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  • Released on February 26, 2021

Thirteen-year-old Mila Malinov wakes up alone in the back of a cab. Arriving at the densely packed apartment block of zone 21, she makes her way to her room as the watchful eye of the global government hovers above in the form of monitor drones. Across the courtyard, another set of eyes watches her, a protective Mother. Her room is small, cubed, and very simplistic. In her ear, a voice keeps her company. Her father, Darko Malinov checks in. He speaks to her through an earpiece making sure she’s okay. The next day, Mila visits the local bartering station that’s at the end of the long alley that hugs her apartment block. Currency in this world has resorted back to bartering, swapping items for other items. Mila finds a group of interested buyers and swaps a capacitor for some food, all while her father guides her. That night, she shares a meal with her father via voice, wishing that he was there instead. As Mila sleeps, a figure sneaks up to her door making Mila nervous.

Full Cast of Soulmate

Holly May Lewis
plays Mila Malinov

Stefania Kocheva
plays Protective Mother

Martin Paunov
plays Sunn

Stefo Nantsou
plays Darko Malinov (voice)

Stoyan Tsvetkov
plays Darko Malinov

Crew of Soulmate

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