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About Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

In the thrilling and action-packed conclusion to the Star Wars prequel trilogy, "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" takes viewers on a journey through the final days of the Galactic Republic. The galaxy is on the brink of chaos as the evil Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, executes his devious plan for ultimate power. As the Republic transforms into the Empire, the heroic Jedi Knights find themselves in a desperate battle to save the galaxy from tyranny.

At the heart of the conflict is Anakin Skywalker, a powerful Jedi Knight torn between the light and dark sides of the Force. As the Clone Wars rage on, Anakin is tasked with protecting Senator Padmé Amidala, who harbors suspicions about the true intentions of Chancellor Palpatine, who is, in fact, the evil Darth Sidious. Anakin's growing friendship with Palpatine, combined with his fear of losing those close to him, makes him vulnerable to the dark side's seductive allure.

As Anakin succumbs to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader, he faces off against his former mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, in a climactic lightsaber duel on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Meanwhile, the remaining Jedi Knights, led by Mace Windu, stage a daring attempt to arrest Palpatine, leading to a dramatic showdown between the Sith and the Jedi. The film's epic battles, emotional stakes, and thought-provoking themes make "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" a must-watch for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

Main Cast of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Caroline Quentin
plays Maddy Magellan (18 episodes)

Alan Davies
plays Jonathan Creek (26 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Julia Sawalha
plays Carla Borrego (7 episodes)

Sarah Alexander
plays Polly Creek (5 episodes)

Kika Mirylees
plays Zola Zbzewski (1 episode)

John Bluthal
plays Jack Holiday (1 episode)

Charles Kay
plays Elliot Strange (1 episode)

Rae Baker
plays Yasmin (1 episode)

Marcus Gilbert
plays Jason Tippet (1 episode)

Deborah Grant
plays Antonia Stangerson (1 episode)

Peter Copley
plays Eric (1 episode)

Lee Ingleby
plays Derek Spratley (1 episode)

Diana Weston
plays Delia Masson (1 episode)

Dinah Sheridan
plays Kathleen Gilmore (1 episode)

Lysette Anthony
plays Mimi Tranter (1 episode)

Trevor Peacock
plays Henry Houseman (1 episode)

Jeffrey Segal
plays Marco Bergman (1 episode)

Nigel Planer
plays Shelford (1 episode)

Simon Day
plays Jordan Strange (1 episode)

Ralph Brown
plays Roy Pilgrim (1 episode)

Alistair McGowan
plays Trevor (1 episode)

Nicola Walker
plays WPC Fay Radnor (1 episode)

Pippa Haywood
plays Lorna Claithorne (1 episode)

Bob Monkhouse
plays Sylvester Le Fley (1 episode)

Margery Mason
plays Audrey Panguitch (1 episode)

Charlie Brooks
plays Trudi (1 episode)

Nicholas Ball
plays Vincent Rees (1 episode)

Gina Bellman
plays Samantha (1 episode)

Bamber Gascoigne
plays Presenter (1 episode)

Michael Mellinger
plays Mr Schmitz (1 episode)

Bernard Kay
plays Oliver (1 episode)

Saskia Mulder
plays Francesca Boutron (1 episode)

Brian Murphy
plays Ken Speed (1 episode)

Dermot Crowley
plays Norman Stangerson (1 episode)

Gavan O'Herlihy
plays Hal Drucker (1 episode)

Griff Rhys Jones
plays Jeremy Sangster (1 episode)

Hattie Hayridge
plays Lizzie Gillespie (1 episode)

James Gaddas
plays Craig Downey (1 episode)

Benjamin Whitrow
plays Rupert Clifford-Wright (1 episode)

Jim Bowen
plays Duggie Dawson (1 episode)

Michael Grade
plays Michael Grade (uncredited) (1 episode)

Catherine Cusack
plays Ashley Farr (1 episode)

Selina Cadell
plays D.I. Masterson (1 episode)

Heather-Jay Jones
plays Tracy Cook (1 episode)

Doug Fisher
plays Stephen Grismal (1 episode)

Lorelei King
plays Justine Bailey (2 episodes)

Sophie Langham
plays Melissa (1 episode)

Jonathan Ross
plays Jonathan Ross (1 episode)

Peter Blake
plays Otto Danzigger (1 episode)

Hetty Baynes
plays Jacqui (1 episode)

Victoria Shalet
plays Carrie Bergman (1 episode)

