodds
Paul Dodds is a shrewd and calculating executive in the media industry. He is often seen as reserved and unemotional, but has a sharp mind and is not to be underestimated.

Quotes from Paul Dodds

  1. When you're not growing, you're dying.
  2. It's not personal. It's just numbers.
  3. I'm a pragmatist. I don't need to be liked.
See Albert Welling's other roles

Holly Hunter
plays Rhea Jarrell (6 episodes)

Holly Hunter as Rhea Jarrell
Rhea Jarrell is a strategic consultant who becomes involved in the Roy family's media empire in the television show Succession. She is a shrewd negotiator with a talent for creating alliances and navigating complex business deals.

Quotes from Rhea Jarrell

  1. Succession is like a Shakespearean drama, except everyone's terrible.
  2. I'm always a little bit scared. It keeps me sharp.
  3. If you want something, earn it.
See Holly Hunter's other roles

Mark Blum
plays Bill (2 episodes)

Mark Blum as Bill

Mark Blum (May 14, 1950 - March 26, 2020) was an American actor in movies, on television and stage. He found success ...

See Mark Blum's other roles

Anthony Arkin

Anthony Arkin was born in 1967. He is an actor and editor.

See Anthony Arkin's other roles

Sally Murphy
plays Kira (1 episode)

Sally Murphy as Kira

Sally Murphy was born on October 12, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is an actress, known for Fearless (1993), Sc...

See Sally Murphy's other roles

Debbye Turner
plays Susan Vardy (1 episode)

Debbye Turner Bell (born September 19, 1965 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American TV anchor, veterinarian, talk show ho...

See Debbye Turner's other roles

Michael Nathanson

Michael Nathanson

Michael Nathanson is known for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), The Punisher (2017) and The Knick (2014). Michael has ...

See Michael Nathanson's other roles

Ekin Koç
plays Kadir (1 episode)

Ekin Koç as Kadir

İsmet Ekin Koç (born 21 June 1992) is a Turkish actor and musician. Koç left Antalya to study Business Administration...

See Ekin Koç's other roles

Selim Bayraktar
plays Zeynal (1 episode)

Selim Bayraktar as Zeynal

Selim Bayraktar was born on June 17, 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

See Selim Bayraktar's other roles

Preston Fritz Smith
plays Lobbyist (1 episode)

Zijad Gračić
plays Amin (1 episode)

Eric Bogosian
plays Gil Eavis (7 episodes)

Eric Bogosian as Gil Eavis

Eric Bogosian (born April 24, 1953) is an American actor, playwright, monologist, and novelist.

See Eric Bogosian's other roles

Danny Huston
plays Jamie Laird (6 episodes)

Danny Huston as Jamie Laird
Jamie Laird is a character from the TV show Succession. He is a loyal and ambitious employee at Waystar Royco, where he serves as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. He is devoted to his job and does his best to please his boss, Logan Roy.

Quotes from Jamie Laird

  1. I came to learn from the best.
  2. Just give me the bottom line.
See Danny Huston's other roles

Angus Wright

Angus Wright

Angus Wright (born 11 November 1964) is an American-born British actor.

See Angus Wright's other roles

Hector Letitia
plays Demoiselle d'honneur (1 episode)

Linda Marie Larson
plays Senator Katherine Gilliard (2 episodes)

Victor Slezak
plays Senator Roberts (2 episodes)

Victor Slezak as Senator Roberts
Senator Roberts is a powerful political figure in the hit TV show Succession. He is known for his sharp political prowess and strategic thinking, often playing key roles in the show's high-stakes political drama.

Quotes from Senator Roberts

  1. I'm a senator, not a therapist.
  2. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.
  3. I'm not here to be jerked off. Get to the point.
See Victor Slezak's other roles

Glenn Morizio
plays Joel Mastin (1 episode)

Glenn Morizio as Joel Mastin
Joel Mastin is a senior executive at Waystar Royco and a close advisor to Logan Roy in the TV show Succession. He is known for his quiet confidence and strategic mind, often providing valuable insights and advice to the Roy family.

