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With the accidental discovery of a lethal bio-agent at her research facility, Dr. Christine Ruben decides to double cross her own government by stealing the deadly formula to keep it out of the clutches of the military, whom she doesn't trust. To make her rendezvous with some confederates who promise to get her out of the country, she recruits daredevil driver Judd Pierson and his partner Casey Lee, who are down on their luck and take the job without knowing what they're getting into.

Full Cast of Shaker Run

Cliff Robertson
plays Judd Pierson

Cliff Robertson as Judd Pierson

Clifford Parker Robertson III (September 9, 1923 – September 10, 2011) was an American actor whose career in film and...

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Leif Garrett
plays Casey Lee

Leif Garrett as Casey Lee

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leif Garrett (born Leif Per Nervik November 8, 1961) is an American singer and...

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Lisa Harrow
plays Dr. Christine Rubin

Shane Briant
plays Paul Thoreau

Peter Rowell
plays Mr. Carney

Peter Hayden
plays Michael Connoly

Ian Mune
plays Barry Gordon

Ian Mune as Barry Gordon

Ian Mune was born on January 1, 1941 and is currently 83 years old.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in New York City, New York, USA. He was the 45th President of the United ...

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernard Sanders is an American politician and activist who has served as the junior United States senator from Vermon...

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American Indian politician with up to 1/64 Cherokee ancestry and a academic serving as the...

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Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

Thomas Fahr Steyer is an American billionaire, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist...

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