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Sentimental Tommy

About Sentimental Tommy

  • Released on March 26, 1921
  • Drama

Grizel is the daughter of the Painted Lady, who believes that her lover will one day return. Grizel is ostracized by the other children of the town. Tommy and his sister come to the town. Tommy is friendly, but Elspeth keeps her distance. When the Painted Lady dies, Dr. Gemmell makes Grizel his housekeeper. Time passes and after the doctor dies, Grizel, who is now twenty-one years old, loves Tommy, who is an author in London. Tommy visits the town but cannot decide whether he loves Grizel. Grizel knows that Tommy does not love her, and after he returns to London her unhappiness leads to insanity. Tommy returns and marries Grizel, although he believes that she will hate him when she gets better. After two years under Tommy's care, she regains her sanity. After Tommy lets her know that he cared for her out of his love for her; not for pity, Grizel is happy.

Full Cast of Sentimental Tommy

Malcolm Bradley
plays Dominoe Cathro

Harry Coleman
plays Cpl. Shiach

Kate Davenport
plays Davinia , Gavinia

George Fawcett
plays Dr. McQueen

Leila Frost
plays Elspeth Sandys

Gareth Hughes
plays Tommy Sandys

Kempton Greene
plays Dr. David Gemmell

Alfred Kappeler
plays The Little Minister

Mabel Taliaferro
plays The Painted Lady

Virginia Valli
plays Lady Alice Pippinworth

Crew of Sentimental Tommy