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  • Released on April 08, 1982

A Sydney teen tries to make it as a rock singer, with help from her odd 14-year-old cousin.

Full Cast of Starstruck

Joey Kennedy
plays Jackie Mullens

Ross O'Donovan
plays Angus Mullens

Margo Lee
plays Pearl

Max Cullen
plays Reg

Pat Evison
plays Nana

John O'May
plays Terry

Dennis Miller
plays Lou

Norm Erskine
plays Hazza

Melissa Jaffer
plays Mrs. Booth

Philip Judd
plays One of The Swingers

Dwayne Hillman
plays One of The Swingers

Ian Gilroy
plays One of The Swingers

Ned Lander
plays Robbie

Mark Little
plays Carl

Ian Spence
plays Spider

Kerry McKay
plays Phil

Peter Davies
plays Timpany

Carol Burns
plays Teacher

Max Simms
plays Window Dresser

Pat Rooney
plays Bouncer

Vola Vandere
plays Flamenco Dancer

Giselle Morgan
plays Wilma

Ken Lambeth
plays Schoolboy Bully

Jamie Campbell
plays Schoolboy 1

Warren Lewis
plays Schoolboy 2

Lucky Grills
plays Brewery Truckdriver

Bernard Curran
plays Truckies Assistant

Frankie James
plays Singing Drunk

Syd Heylen
plays Pub Regular

Doug Scroope
plays Impatient Man

Judith Woodroffe
plays Terry's Secretary

John Sheerin
plays Policeman

Peter Boswell
plays Managing Director

Brett Nevill
plays TV Reporter

Michael Moody
plays Rescue Ladderman

Ben Franklin
plays Young Policeman

Lyn Lovett
plays Policewoman

Rainee Skinner
plays Rock Photographer

Johnny Garfield
plays Aggressive Drunk

Brian Blain
plays Brewery Executive

Geoffrey Rush
plays Floor Manager

Geoffrey Rush as Floor Manager

Geoffrey Roy Rush AC (born 6 July 1951) is an Australian actor. He is known for his eccentric leading man roles on st...

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Janice Finn
plays Production Assistant

Katherine Romaine
plays Make-up Artist

Kay Eklund
plays Wardrobe Lady

Jeffrey Rhoe
plays Terry's Boyfriend

Doug Hull
plays Security Guard

Donnie Sutherland
plays Concert Judge

Camille Linden
plays Backup Singer 1

Elyse Clare
plays Backup Singer 2

Rona Coleman
plays Backup Singer 3

Stuart Campbell
plays TV Director

Kaarin Fairfax
plays Ice Cream Girl

Crew of Starstruck

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