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  • Released on July 17, 2020

Single father Kenichi has raised his daughter Miki alone for the past ten years, from when she attended nursery school until her graduation from elementary school. Kenichi is currently 30 years old. His wife Tomoko died at a young age and he has raised Miki alone since that time. While raising his daughter alone, he has encountered various problems.

Full Cast of Step

Takayuki Yamada
plays Kenichi Takeda

Tamaki Shiratori
plays Miki Takeda

Sairi Ito
plays Teacher Kero

Sairi Ito as Teacher Kero

Sairi Ito is a Japanese actress who is represented by the talent agency Alpha Agency.

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Rina Kawaei
plays Mai Naruse

Ryo Iwamatsu

Nanami Hidaka

Akihiro Kakuta
plays Yoshihiko Muramatsu

Reiko Kataoka
plays Midori Muramatsu

Ryoko Hirosue
plays Nanae Saito

Kimiko Yo
plays Michiyo Muramatsu

Jun Kunimura
plays Akira Muramatsu

Jun Kunimura as Akira Muramatsu

Jun Kunimura (國村 隼 Kunimura Jun, born November 16, 1955 in Kumamoto, Japan) is a Japanese actor known for his role as...

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Misaki Nakano

Crew of Step

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