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She Fell Among Thieves

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While on a Pyrenees vacation in 1922, upright English gentleman Richard Chandos (Malcolm McDowell, A Clockwork Orange, Heroes) encounters the villainous Vanity Fair (Eileen Atkins, Cold Mountain). Mistress of the turreted Chateau Jezreel and leader of a motley band of criminals, she will inherit millions if she can force her stepdaughter to marry. Pitting his wits against this formidable adversary, Chandos determines to rescue the beautiful young woman. But Vanity Fair keeps one step ahead of him, a trick forever up her sleeve and murder in her heart.

Full Cast of She Fell Among Thieves

Malcolm McDowell
plays Richard Chandos

Malcolm McDowell as Richard Chandos

Malcolm McDowell is an English actor with a career spanning over forty years. McDowell is principally known for his r...

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Eileen Atkins
plays Vanity Fair

Michael Jayston
plays Mansel

Karen Dotrice
plays Jenny

Sarah Badel
plays Virginia

Philip Locke
plays Acorn

Richard Pearson
plays Father Below

Freda Jackson
plays Lafone

Bernard Hill
plays Carson

Bernard Hill as Carson

Born in 1944, Bernard Hill is a British actor of film, stage and television. He is best known to British television v...

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