Cast and Crew of Six Feet Under

Cast of
Six Feet Under

About Six Feet Under

  • Released on June 03, 2001
  • Drama

A darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional L.A. family that run a funeral business. 

When death is your business, what is your life? For the Fisher family, the world outside of their family-owned funeral home continues to be at least as challenging as--and far less predictable than--the one inside.

Main Cast of Six Feet Under

Rachel Griffiths
plays Brenda Chenowith (63 episodes)

Bronwyn Tosh
plays Maya Fisher (58 episodes)

Brenna Tosh
plays Maya Fisher (58 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Six Feet Under

Ben Foster
plays Russell Corwin (24 episodes)

Lili Taylor
plays Lisa Kimmel Fisher (24 episodes)

Michele Greene
plays Dr. Fraker (2 episodes)

Chase Ellison
plays Young George (2 episodes)

Daniel Zacapa
plays Mr. Suarez, Jr. (2 episodes)

Deborah Theaker
plays Tour Guide (2 episodes)

Ivonne Coll
plays Vanessa's Therapist (2 episodes)

Roger Velasco
plays Young Man With Tattoos (2 episodes)

Erica Mer
plays Courtney (2 episodes)

Glenn Fitzgerald
plays Aaron Buchbinder (6 episodes)

Jordan Ladd
plays Ginnie (2 episodes)

Dagney Kerr
plays Patty (2 episodes)

Alisa Reyes
plays Julie (2 episodes)

Bill Cobbs
plays Mr. Jones (2 episodes)

Joel McKinnon Miller
plays Tuttle Friend with Flattop (2 episodes)

Dina Spybey-Waters
plays Chatty Mourner (as Dina Waters) (2 episodes)

Judith Baldwin
plays Paula Mortimer (2 episodes)

Stanley DeSantis
plays Peter Burns (2 episodes)

Jonathan Tucker
plays Bruno (2 episodes)

Lois Hall
plays Minister (2 episodes)

Hansford Rowe
plays Harold Mossback (2 episodes)

Marc Worden
plays Zach (2 episodes)

Julianna McCarthy
plays Beatrice (2 episodes)

Michael Cornacchia
plays Lawrence Tuttle (2 episodes)

Marty Belafsky
plays Bakery Worker (2 episodes)

Jenna Boyd
plays 7-Year-Old Girl (2 episodes)

Veronica Hart
plays Jean Louise McArthur (2 episodes)

J.G. Hertzler
plays Gallery Owner (6 episodes)

Dennis Christopher
plays Kevin Lamb (2 episodes)

Graham Jarvis
plays Bobo (4 episodes)

Brian Poth
plays Marc Foster (4 episodes)

Julie Brown
plays Sissy Pasquese (2 episodes)

Anne Ramsay
plays Jackie Feldman (12 episodes)

Larry Drake
plays Inspector Gerson (2 episodes)

John Capodice
plays Tommy Romano (2 episodes)

Kim Myers
plays Dr. Michaelson (2 episodes)

Tony Longo
plays Bitsy (2 episodes)

Melissa Paull
plays Female Bruncher (2 episodes)

Amy Wheaton
plays Female Student (2 episodes)

Louan Gideon
plays Grieving Woman (2 episodes)

Matt Ross
plays Daniel Showalter (2 episodes)

Lisa K. Wyatt
plays Pam, Kroehner Mortician (2 episodes)

Magda Harout
plays Anahid's Mother (2 episodes)

Mary Gross
plays Floral Instructor (2 episodes)

Terence Knox
plays Larry Wadd (2 episodes)

Frank Birney
plays Walter Kriegenthaler (4 episodes)

Austin Nichols
plays Kyle (4 episodes)

Kimberlin Brown
plays Soap Actress (4 episodes)

Stanley Kamel
plays Death (2 episodes)

Caroline Lagerfelt
plays Alternate Wife (2 episodes)

Bob Morrisey
plays Dean Kekalos (2 episodes)

Idalis DeLeon
plays Sophia (16 episodes)

Matt Bradshaw
plays Porno MP #1 (2 episodes)

Jason Graae
plays Dennis (4 episodes)

Steve Ryan
plays Matthew Heath Collins (2 episodes)

Jed Allan
plays Dr. Gareth Feinberg (2 episodes)

Berlinda Tolbert
plays Debra (2 episodes)

Ted Marcoux
plays Sam Finelli (2 episodes)

Page Kennedy
plays Josh Langmead (2 episodes)

Joe Nieves
plays Construction Worker #1 (2 episodes)

Jessica D. Stone
plays Young Brenda (6 episodes)

Lisa Banes
plays Victoria (6 episodes)

Timothy Landfield
plays Marv Chenowith (2 episodes)

Sarah Lancaster
plays Alternate Daughter (2 episodes)

Jennifer Darling
plays Edie's Mother (voice) (2 episodes)

Amanda Foreman
plays Rebecca (2 episodes)

Beverly Leech
plays Mavis Spencer (2 episodes)

Zachary Quinto
plays Hip Student (2 episodes)

Julie Ariola
plays Dorothy Milne (2 episodes)

Kenneth Kimmins
plays Crematory Owner (2 episodes)

Erik Stolhanske
plays Man on Boat (2 episodes)

Lenny Wolpe
plays Gregory Fasteau (2 episodes)

Ben Weber
plays Hiking Man (2 episodes)

Julia Vera
plays Cleaning Woman (2 episodes)

