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Two chipmunks have made a cozy little home for themselves in the wood-burning stove of an empty cabin. They sleep in a matchbox, wash up in an empty acorn shell filled with water and look at their reflections on the back of a spoon, which serves as their bathroom mirror. They even have a staircase made with a pocket comb. Invading their space are Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto, who are all set for a swell vacation. They don't reckon on the two squatters. Pluto immediately discovers the presence of these two pests, but Mickey never finds out. All he knows is that when he tries to light the stove, the matches go out; he doesn't know the chipmunks are blowing them out. Soon, Mickey is outside chopping wood, while Pluto is alone with the chipmunks. Pluto wants blood, but he'll end up with a bottle of ketchup.

Full Cast of Squatter's Rights

Walt Disney
plays Mickey Mouse

Pinto Colvig
plays Pluto

James MacDonald
plays Chip

Dessie Flynn
plays Dale

Crew of Squatter's Rights

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