Quotes from Joel Mastin

  1. We're all just wandering around in the dark, looking for the light switch, right?
  2. Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is, you've got a real shit sandwich in front of you. The good news is, you're not alone. Most of us will also be dining on it.
  3. I don't know if it's possible for you to overcomplicate things but, if it is, you're definitely doing it.
See Glenn Morizio's other roles

Justin Kirk
plays Jeryd Mencken (5 episodes)

Justin Kirk as Jeryd Mencken
Jeryd Mencken is a senior executive at Waystar Royco in the show Succession. He is known for his calm demeanor and strategic thinking, often acting as a mediator between the show's main characters.

Quotes from Jeryd Mencken

  1. We need to approach this with a cool head and a clear strategy.
  2. I'm not here to cause a problem. I'm here to solve a problem.
  3. Let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
See Justin Kirk's other roles

Reed Birney
plays Dave Boyer (1 episode)

Reed Birney as Dave Boyer
Dave Boyer is a member of the Roy family's inner circle in the TV show Succession. He is known to be fiercely loyal to the Roys and will do whatever it takes to protect their interests.

Quotes from Dave Boyer

  1. You gotta look out for yourself in this game, nobody else will.
  2. Always remember, family comes first. And the Roys are our family.
  3. Once you're in, you're in. And when you're out, you're out.
See Reed Birney's other roles

Yul Vazquez
plays Rick Salgado (1 episode)

Yul Vazquez as Rick Salgado
Rick Salgado is a high-ranking executive at Waystar Royco in the hit show Succession. He is fierce and cunning, with a knack for getting what he wants at any cost.

Quotes from Rick Salgado

  1. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money.
  2. I sleep well at night knowing I'm on the winning team.
  3. You don't have to like me, but you do have to respect me.
See Yul Vazquez's other roles

Stephen Root
plays Ron Petkus (2 episodes)

Stephen Root as Ron Petkus
Ron Petkus is a loyal yet sharp-witted employee and confidant of the CEO of Waystar Royco in the show Succession. He has a no-nonsense attitude and is always on the lookout for potential obstacles that could affect the company.

Quotes from Ron Petkus

  1. Panic is a high-yield bond.
  2. I don't have an agenda, sir. I'm from Wisconsin.
  3. If the carpet's getting pulled out from under us, I want to know so I can wear my sneakers.
See Stephen Root's other roles

Mark Linn-Baker
plays Maxim Pierce (3 episodes)

Mark Linn-Baker as Maxim Pierce

Mark Linn-Baker is an American stage and screen actor and director. He is best known for his portrayal of Larry Apple...

See Mark Linn-Baker's other roles

John Sanders
plays Oliver Noonan (1 episode)

Gabby Beans
plays Lia (1 episode)

Ashley Zukerman
plays Nate Sofrelli (12 episodes)

Ashley Zukerman as Nate Sofrelli
Nate Sofrelli is a savvy businessman and an executive at Waystar Royco in the show Succession.

Quotes from Nate Sofrelli

  1. 'The coup de grâce is often a surprise.'
  2. 'Success is fleeting, but loyalty is forever.'
  3. 'I don't know what question you're asking, but it's a poor one.'
See Ashley Zukerman's other roles

Ziwe Fumudoh
plays Sophie Iwobi (1 episode)

Ziwe Fumudoh as Sophie Iwobi
Sophie Iwobi is a recurring character in the TV show Succession. She is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of a high-end boutique store.

Quotes from Sophie Iwobi

  1. Money is my motive.
  2. I don’t do nice, I just do done.
See Ziwe Fumudoh's other roles

Will Tracy
plays Dylan (1 episode)

Will Tracy as Dylan
Dylan is a recurring character in the hit TV show Succession. He is a young, bright-eyed member of the Roy family's inner circle who is often tasked with running errands for the family.

Quotes from Dylan

  1. I'll be on it right away, sir/madam.
  2. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually part of this family.
  3. I'm happy to help out in any way I can!
  4. Of course, Mr./Mrs. Roy. Right away.
See Will Tracy's other roles

Zack Robidas
plays Mark Ravenhead (7 episodes)

Zack Robidas as Mark Ravenhead

Zack Robidas is an American actor known for his roles on Succession, Friends from College, Sorry for Your Loss, and F...

See Zack Robidas's other roles

Larry Pine
plays Sandy Furness (13 episodes)

Larry Pine as Sandy Furness

Larry Pine (born March 3, 1945) is an American film, television and theatre actor. He began his professional acting ...

