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Stranded at a summer camp when aliens attack the planet, four teens with nothing in common embark on a perilous mission to save the world.

Full Cast of Rim of the World

Jack Gore
plays Alex

Miya Cech
plays ZhenZhen

Miya Cech as ZhenZhen

Miya Cech started her acting career at the age of 8. In addition to her first movie role as Zu in The Darkest Minds,...

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Benjamin Flores Jr.
plays Dariush

Benjamin Flores Jr. as Dariush

Benjamin Christopher Flores Jr. (born July 24, 2002), also known as Lil' P-Nut, is an American child actor and rapper.

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Alessio Scalzotto
plays Gabriel

Andrew Bachelor
plays Logan

Andrew Bachelor as Logan

Andrew B. Bachelor (born June 26, 1988), better known as King Bach, is a Canadian-American internet personality, acto...

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Annabeth Gish
plays Grace

Annabeth Gish as Grace

Annabeth Gish is an American actress. She has played roles in films Shag, Hiding Out, Mystic Pizza, SLC Punk!, The La...

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Scott MacArthur
plays Lou Gates

Scott MacArthur as Lou Gates

Scott MacArthur (born August 6, 1979) is an American actor and writer. He is best known for playing Jimmy Shepherd, a...

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Dean S. Jagger
plays Captain Hawking

Dean S. Jagger as Captain Hawking

Born in Staincliffe hospital in Dewsbury, England, Dean's family from his mothers side heritage is of Gaelic descent ...

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Michael Beach
plays General Khoury

Michael Beach as General Khoury

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Anthony Beach (born October 30, 1963) is an American actor.

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Lynn Collins
plays Major Collins

Lynn Collins as Major Collins

Viola Lynn Collins (born May 16, 1977), better known as Lynn Collins, is an American actress. She is best known for h...

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David Theune
plays Head Counselor

Tony Cavalero
plays Conrad

Carl McDowell
plays Carl

Punam Patel
plays Angeline

Jason Rogel
plays Customs Official

Jason Rogel as Customs Official

Jason Rogel is a Filipino-American film and television actor. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the California State...

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Chris Wylde
plays Uncle Chris

Chris Wylde as Uncle Chris

Chris Wylde is an American actor born and raised in New Jersey. Chris is the son of preacher parents. He attended No...

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Rudy Mancuso
plays Wes

Amanda Cerny
plays Lucy

Amanda Cerny as Lucy

Amanda Cerny was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended Florida State University. She was Playboy's playmate ...

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Allan Graf
plays Taxi Driver

Cameron Fuller
plays Young Soldier

Richard Gore
plays Alex's Dad

Peter Parros
plays Dariush's Dad

Annie Cavalero
plays Zip Line Counselor

Kerry Westcott
plays Flight Attendant (uncredited)

Michael Papajohn
plays Jenkins (uncredited)

Michael Papajohn as Jenkins (uncredited)

Michael Papajohn is an American actor, director, writer, stuntman and producer. He is best known for his roles in La...

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Andrea Susan Bush
plays Camp Counselor (uncredited)

Ryan Ashton
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Aaron Fors
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Willow Geer
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Willow Geer as Additional Voices (voice)

Willow Geer was born on March 2, 1981 and is currently 43 years old.

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Will Collyer
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Evan Kishiyama
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Jason Pace
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Andre Robinson
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Emma Shannon
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Emma Shannon as Additional Voices (voice)

Emma Shannon had roles on several television series, including as Mia on Little People, Susie Kwest on Blackish, Eva ...

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Katie Wagner
plays Additional Voices (voice)

Nora Wyman
plays Additional Voices (voice)

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