Petra Letang
plays Jessica (1 episode)

Bob Mercer
plays Callum (1 episode)

Geoffrey Beevers
plays Neville Spivey (1 episode)

Peter Davison
plays Stephen Claithorne (1 episode)

Bill Bailey
plays Kennie Starkiss (1 episode)

Maureen O'Brien
plays Kirsten Holiday (1 episode)

Jane Hazlegrove
plays Katrina Toplis (1 episode)

Debbie Arnold
plays Sadie Bechtenstein (1 episode)

Emma Kennedy
plays Christine (1 episode)

Adrian Edmondson
plays Brendan Baxter (5 episodes)

Sheila Gish
plays Serena Shale (1 episode)

John Bennett
plays Frank Geiger (1 episode)

William Vanderpuye
plays DCI Jack Horner (1 episode)

Rob Jarvis
plays Wino (1 episode) , Tex (2 episodes)

Jack Dee
plays Dudley Houseman (1 episode)

Jill Baker
plays Donna Henry (1 episode)

Colin Baker
plays Hedley Shale (1 episode)

Jessica Lloyd
plays Clare Sallinger (2 episodes)

Colin Hill
plays MacDonald / Security Officer (1 episode)

Meg Davies
plays Emma Lazarus (1 episode)

Sara Markland
plays Cathy Strange (1 episode)

Geraldine Alexander
plays Francine Faraday (1 episode)

Vince Leigh
plays Sergeant (1 episode)

Caroline Loncq
plays Sheena (1 episode)

Brett Fancy
plays Troy (1 episode) , (1 episode)

Radvic Nekich
plays Greg (1 episode)

Del Henney
plays Inspector Gibbins (1 episode)

James Degazio
plays Toby Flowers (1 episode)

Mel Cobb
plays Jacob Flowers (1 episode)

Christine Moore
plays Polly Flowers (1 episode)

Lou Sexty
plays Jerry (1 episode)

Hank Wangford
plays Glenn McArthur (1 episode)

Colin McPhillamy
plays Vet (1 episode)

Michael Sarne
plays Martin Crow (1 episode)

David Riley
plays Newsreader (1 episode)

Jonathan Cake
plays Hippy protestor (uncredited) (1 episode)

Sam Bradley
plays Benjamin (1 episode)

Valerie Colgan
plays Martha (1 episode)

Evie Garratt
plays Scooter Lady (1 episode)

Caroline Harris
plays Dr Irene Wolverton (1 episode)

John Hudson
plays Roy Gregson (1 episode)

Jemma Churchill
plays Second Therapist (1 episode)

Jocelyn Hughes
plays Judy (1 episode)

Annabel Mullion
plays Felicity Vale (2 episodes)

Stephen Billington
plays Neville Bruce (2 episodes)

Calum MacPherson
plays Buster (2 episodes)

Andrew Barrow
plays Ben (2 episodes)

Akemi Otani
plays Kiko (2 episodes)

Jennifer Piercey
plays Kitty (1 episode) , Kitty Burgess (1 episode)

Amanda Holden
plays Petra (2 episodes)

Jefferson King
plays Stage Assistant to Adam Klaus (uncredited) (1 episode)

Rachel Power
plays Alice Spearfish (1 episode)

Georgie Glen
plays Mrs Kilby (1 episode)

Alan Corser
plays Old Man (1 episode)

Peter Hughes
plays Coroner (1 episode)

Edward Halsted
plays Mel Palthropp (1 episode) , Mel Porthropp (1 episode)

Louise Barrett
plays Callgirl (1 episode)

Alexandra Hogg
plays Maid (1 episode)

Stephen Frankham
plays Camera Operator (1 episode)

Damien Goodwin
plays Josh (1 episode)

Claire Malcomson
plays Becky Phillips (1 episode)

Nick Hamilton
plays Detective Inspector (1 episode)

Terry Bird
plays Security Officer (1 episode)

Sandy Johnson
plays Man in loo (uncredited) (1 episode) , Paramedic (uncredited) (1 episode)

John Shrapnel
plays Prof. Lance Graumann (1 episode)

Sonya Saul
plays T.V. Interviewer (1 episode)

Jane Booker
plays Phillipa Farell (1 episode)

Calvin Williams
plays Sergeant Kribotnik (1 episode)

Sean Cronin
plays Party Guest (1 episode)

Kezi Silverstone
plays Cindy (1 episode)

