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Back in the 'bad old days' when the physically and mentally disabled were locked away in institutions a legend grew of someone who could stand up to the authorities and help them. This charming story is how a group of disabled people went to chase that legend. To assist them John is forced to come to terms with his daughter and her friends.

Full Cast of Skallagrigg

Bernard Hill
plays John

Bernard Hill as John

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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Kerry Noble
plays Esther

Karl Purden
plays Tom

Tom Tomalin
plays Raj

Linda Bassett
plays Susan

Billie Whitelaw
plays Margaret

Richard Briers
plays Old Arthur/George

Nick Brimble
plays Frank

John McArdle
plays Dilke

Ian Dury
plays Rendle

Ian Dury as Rendle

Ian Robins Dury (12 May 1942 – 27 March 2000) was a British singer, songwriter and actor who rose to fame in the late...

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Kevin Whately
plays Sam Hopkins

Adam Walker
plays Young Arthur

Joe Norton
plays Young George

Fine Time Fontayne
plays Arthur's Father

Kathy Jamieson
plays Arthur's Mother

Neil Dudgeon
plays Priest

Peter Faulkner
plays Nurse

Jack Chissick
plays Dr Leath

Kai Peacock
plays Young Frank

Xavier Duran
plays Young Dilke

Tracy Gillman
plays Linnie

Ian Mercer
plays Reporter

Ian Gelder
plays Visitor

Ian Gelder as Visitor

Ian Gelder was born on June 3, 1949 and is currently 75 years old.

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Barbara Hicks
plays Elderly Official

Bill Dean
plays Old Man

Nabil Shaban
plays Alan

Tina Leslie
plays Alan's Wife

Dave Kent
plays Martin Stevens

Simon Hayes
plays Jed

Ailsa Fairley
plays Woman

Kim Jessup
plays Peter

Donal Crawford
plays Policeman

Roger Mortimer
plays Facilitator

David Farrington
plays Man in Hospital

Crew of Skallagrigg

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