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As a result of a misdiagnosis, Detective Burt Simpson is told he has just weeks to live. He gains a new respect for his life and loved ones but learns that in order for his wife, Carolyn, and son, Dougie, to collect any insurance money, he must be killed in the line of duty. He then becomes the most reckless man on the police force, volunteering for dangerous assignments over the objections of his by-the-book partner.

Full Cast of Short Time

Dabney Coleman
plays Burt Simpson

Dabney Coleman as Burt Simpson

Dabney Coleman is an American actor. He was born on January 3, 1932, in Austin, Texas. Coleman has had a prolific car...

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Matt Frewer
plays Ernie Dills

Matt Frewer as Ernie Dills

Matt Frewer is an American Canadian singer, comedian, film and television actor, best known for creating television i...

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Teri Garr
plays Carolyn Simpson

Teri Garr as Carolyn Simpson

Teri Ann Garr (born December 11, 1944) is a retired American actress, dancer and singer. She frequently appeared in c...

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Barry Corbin
plays Captain

Barry Corbin as Captain

Barry Corbin is an American film and television actor. His most well-known role came in the television series Norther...

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Joe Pantoliano
plays Scalese

Joe Pantoliano as Scalese

An American film and television actor. He played the character of Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Bob Keane in La Ba...

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Xander Berkeley
plays Stark

Xander Berkeley as Stark

Alexander Harper Berkeley (born December 16, 1955) is an American actor. He is known for his television roles as Sher...

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Rob Roy
plays Dan Miller

Kaj-Erik Eriksen
plays Dougie Simpson

Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Dougie Simpson

Kaj-Erik Eriksen was born on February 15, 1979 and is currently 45 years old.

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Tony Pantages
plays Vito

Sam Malkin
plays Hostage Man

Wes Tritter
plays Coffin Salesman

Kim Kondrashoff
plays Michael Lutz

Paul Jarrett
plays Jonas Lutz

Paul Jarrett as Jonas Lutz

Paul Jarrett began performing as a mime at the age of fifteen. He later studied fine arts and film making. After bein...

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Dee Jay Jackson
plays Spivak

Dee Jay Jackson as Spivak

Actor / Performance.

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Paul Batten
plays Dr. Goldman

Kevin McNulty
plays Dr. Drexler

Kevin McNulty as Dr. Drexler

McNulty was born in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. He has acted on three aviation movies: Falling from the Sky:...

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Shawn Clements
plays Older Dougie

Betty Phillips
plays Clerk

Jack Ammon
plays Elderly Man

Enid Saunders
plays Elderly Woman

Dwight Koss
plays Car Salesman

Russell Roberts
plays Waiter

Russell Roberts as Waiter

Russell Roberts was born on January 1, 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

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Meredith Bain Woodward
plays Psychiatrist

Brenda Crichlow
plays Nurse

Brenda Crichlow as Nurse

Brenda Crichlow was born on January 1, 1967 and is currently 57 years old.

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Gillian Barber
plays Nurse

Gillian Barber as Nurse

Gillian Barber is an English-born Canadian actress. She was born in Coventry, West Midlands, England, and raised in B...

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J. McRee Elrod
plays Priest

Tony Morelli
plays Stark's Cohort

Tony Morelli as Stark's Cohort

Tony Morelli was born on May 16, 1956 and passed away 9 years ago at the age of 58 on April 19, 2015.

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Gene Heck
plays Stark's Cohort

Jack Bastow
plays Sidewalk Preacher

Beverley Hendry
plays Soap Opera Policewoman

Peter Yunker
plays Soap Opera Man

Kimelly Anne Warren
plays Soap Opera Woman

Jack Little
plays Hospital Cop

Steve Wright
plays Helicopter Pilot

Jay Brazeau
plays Cop

Jay Brazeau as Cop

Jay Brazeau (born December 22, 1953) is a notable Canadian actor. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.His credi...

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Gordon Doerkson
plays Cop

Jerry Wasserman
plays Cop

Jerry Wasserman as Cop

Jerry Wasserman was born on November 2, 1945 and is currently 78 years old.

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Alvin Sanders
plays Cop

Alvin Sanders as Cop

Alvin Sanders was born on March 16, 1952 and is currently 72 years old.

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Fred Perron
plays Cop

David Symons
plays Cop

Buzz Koffman
plays Thug (uncredited)

Michael Stevens
plays Detective (uncredited)

James Thom
plays Police Officer (uncredited)

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