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In the near future, where Earth has been devastated by man's pollution and giant winds rule the planet, bounty hunter Matt kidnaps a murderer out of the hands of two police officers, planning to get the bounty himself.

Full Cast of Slipstream

Mark Hamill
plays Will Tasker

Mark Hamill as Will Tasker

Mark Richard Hamill (born September 25, 1951) is an American actor, voice artist, producer, director, and writer. Ham...

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Kitty Aldridge
plays Belitski

Bob Peck
plays Byron

Bob Peck as Byron

Robert Peck was an English stage, television and film actor who was best known for his roles as Ronald Craven in the ...

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Bill Paxton
plays Matt Owens

Bill Paxton as Matt Owens

Bill Paxton (May 17, 1955 - February 25, 2017) was an American actor. He appeared in films including Aliens and Titan...

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Eleanor David
plays Ariel

Robbie Coltrane
plays Montclaire

Robbie Coltrane as Montclaire

Anthony Robert McMillan (March 30, 1950 - October 14, 2022), known professionally as Robbie Coltrane, was a Scottish ...

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Ben Kingsley
plays Avatar

F. Murray Abraham
plays Cornelius

F. Murray Abraham as Cornelius

F. Murray Abraham (born Murray Abraham; October 24, 1939) is an American actor. Known for his roles on stage and scre...

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Trevor Laird
plays Committee Member

Trevor Laird as Committee Member

Trevor Laird (sometimes credited as Trevor H Laird) is a British actor best known for playing Ferdy in Quadrophenia.

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Rita Wolf
plays Maya

Roshan Seth
plays George

Richard Huggett
plays Emery

Jennifer Hilary
plays Girl's Mother

Murray Melvin
plays Man on Stairs

Alkis Kritikos
plays Cook 'Petrois'

Tony Alleff
plays Bartender

Ricco Ross
plays 1st Man at Table

George Camiller
plays 2nd Man at Table

Gay Baynes
plays Rosie

Paul Reynolds
plays Travis

Eriş Akman
plays Blind Boy's Father

Bruce Boa
plays Guard Supervisor

Deborah Leng
plays Girl on Swing

Alan Polonsky
plays Committee Member

Roberta Fox
plays Committee Member

Susan Leong
plays Abigail

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