See Larry Pine's other roles

Quentin Morales
plays Iverson Roy (9 episodes)

Jeannie Berlin
plays Cyd Peach (8 episodes)

Jeannie Berlin as Cyd Peach
Cyd Peach is a quirky and flamboyant character in the show Succession. She is an eccentric billionaire who owns her own media company and is often seen as an outsider in the corporate world.

Quotes from Cyd Peach

  1. Nothing about me should surprise you. I'm a billionaire diva with a mid-Atlantic accent.
  2. I think that creating our own reality is a much more interesting topic than just preserving some old outdated one.
  3. You can buy a lot of things in this world, but you can't buy respect.
See Jeannie Berlin's other roles

Swayam Bhatia
plays Sophie Roy (11 episodes)

Patch Darragh
plays Ray (9 episodes)

Patch Darragh as Ray
Ray is a loyal and trusted aide to the Roy family, particularly Logan. He is often seen handling their dirty work and working behind the scenes.

Quotes from Ray

  1. The Roy family is dysfunctional, but God knows it's not boring.
  2. The world that you're living in is the way that I found it.
  3. Sometimes you gotta be a mercenary in a bowtie.
See Patch Darragh's other roles

Annabelle Dexter-Jones
plays Naomi Pierce (8 episodes)

Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Naomi Pierce
Naomi Pierce is a high-powered businesswoman and the wife of Tom Wambsgans in the show Succession. She is intelligent, sophisticated, and driven.

Quotes from Naomi Pierce

  1. 'I love you, but I hate this family.'
  2. 'Now I'm curious, what is your plan for New Zealand?'
  3. 'Tom, I need you to be a killer.'
See Annabelle Dexter-Jones's other roles

James Cromwell
plays Ewan Roy (7 episodes)

James Cromwell as Ewan Roy
Ewan Roy is the eccentric and charming brother of Logan Roy on the show Succession. He is known for his unconventional lifestyle and disdain for corporate greed.

Quotes from Ewan Roy

  1. I don't respond well to threats.
  2. The only thing worse than dad's waste is his morals.
  3. Money wins. Always.
  4. It's not about the money. It's about the freedom.
  5. I've always been a bit of a black sheep.
See James Cromwell's other roles

Mary Birdsong
plays Marianne Hirsch (1 episode) , Marianne (2 episodes)

Mary Birdsong as Marianne Hirsch
Marianne Hirsch is a prominent media consultant and strategist in the show Succession. She's highly sought-after for her expertise in crisis management and public relations.

Quotes from Marianne Hirsch

  1. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
  2. A company can survive anything, as long as people believe in it.
  3. We're not throwing a party, we're putting on a fucking show!
See Mary Birdsong's other roles

Harriet Walter
plays Lady Caroline Collingwood (6 episodes)

Harriet Walter as Lady Caroline Collingwood
Lady Caroline Collingwood is a character in the TV show Succession. She is a wealthy and powerful member of the British upper class who is often seen at high society events and parties.

Quotes from Lady Caroline Collingwood

  1. We're all toffs here, darling. Don't pretend you're not one of us.
  2. I suppose sometimes it's hard to be the grown-up in the room.
  3. I don't care for drama, only results.
See Harriet Walter's other roles

Zoe Winters
plays Kerry Castellabate (15 episodes)

Zoe Winters as Kerry Castellabate

Winters received a 2020 OBIE Award and Lucille Lortel Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play for HER...

See Zoe Winters's other roles

Adrien Brody
plays Josh Aaronson (2 episodes)

Adrien Brody as Josh Aaronson
Josh Aaronson is a recurring character in the hit TV show Succession. He is a private equity executive and former colleague of Waystar Royco's founder, Logan Roy.

Quotes from Josh Aaronson

  1. Yeah, no. We like the whole package.
  2. The winner neutralizes the loser's army.
  3. It's tough to compete with the old man on resources, let alone drive. The man's a machine.
  4. Nobody gives a shit about the regular guy, trust me.
See Adrien Brody's other roles

Sanaa Lathan
plays Lisa Arthur (4 episodes)

Sanaa Lathan as Lisa Arthur
Lisa Arthur is a recurring character on the show Succession. She serves as the executive assistant to Logan Roy, the head of Waystar Royco, and is known for her sharp wit and unwavering loyalty to her boss.

