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Savage Honeymoon

About Savage Honeymoon

  • Released on March 15, 2000
  • Drama

Dean is threatening to firebomb his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Mickey is filling the garage with stolen goods - again, and pierced teenage daughter, Leesa, is an accident waiting to happen on the family's beloved Triumph motorbike. An unconventional tough family, battling to survive with humour and love, in a world of motor bikes, rock 'n' roll, classic cars and alcohol. This is a family that you probably would not want next door, but they are fun to watch, and they have their ways of holding family together.

Full Cast of Savage Honeymoon

Nicholas Eadie
plays Mickey Savage

Elizabeth Hawthorne
plays Maisy Savage

Elizabeth Hawthorne as Maisy Savage

Elizabeth Hawthorne ONZM (born 30 April 1947) is a New Zealand actress who is known for her role as Mrs. Macready in ...

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Perry Piercy
plays Louise Savage

Sophia Hawthorne
plays Leesa Savage

Craig Hall
plays Dean Savage

Craig Hall as Dean Savage

Craig Hall (born 10 May 1974) is a New Zealand actor.

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Bruce Hopkins
plays Rhys

Bruce Hopkins as Rhys

Bruce Hopkins was born on November 25, 1955 and is currently 68 years old.

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Stephen Lovatt
plays Phil Webb

Stephen Lovatt as Phil Webb

Stephen Lovatt was born on May 27, 1964 and is currently 60 years old.

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Theresa Healey
plays Jenny Webb

Ian Mune
plays Gary

Ian Mune as Gary

Ian Mune was born on January 1, 1941 and is currently 83 years old.

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Ian Watkin
plays Frank

Stephen Hall
plays Bryan

Crew of Savage Honeymoon

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