Eric Balfour
plays Gabe Dimas (24 episodes)

Nan Martin
plays Rita Piper (2 episodes)

Elayn J. Taylor
plays Nurse #1 (2 episodes)

Andrew Prine
plays Ed Kimmel (4 episodes)

Claudette Sutherland
plays Cynthia Showalter (2 episodes)

Jayma Mays
plays Donna (2 episodes)

Kellan Lutz
plays Critter (2 episodes)

Anita Finlay
plays Female Coke User (2 episodes)

Ann Weldon
plays Aunt Jeanie (2 episodes)

Kate McGregor-Stewart
plays Andrea's Therapist (2 episodes)

Shawn Michael Patrick
plays Coroner (2 episodes)

Aysia Polk
plays Taylor (20 episodes)

Jerry Hauck
plays Stan (2 episodes)

George Cheung
plays Mr. Su (2 episodes)

Janice Lynde
plays Loretta Smith Sibley (6 episodes)

Elizabeth Ruscio
plays Madeleine Burns (2 episodes)

Bruce Wright
plays Detective (2 episodes)

Sprague Grayden
plays Anita Miller (12 episodes)

Christopher Neiman
plays Medvenko (2 episodes)

David Ackert
plays Truck Driver (2 episodes)

Adam Nelson
plays Match-Lighting Guy (2 episodes)

Maggie Baird
plays Andrea Kuhn (2 episodes)

Edith Fields
plays Quaker Woman (2 episodes)

Rappin' Granny

Lauren Birkell
plays Elise (6 episodes)

Victor Campos
plays Pilar's Father (2 episodes)

Christine Mourad
plays Coco Gorodetsky (2 episodes)

Carmen Twillie
plays 'O Happy Day' Singer (2 episodes)

Maura Soden
plays Mrs. Stolte (2 episodes)

Scott Burkholder
plays Kenneth Henderson (2 episodes)

Brent Roam
plays Man in Elevator (2 episodes)

Mary Kathleen Gordon
plays Wife #6 (2 episodes)

Jean Carol
plays Wife #5 (2 episodes)

Sara Mornell
plays Jessica Shapiro (1 episode)

David McSwain
plays Vet in Wheelchair (1 episode)

Marina Black
plays Parisian Classmate (1 episode)

Paul Hayes
plays Joe Marti (1 episode)

Giancarlo Rodriguez
plays Julio Diaz (1 episode)

Peter Macdissi
plays Olivier Castro-Staal (15 episodes)

Megan Austin Oberle
plays Callie Mortimer (1 episode)

Josette DiCarlo
plays Sheila (1 episode)

Paul Cassell
plays Evan (1 episode)

Eric Ustian
plays Waiter at Resort (1 episode)

Anthony Vatsula
plays Bob Giffen (1 episode)

Jeff Yagher
plays Hoyt (6 episodes)

Wilda Taylor
plays Ramona Kippleman (1 episode)

Brandon Dean
plays Eric (1 episode)

Joanna Cassidy
plays Margaret Chenowith (21 episodes)

Ben Scott
plays Butcher (1 episode)

Christi Lake
plays Porno Girl (1 episode)

Leyna Weber
plays Dee Dee (1 episode)

Rachel Zeskind
plays Nate's Ex-Girlfriend (uncredited) (1 episode)

Lee Wesley
plays Adult Anthony (uncredited) (1 episode)

Shea Weaver
plays Danny's Niece (uncredited) (1 episode)

Hayden Thompson
plays Singing Kd #3 (uncredited) (1 episode)

Athena Stamos
plays Bar Patron (uncredited) (1 episode)

Alan Poul
plays Wedding Guest (uncredited) (1 episode)

Sarah Nanko
plays Angelique (uncredited) (1 episode)

C.J. Manigo
plays Durrell's Son (uncredited) (1 episode)

Franceska Lynne
plays Bridesmaid (uncredited) (1 episode)

Armando Guerrero
plays Older Rico (uncredited) (1 episode)

Nicholas J. Giordano
plays Bar Patron (1 episode)

Chris Farach
plays Singing Scuba Kid (uncredited) (1 episode)

Mark Durbin
plays Daniel Nathanson - Brenda's Husband (uncredited) (1 episode)

Gwendolyn Druyor
plays Bridesmaid (uncredited) (1 episode)

Michael Didriksson
plays Anthony's Lover (uncredited) (1 episode)

David Di Brienza
plays Wedding Guest (uncredited) (1 episode)

Lalonie Davis
plays Girl (uncredited) (1 episode)

Brandon Dante Davis
plays Son (uncredited) (1 episode)

Jennifer Griffin
plays Crying Sicilian Daughter (1 episode)

Audrey Gelfund
plays Crying Sicilian Mother (as Audrey Gelfand) (1 episode)

Dennis Lau
plays Morgue Attendant (as Dennis J. Lau) (1 episode)

Maximillian Kesmodel
plays Young David (as Maximillian Orion Kesmodel) (1 episode)

Harper Roisman
plays Elderly Man (1 episode)

Dennis Anderson
plays Market Clerk (1 episode)

Hayden Tank
plays Young Nate (1 episode)

Sharon Madden
plays Woman Mourner (1 episode)

Gary Hershberger
plays Kroehner Representative (1 episode)

Chip O'Neil
plays Ronnie (1 episode)

Danielle Petty
plays Waitress (uncredited) (1 episode)

Hunter Johnson
plays Mandy Gorodetsky (1 episode)

Crew of Six Feet Under