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Seduced by a satyr, Pluto celebrates spring. He goes around enjoying the scents, then imitating various animals. But when he imitates the butterfly (that transformed from a caterpillar before our eyes), he gets in trouble. The butterfly had done a little dance with a water droplet; Pluto picks a beehive as his "ball". The bees, of course, attack, and Pluto escapes by diving into some bushes of poison ivy. Then the "gentle" rains of spring come, along with the hail ("hail, hail the rains"), making a mess of Pluto's house. When the rains end and the satyr returns, Pluto gives him the greeting he deserves.

Full Cast of Springtime for Pluto

Pinto Colvig
plays Pluto

Thurl Ravenscroft
plays Singing Caterpillar

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