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Japan, 2019, just before the dawn of a new era. Suddenly, a rift to another dimension appears in the sky, revealing an alternative world "Shinkoku Nippon," with the sky and the earth upside down. This parallel world keeps the former militarism, with its era being Eternal Showa. The military invades the real Japan with giant humanoid robots called "GARANN" and their gas weapons "GENMU", rendering our modern weapons ineffective. "Shinkoku Nippon" instantly seizes the government and achieves de facto conquest of Japan. The new era, "Reiwa," has not arrived for Japan.

Full Cast of Rumble Garanndoll

Seiichiro Yamashita
plays Hosomichi Kudou (voice) (12 episodes)

Seiichiro Yamashita as Hosomichi Kudou (voice)

Seiichiro Yamashita was born on May 21, 1992 and is currently 32 years old.

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Fairouz Ai
plays Rin Akagi (voice) (12 episodes)

Fairouz Ai as Rin Akagi (voice)

Fairouz Ai (ファイルーズあい, Fairūzu Ai), born as Fairouz Ai Kadota (門田ファイルーズあい, Kadota Fairūzu Ai), is a Japanese voice act...

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Aina Suzuki
plays Yuki Aoba (voice) (12 episodes)

Shiori Izawa
plays Misa Kuroki (voice) (12 episodes)

Shiori Izawa as Misa Kuroki (voice)

Shiori Izawa (井澤 詩織, Izawa Shiori, February 1, 1987) is a Japanese voice actress from Saitama Prefecture. She is affi...

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Takamitsu Fukuchi
plays Anjuu Munakata (voice) (12 episodes)

Takuma Terashima
plays Akatsuki Shinonome (voice) (12 episodes)

Takuma Terashima as Akatsuki Shinonome (voice)

Takuma Terashima (寺島 拓篤, Terashima Takuma) is a Japanese voice actor and singer born in Ishikawa, Japan. Terashima gr...

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Rina Hidaka
plays Hayate Makami (voice) (12 episodes)

Rina Hidaka as Hayate Makami (voice)

Rina Hidaka (日高 里菜, Hidaka Rina, born June 15, 1994) is a Japanese actress and voice actress from Chiba Prefecture. S...

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Yukiyo Fujii
plays Musashi Sashigami (voice) (12 episodes)

Shino Shimoji
plays Yakumo Kamizuru (voice) (12 episodes)

Tomokazu Sugita
plays Balzac Yamada (voice) (12 episodes)

Tomokazu Sugita as Balzac Yamada (voice)

Tomokazu Sugita is a Japanese voice actor who was born on October 11, 1980 in Saitama, Japan. Previously affiliated w...

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Aki Toyosaki
plays Mimi Kagurazaka (voice) (12 episodes)

Aki Toyosaki as Mimi Kagurazaka (voice)

Aki Toyosaki is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She is a member of the J-pop idol unit Sphere.

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Kenichirou Matsuda
plays Ukai (voice) (12 episodes)

Kenichirou Matsuda as Ukai (voice)

Matsuda Kenichirou is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Arts Vision.

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Takahiro Mizushima
plays Megane (voice) (12 episodes)

Takahiro Mizushima as Megane (voice)

Takahiro Mizushima is a Japanese voice actor. He is affiliated with AXL-One. When voicing adult games, he is known as...

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Shota Hayama
plays Cap (voice) (12 episodes)

Hayato Kaneko
plays Pocha (voice) (12 episodes)

Hayato Kaneko as Pocha (voice)

Hayato Kaneko (金子 隼人, Kaneko Hayato, born July 11) is a Japanese voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture. He is currentl...

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