Quotes from Lisa Arthur

  1. I'd like to be on the shuttle, please.
  2. In this world, you buy, or you die.
  3. If it's not too much trouble, could I get a sandwich?
See Sanaa Lathan's other roles

Linda Emond
plays Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven (3 episodes)

Linda Emond as Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven
Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven is a recurring character on the TV show Succession. She is a board member of Waystar Royco, a powerful media conglomerate that the main characters are fighting to control.

Quotes from Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven

  1. I want to hear what he has to say, but I don't want to make it easy for him.
  2. I always believe that good things happen when people do what they're supposed to do.
See Linda Emond's other roles

Dasha Nekrasova
plays Comfrey (9 episodes)

Dasha Nekrasova as Comfrey

Daria "Dasha" Dmitrievna Nekrasova (born February 19, 1991) is a Belarusian-American actress, writer, director and co...

See Dasha Nekrasova's other roles

Jordan Lage
plays Keith (3 episodes)

Jordan Lage as Keith
Keith is the loyal but unassuming long-time assistant of Logan Roy in the TV show Succession. He is often seen working tirelessly behind the scenes, anticipating Logan's needs and carrying out his orders without question.

Quotes from Keith

  1. Yes sir, right away sir.
  2. I'm sorry sir, I'll make sure it never happens again.
  3. I'll take care of it, sir.
See Jordan Lage's other roles

plays Berry Schneider (6 episodes)

Jihae as Berry Schneider

Jihae Kim is a South Korean composer/songwriter/actress is focused on how each individual’s awareness, or cluelessnes...

See Jihae's other roles

Hope Davis
plays Sandi Furness (7 episodes)

Hope Davis as Sandi Furness
Sandi Furness is a powerful and cunning businesswoman featured in the TV show Succession. She is known for her sharp wit and fierce ambition, always striving to protect her interests and stay ahead of her competitors.

Quotes from Sandi Furness

  1. 'At the end of the day, you can't have allies without enemies.'
  2. 'I don't believe in fair, I believe in winning.'
  3. 'I'm not a lady, I'm a boss.'
See Hope Davis's other roles

Pip Torrens
plays Peter Munion (4 episodes)

Pip Torrens as Peter Munion
Peter Munion is a young and ambitious executive in the media conglomerate Waystar Royco, who is always looking for an opportunity to advance his career.

Quotes from Peter Munion

  1. I'm not a politician. I'm a businessman.
  2. Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me, like they're speaking a different language.
  3. Hey, I love the game. I'll play it. But I'm not going to let it play me.
See Pip Torrens's other roles

Ella Rumpf
plays Contessa (2 episodes)

Ella Rumpf as Contessa

Ella Rumpf (born 4 February 1995) is a Swiss actress, best known for her role as Alexia in the 2016 horror drama film...

See Ella Rumpf's other roles

Tomas Arana
plays Laurie (2 episodes)

Tomas Arana as Laurie
Laurie is the smart, savvy and no-nonsense executive at Waystar Royco in the show Succession. She is highly respected for her expertise in the media industry and her ability to stay calm under pressure.

Quotes from Laurie

  1. We do not have to be friends to work together.
  2. I'm sorry, but if you cannot answer the question, we must move on.
  3. I didn't get to where I am today by being liked.
See Tomas Arana's other roles

Peter Riegert
plays Roger Pugh (2 episodes)

Peter Riegert as Roger Pugh
Roger Pugh is a senior executive at Waystar Royco and a member of the Roy family inner circle in the show Succession. He is a fatherly figure who is respected and admired by his colleagues for his business acumen.

Quotes from Roger Pugh

  1. She's a f***ing disgrace. And you, you're spineless. You're a worm. I've been carrying you on my back for years.
  2. It's a lovely day to throw a ball around with one's son, is it not?
  3. Business is war, kid. It's dog eat dog, rat eat rat. If my company's gonna take off, I gotta grab every scrap I can.
See Peter Riegert's other roles

KeiLyn Durrel Jones
plays Remi (5 episodes)

KeiLyn Durrel Jones as Remi
Remi is a key character in the show Succession, and is known for his confident and sometimes arrogant demeanor. He serves as a member of the board for Waystar Royco, the media conglomerate at the center of the show’s drama.

