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About Solo

A woman named Liz Brantley takes a three-legged solo flight and then her plane crashes.

Full Cast of Solo

Randy Hamilton
plays Bill Brantley

Alyssa Auer
plays Jenny Brantley

Tisha Reed
plays Jill Brantley

Sarah Stuyvesant
plays Joanna Brantley

Josh Tenney
plays Jonny Brantley

Michael Ruud
plays Sid Matthews

Pat Dasko
plays Marge Matthews

Tony Auer
plays Alan Conover

Richard Jewkes
plays Jack Wyatt

Jay Bernard
plays Sheriff Driggs

David Smith
plays Dr. Ray Boyce

Nancy Borgenicht
plays Girl Mechanic

Mary Spencer
plays Airport Security

Roger D. Moore
plays C.A.P. Captain

Robert Conder
plays Flying Instructor

Wes Whitehead
plays C.A.P. Pilot

Rex Sylvester
plays C.A.P. Pilot

Rodd Buckle
plays C.A.P. Pilot

Bob Schildmeyer
plays T.V. Newsman

Bernie Calderwood
plays T.V. Weatherman

Jeff Schneiter
plays Chicken Delivery Boy

Bradley Kramer
plays Pizza Delivery Boy

Basila Graham
plays Airline Stewardess

Leon Jones
plays News Reporter

Crew of Solo