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Roman Scandals

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  • Released on November 27, 1933

A kind-hearted young man is thrown out of his corrupt home town of West Rome, Oklahoma. He falls asleep and dreams that he is back in the days of olden Rome, where he gets mixed up with court intrigue and a murder plot against the Emperor.

Full Cast of Roman Scandals

Eddie Cantor
plays Eddie aka Oedipus

Ruth Etting
plays Olga

Gloria Stuart
plays Princess Sylvia

Gloria Stuart as Princess Sylvia

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Edward Arnold
plays Emperor Valerius

David Manners
plays Josephus

Verree Teasdale
plays Empress Agrippa

Alan Mowbray
plays Majordomo

Jack Rutherford
plays Manius (as John Rutherford)

Willard Robertson
plays Warren Finley Cooper

Lee Kohlmar
plays Storekeeper

Charles Arnt
plays Caius - the Food Taster (uncredited)

Lucille Ball
plays Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)

Billy Barty
plays Little Eddie (uncredited)

Jane Darwell
plays Roman Spa Proprietress (uncredited)

Paulette Goddard
plays Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)

Frank Hagney
plays Lucius - Josephus' Charioteer (uncredited)

Philippa Hilber
plays Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)

Barbara Pepper
plays Goldwyn Girl (uncredited)

Crew of Roman Scandals

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