Quotes from Remi

  1. Great. Thanks. Just what I was waiting for. Notes on how to do my job.
  2. I have no interest in being polite.
  3. I could launch a thousand ships with the amount of charm I don't waste on people I don't respect.
  4. I have faith in my judgement.
  5. I don't like leaving value on the table.
  6. You can't win without me.
See KeiLyn Durrel Jones's other roles

Gabriela Garcia
plays Rosa (1 episode)

Francesca Root-Dodson
plays Bridget (1 episode)

Francesca Root-Dodson as Bridget
Bridget is a smart and ambitious executive in the media industry, with a sharp wit and strong sense of diplomacy. She is a key player in the Roy family's media empire, but often finds herself caught in the middle of the family's power struggles.

Quotes from Bridget

  1. F*** off, obelisk!
  2. This is how I dance. This is me dancing.
  3. You wanna know how to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.
See Francesca Root-Dodson's other roles

Robert David Grant
plays Bun Mountford (1 episode) , Bun Pierce (1 episode)

Robert David Grant as Bun Mountford
Bun Mountford is a powerful media mogul and friend of the Roy family in the show Succession. He is known for his sharp wit and cunning business tactics.

Quotes from Bun Mountford

  1. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here. But if you ever want some praise, just know that it will never happen.
  2. You have a certain purity of purpose. It’s like watching a 12-year-old fight a heavyweight boxer.
  3. You know, I like you, Logan. I like the way you damage people without actually harming them.
See Robert David Grant's other roles

Schuyler Girion
plays Celia (1 episode)

Kevin Changaris
plays Tellis (3 episodes)

Kevin Changaris as Tellis
Tellis is a loyal and dedicated employee of the Roy family in the TV series Succession. He is known for his sharp mind, quick wit, and ability to anticipate the needs of his superiors.

Quotes from Tellis

  1. Sorry, I can't really talk about that.
  2. Yes sir, right away.
  3. I'm on it.
See Kevin Changaris's other roles

Cynthia Mace
plays Sylvia (3 episodes)

Cynthia Mace as Sylvia
Sylvia is a wealthy socialite and the mistress of Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family. She is known for her glamorous lifestyle and close relationship with Logan.

Quotes from Sylvia

  1. We'll always be the last two standing.
  2. I love you, but f*ck off.
  3. I'm living the dream.
See Cynthia Mace's other roles

Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung

Jamie Jilynn Chung (born April 10, 1983) is an American actress known to reality television audiences as a cast membe...

See Jamie Chung's other roles

Nadia Brown
plays Olivia (1 episode)

Paula Jon DeRose
plays Julie (1 episode)

Jim Newman
plays Martyn (1 episode)

Jim Newman as Martyn

Jim Newman is an American actor, writer, producer, and director. He currently lives in Burbank, California. He has wr...

See Jim Newman's other roles

Tom White
plays Pilot (1 episode)

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
plays Oskar Gudjohnsen (5 episodes)

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Oskar Gudjohnsen
Oskar Gudjohnsen is a powerful Icelandic businessman and a member of the Roy family inner circle in the TV show Succession. He has a stoic and serious demeanor, but is fiercely loyal to the Roy family.

Quotes from Oskar Gudjohnsen

  1. You have to be a great listener to be a great leader.
  2. Money wins. Every time.
  3. We are Royco, and we do whatever it takes.
See Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson's other roles

Allen Fawcett
plays Graham (1 episode)

Sean-Michael Wilkinson
plays Vance (1 episode)

Anne Bates
plays Penelope (1 episode)

Sharla McBride
plays Delta Pike (2 episodes)

Dee Pelletier
plays Dr. Hasford (1 episode)

Eili Harboe
plays Ebba (4 episodes)

Eili Harboe as Ebba

Eili Harboe (born 16 August 1994) is a Norwegian actress. She was born in Stavanger. She starred in Joachim Trier's 2...

See Eili Harboe's other roles

Christian Rubeck
plays Andreas (1 episode)

Christian Rubeck as Andreas
Andreas is a character from the hit TV show Succession. He is a wealthy businessman who works alongside the Roy family.