Mark Aiken
plays Robin Priest (1 episode)

Sara Stephens
plays Shirley Priest (1 episode)

Nicholas Amer
plays Bill (1 episode)

Frances Low
plays Daphne (1 episode)

Ben Craze
plays Colin (1 episode)

Paul Fuller
plays Feldman (1 episode)

Clifford Barry
plays Joe Wheeler (1 episode)

Denise Francis
plays Researcher (1 episode)

Stuart Muirs
plays Drunken Man (1 episode)

Leonard Kavanagh
plays Judge Forrest Sweetland (1 episode)

Barbara Horne
plays Dr. Laura Climpson (1 episode)

Jan Linnik
plays Burly Man (1 episode)

David McKail
plays Clifford Jennings (1 episode)

Scarlett O'Neal
plays Young Bag Lady (1 episode)

Hilary Sesta
plays Bag Lady (1 episode)

Mark C. Wong
plays Chinese Hitman (1 episode)

Bob Friend
plays Newsreader (uncredited) (1 episode)

Mark Hampton
plays Triad Gangster (uncredited) (1 episode)

Zoë Hart
plays Rebecca Knape (1 episode)

Graham Bryan
plays Lewis French (1 episode)

Diane Witter
plays Bernice (1 episode)

Suzannah Heath
plays Maxine (1 episode)

Nicky Ladanowski
plays Brenda (1 episode)

Steve Nallon
plays Rupert (1 episode)

Damien Patten
plays Gillian's son (uncredited) (1 episode)

Rachael Remington
plays Gillian (uncredited) (1 episode)

Mark Caven
plays Tom Terici (1 episode)

Christopher Adamson
plays The Stalker (1 episode)

Frankie Park
plays Tessa (1 episode)

Jimmi Harkishin
plays Gary Lobo (1 episode)

Keith Morris
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Justin Alexis
plays Nathan (1 episode)

John Bird
plays D.I. Nathan Gallo (1 episode) , Horace Greeley (2 episodes)

Caroline Carver
plays Sally Ellen Oakley (1 episode)

Edward Hayes-Neary
plays Angus (1 episode)

Marie Boyle
plays Maria (1 episode)

Angela Curran
plays Mavis (1 episode)

Robin Kermode
plays Mr. Jellcoe (1 episode)

Andrew McCrae
plays TV Executive (1 episode)

Michael Cochrane
plays Owen Glendower (1 episode)

Alex Lowe
plays Alan Tunstall (1 episode)

Brenda Cowling
plays Mrs. Thrimpson (1 episode)

Alice Patten
plays Gillian Bailey / Dawn (1 episode)

Joanna Brookes
plays Autograph Woman (1 episode)

David Morris
plays Leo Laughton-Jones (1 episode)

Tudor Hassett
plays Young Owen (1 episode)

Katy Walker
plays Young Thelma (1 episode)

Vito Mingolla
plays Sex Shop Shopkeeper (1 episode)

Sidney Cole
plays Witchdoctor (uncredited) (1 episode)

Chris Mansfield
plays Police Sergeant (uncredited) (1 episode)

Frank Boyce
plays Waterboard Worker (1 episode)

Andrew Buckley
plays Marty (1 episode)

Fergus Craig
plays Paramedic (1 episode)

Myra McFadyen
plays Hattie Baron (1 episode)

Jordan Long
plays Roy (1 episode)

Terence Hillyer
plays Inspector Ted Parnevik (1 episode)

Tina Martin
plays Velda (1 episode)

Toby Walton
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Andrew Clover
plays Gary Basco (1 episode)

Gareth Farr
plays Cleaner (1 episode)

Yasmin Wilde
plays WPC (1 episode)

Veronica Leer
plays Moira Jane Rowe (1 episode)

Joan Oliver
plays Janet Blaydon (1 episode)

Gary Cady
plays Justin Mallory (1 episode)

Jonathan Kydd
plays Mickey Daniels (1 episode)

Kelly Hart
plays Woman in street (1 episode)

Nicola Hughes
plays Phylicia (1 episode)

Jason Tompkins
plays Josef (1 episode)

Eve Polycarpou
plays Andonea (1 episode)

John MacDonnell
plays Cutting Room Editor (uncredited) (1 episode)

Allistair Wyndham
plays Man in street (uncredited) (1 episode)

Hilary Lyon
plays Cleo Paterson (1 episode)