Quotes from Andreas

  1. I live from transaction to transaction.
  2. Money wins.
  3. I want you to participate in the future of this company.
See Christian Rubeck's other roles

Ellen Bendu
plays GoJo Facilitator (1 episode)

Ellen Bendu as GoJo Facilitator

Ellen Bendu is a Norwegian actress.

See Ellen Bendu's other roles

Kristofer Kamiyasu
plays Rasmus (1 episode)

Brynne McManimie
plays Advisor Marlene (1 episode)

Torsten Johnson
plays Advisor Ralph (1 episode)

Annabeth Gish
plays Joy Palmer (1 episode)

Annabeth Gish as Joy Palmer
Joy Palmer is a high-powered executive and the Chief Marketing Officer of Waystar Royco, a media conglomerate in 'Succession'. She is brilliant, ambitious, and unapologetic about her ruthless tactics to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

Quotes from Joy Palmer

  1. I think Waystar Royco can do better, don't you?
  2. I didn't come here to play nice, Logan. I came here to win.
  3. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  4. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win.
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Shahjehan Khan
plays Len (1 episode)

Ryan Spahn
plays Coop (1 episode)

Ryan Spahn as Coop
Coop is a loyal and dedicated employee of Roy family in the show Succession. He is known for his sharp wit and attention to detail.

Quotes from Coop

  1. You know what they say, punctuality is the thief of time.
  2. I'm just trying to do my job.
  3. I handle logistics, not psychopaths.
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Ava Eisenson
plays Carly Flight (1 episode)

Ava Eisenson as Carly Flight
Carly Flight is a determined and ambitious PR representative working for Waystar Royco in the show Succession. She uses her wit and charm to manipulate situations to her advantage and climb the corporate ladder.

Quotes from Carly Flight

  1. You can't always get what you want, but you can always try.
  2. I'm not going to let you fail. I'm going to help you become the man you were born to be.
  3. You have to be willing to risk everything to get what you want.
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Adam Godley

Adam Godley
Kendall Roy is a troubled son of Logan Roy, who struggles to find his own identity and gain the approval of his father. He is often at odds with his siblings and involved in the power struggles within his family's media empire.

Quotes from

  1. Boar on the floor!
  2. L to the OG, I'm out.
  3. Money wins. Always.
  4. Yo! What's up, fuck-nuts?
  5. I'm Kendall, I'm Kendall, I'm Kendall.
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Elliot Villar
plays Daniel Jimenez (3 episodes)

Elliot Villar as Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez is a key player in the management team of Waystar Royco, the media conglomerate at the center of the show Succession. He is known for his sharp wit and strategic thinking, but also his tendency to avoid confrontations and stay out of the spotlight.

Quotes from Daniel Jimenez

  1. I gotta circle the wagons around my people.
  2. You're not the only smart person in the room, Roman.
  3. I don't really do grudges. It's just not my thing.
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Kate Arrington

Nicole Ansari-Cox
plays Sally-Anne (1 episode)

Nicole Ansari-Cox as Sally-Anne

Nicole Ansari-Cox was born on January 1, 1969 and is currently 55 years old.

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Rachel Paula Green
plays Officer Miller (1 episode)

Rachel Paula Green as Officer Miller

Rachel Green is an actress, comedian, violinist, singer and VoiceOver artist.

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Robert S. Gregory
plays Dewi Swann (1 episode)

Jeff Blumenkrantz
plays Simon Edgerton (1 episode)

Jeff Blumenkrantz as Simon Edgerton
Simon Edgerton is a senior executive at Waystar Royco, a media conglomerate, and serves as one of Logan Roy's closest advisors in the TV show Succession.

Quotes from Simon Edgerton

  1. I'm not a passenger on this little fuckin' journey of yours – I'm the navigator!
  2. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just a demanding prick.
  3. I'm going to play this straight and strong. My instincts are second to none.
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Midori Nakamura
plays Diane Liu (1 episode)

Midori Nakamura as Diane Liu
Diane Liu is a powerful executive in the media industry and a recurring character in the TV show Succession. She is known for her sharp wit, no-nonsense attitude, and excellent business acumen.

Quotes from Diane Liu

  1. I don't have time for your bullshit.
  2. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make deals.
  3. I'm sorry, could you repeat that in plain English?
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Carole Denise Jones
plays Sonya Adeyemi (1 episode)

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