Ralf Beck
plays Rudi (1 episode)

Philip McGough
plays Sam Brickman (1 episode)

Ron Berglas
plays David Churchin (1 episode)

Rebecca Johnson
plays Victoria (1 episode)

Nick Maloney
plays Stage Doorman (1 episode)

Leo Dolan
plays Delivery Man (1 episode)

Shona Morris
plays Shelford's Wife (1 episode)

June Watson
plays Rachel Rokesmith (1 episode)

Helena McCarthy
plays Mrs Rokesmith (1 episode)

Andrew Powell
plays Police Officer at Shelter (1 episode)

David Thorpe
plays Police Officer in Cottage (1 episode)

Emma Noble
plays Girl in Banana Commercial (uncredited) (1 episode)

William Franklyn
plays Narrator of Banana Commercial (voice) (uncredited) (1 episode)

Paul Allen
plays Radio Interviewer (1 episode)

Rebecca Charles
plays Joy (1 episode)

Alan Thompson
plays Mr Winstanley (1 episode)

Lloyd McGuire
plays D.S. Owen Davey (1 episode)

Mem Ferda
plays Drunk (1 episode)

Christine Ellerbeck
plays Supermarket Cashier (1 episode)

Clare McCarron
plays Woman in Supermarket (1 episode)

John Marquez
plays Supermarket Manager (1 episode)

Geoffrey McGivern
plays Barry Opper (4 episodes)

Shaun Chawdhary
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Tim Chipping
plays Martin (1 episode)

Hugh Parker
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Simon Thomas
plays Christophe Holtz (1 episode)

Ali Bastian
plays Juno Pirelli (1 episode)

Marianne Borgo
plays Zelda Niedlespascher (1 episode)

Ross Armstrong
plays Angus (1 episode)

Alice O'Connell
plays Rachel (1 episode)

Liberty Nichols-O'Connell
plays Ripley (1 episode)

Rhydian Jones
plays Darryl (1 episode)

Kieran Hodgson
plays Ridley (1 episode)

Roy Sampson
plays Mr. Partridge (1 episode)

Paula Wilcox
plays Hazel Prosser (1 episode)

Marc Danbury
plays Burglar 1 (1 episode)

James Bachman
plays Rev Hugh Chater (uncredited) (1 episode) , Rev Hugh Chater (1 episode)

Tim Faraday
plays Crispin Gilpin (1 episode)

Jarred Christmas
plays Warwick (1 episode)

David Gant
plays Eric Ipswich (1 episode)

Selina Griffiths
plays Alison Chater (1 episode)

John Walters
plays The Sandman (1 episode)

Chloe Buswell
plays Polly's Mother (1 episode)

Ella Purton
plays Young Polly (1 episode)

Adam Grayson
plays Young Eric Ipswich (1 episode)

Michael Troughton
plays Leonard Corbyn (1 episode)

Nigel Genis
plays Funeral Guest (uncredited) (1 episode) , Birdwatcher (uncredited) (1 episode)

Richard Banks
plays Man at 1960s fair (uncredited) (1 episode)

Mike Fordham
plays Polly's Father (uncredited) (1 episode)

Elizabeth Conboy
plays Lindsey Isherwood (1 episode)

Teddy Nicholas
plays Karl (1 episode)

Uriel Emil Pollack
plays Ethan (1 episode)

Josie Lawrence
plays Denise (1 episode)

Melanie Gray
plays Daisy Shand (1 episode)

Dar Dash
plays Kevin (1 episode)

Mark Flitton
plays Dean (1 episode)

Caroline Lee-Johnson
plays DI Karen Addams (1 episode)

Daniel Osgerby
plays Rowan Isherwood (1 episode)

Paul Blackwell
plays Police Enforcer (uncredited) (1 episode)

Peter Jonathan Moore
plays Office Worker (uncredited) (1 episode)

Alexander Pownall
plays Little Boy (1 episode)

Haruka Kuroda
plays Presenter (1 episode)

Takako Akashi
plays Wife (1 episode)

Robert Atiko
plays Anwar (1 episode)

Claire Jerath
plays Kaitlin (1 episode)

John Rogers
plays Photographer (1 episode)

James Barron
plays Mr. Cutler (1 episode)

Florencia Cordeu
plays Maid (1 episode)

Takuya Matsumoto
plays Husband (1 episode)

Scott Chisholm
plays Rhino (1 episode)

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